Is backing up iPhone with external software good?

The smartphone is certainly the most important electronic device of your day to day. In addition to being the most used, it is likely that your most personal data is stored there. If you are an iPhone user or even an iPad user, it is essential that you are able to backup your iPhone.

Before, iTunes was one of the main ways to create backup copies of your files and data. Recently discontinued, you can use iCloud to back up your iPhone. If you have a Mac computer, you can use programs like MacX Media Trans to avoid losing important files.

It also makes it possible to transfer data between a used iPhone and a new one or, if you're still using iTunes, avoid freezing and crashing.

It is also worth considering who likes to listen to music without relying on programs like Spotify. When backing up through iTunes, the software prevents you from placing songs that have not been purchased through the platform. With its discontinuity, it becomes more difficult to transfer recent music, something that MacX Media Trans will allow you to do.

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What is MacX Media Trans?

A Mac program, the main function of MacX Media Trans is to facilitate file transfer between your Apple devices. This means that you can send files between one iPhone and another, exchange data from your iPhone to the iPad and vice versa, in addition to backing up what's on your mobile devices' storage to a Mac computer.

Transferring files from an old iPhone to newer editions, such as the iPhone 12, can be complex. With the change in the way backups are made, using a program that knows how to handle both parameters can make it a lot easier.

When we talk about data, we are not only mentioning sensitive or sensitive files, but practically everything that is installed in it. IPhone games, music, photos and videos you have recorded are also included in this package.

macx media trans software to backup iphone

MacX Media Trans features and benefits

Now that we have already mentioned some of the main utilities of this program to backup your iPhone, find out everything that MacX Media Trans can do.

Regarding music backup, it allows you to transfer your favorite songs from your phone to your computer and vice versa. In addition, it can automatically convert your audio files to MP3 / AAC, create ringtones from them and even create playlists.

You can also use MacX Media Trans to send videos from your devices to your computer. The reverse also applies. It is also possible to program automatic conversion and video compression to the most suitable format for Apple devices.

transferring files between mobile phone and computer

Regarding the photos taken on your cell phone, you can quickly backup your iPhone, in addition to automatically converting photos to HEIC format.

If you have ebooks or audiobooks on your cell phone, you can download them and make several conversions. For example, it is possible to convert EPUB ebooks to PDF or TXT files suitable for iPhone or even Windows.

MacX Media Trans can also save your work files (Word, Excel and other similar programs) with encryption, protecting your data. Finally, it is interesting to note that there are no limitations for transferring files, as in iTunes. You also don't have to deal with iTunes's constant crashes and crashes.

Back up iPhone with external software: verdict

Considering all the factors that we have listed in the article, we can say that it is good to backup your iPhone using external software. In this case, we highly recommend that you test the MacX Media Trans.

Want to know how? Just download the program for free on your Mac by visiting the software page to start testing right now!

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