Is Avast paid good? Understand the difference between paid versions

Avast is considered one of the best antivirus on the market. With a free and accessible version for anyone who needs to increase the security of the PC, it also has several paid versions. But is the paid Avast good?

It depends, since each version is ideal for specific situations. That is, it depends on your need and how much protection you need for your devices, whether they are computers or smartphones.

Therefore, we will show below a summary of each of the versions of Avast. This way, you will be able to find out if Avast paid is good. In addition, you will also leave the article knowing which version is best for you or your company.

Avast Premium Security

If you have a computer with sensitive personal information that cannot be lost, having Avast Free installed should offer some protection. Especially if this information is not of much value.

But if the loss of this information means the loss of a few thousand reais, the ideal is to invest in Avast Premium Security. This paid Avast is good for home users, but who have valuable information on their devices.

It is divided into two options: the first protects only one computer, while the second allows you to register up to ten computers and smartphones. In both, you will be protected against fake websites and attempts to hijack information, the ransomware. Remembering that all versions will also help you to remove viruses from your computer and protect folders with passwords.

Considering this, this paid Avast option is good for making online purchases safely. Especially in the multi device version, since you will also have protection for Android and iPhone. You can also use Avast on Apple Mac computers.

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Small Office Protection

If you were looking to see if Avast Paid is good for your home, the previous option is the one you should be looking for. Small Office Protection is a corporate antivirus, ideal for your office, be it physical or virtual.

In fact, it is great just for those who run their company from the home office. In this plan, you can have one to ten devices registered. The difference with the previous plan is that they do not need to be in the same place to function.

This paid Avast is good for both those who have small physical offices, or tend to work with a remote team. Among the features, it has protection against data hijacking attacks, in addition to cleaning any viruses already installed.

It also allows you to apply protections to terminals, if you use them to serve customers in your office. Small Office Protection also alerts new invasion attempts and prevents your webcam from being hacked, avoiding spying on competitors or cybercriminals.

Terminal Protection

The Terminal Protection plan is already more suitable for companies with more than 10 employees or devices. Especially in locations that use many self-service terminals.

If connected to the internet, these terminals are protected by antivirus. The same is true if cybercriminals try to plug in a device to install a malicious program. That is, even those who fit a flash drive in a terminal of your company will not be able to install viruses or any type of program. Terminal Protection has three versions, each releasing more features: Basic, Advanced and Premium.

In Basics, you have protection against malware, remote access to terminals and patch management. The advanced edition includes server protection and the premium adds functions to protect your privacy and identity, as well as that of your employees.

It is worth mentioning that all editions are supported 24 hours a day.

Complete Protection

A service for larger companies, this paid Avast is good for companies with more than 100 devices. Based on the cloud, Complete Protection brings all the functionality necessary to protect your device.

That is, it does not only bring the features common to an antivirus or a firewall. In addition to them, this Avast plan allows you or your employees to be protected regardless of where they are.

They are also easier to manage, as they do not depend on changing or upgrading hardware. The Complete Protection provides protection for terminals, data, applications and the network itself where your business operates, in addition to the features of the previous plans.

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Advanced Complete Protection

The biggest paid Avast plan is Advanced Complete Protection, but it is specifically geared towards digital security. That is, it is indicated for companies that offer the outsourced security service, removing this responsibility from the customer.

Your company will have the same complete set of cloud protection, protecting you when operating anywhere. Terminal protection and network security for your business are also included in this plan. Only extensible to your customers, allowing you to manage the digital protection of each one in just one place.

For this reason, each Advanced Complete Protection plan must be consulted directly with an Avast specialist, different from the previous closed models.

Is Avast paid good?

Certainly yes, but it depends a lot on what you or your company needs. The premium versions of Avast appear consistently well rated in the main paid antivirus tests, being a good option for protection against malware. In addition to helping to decrease the use of data that malicious programs can cause.

Have you used any of these solutions before? What do you think of the protection that Avast offers? Leave your comment below!

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