Is IPTV legal? Learn all about this technology!

If you've heard of internet television, you've probably wondered if IPTV is legal? Before we even start, we'll give you the spoiler: yes, the technology is cool.

The problem surrounding the legality of IPTV is not the use of technology itself. It is in how it is used.

So the right question is not whether IPTV is legal, but whether your use of it is. In other words, are you using IPTV to watch for free – or for a much lower price than those charged by companies – channels or streaming services that are originally paid?

Want to know more about this incredible technology? Find out everything you need by reading this article!

What is IPTV?

Acronym that, in free translation into our language, means Internet Protocol Television. In short, Internet TV.

Instead of using satellites or cables, you access television channels using your internet, whether wired or using a Wi-Fi connection. It may seem too simple to be true, but yes, that's it.

To find out if IPTV is legal, first know what IPTV is!

Want to better understand what are the advantages of using IPTV?

So stay with us and understand how the various IPTV options can be advantageous!

What are the advantages of IPTV?

We already mentioned the first advantage in the previous section: you don't have to worry about buying satellites, let alone hire a technician to climb the roof of your house and install them. If you have a smart TV, you can access IPTV lists without problems.

But you are not limited to them. In fact, you can access channels via IPTV using your computer, smartphone or tablet, for example.

Another advantage is that you are not held hostage by television operator packages. Instead of subscribing to a plan with 200 channels that you will not watch, you can only hire the operators that interest you.

Remembering that it is possible to acquire lists of open channels for IPTV for free, so you will not be without the main broadcasters. So, check out this guide that we set up teaching you how to access IPTV channels legally.

Like most products, services and technologies we use, there are disadvantages and risks in using IPTV. Especially if used to access content illegally. Meet some of them below!

What are the risks of IPTV?

Knowing whether an IPTV is legal is important to avoid the greatest risks associated with its use. Hiring lists to access TV channels officially does not pose risks. On the other hand, illegal IPTV lists that feature closed television channels have a major disadvantage and a great risk.

The downside is that you have no guarantee about the availability of the service. No matter how much you subscribe to a quarterly or annual package. For example, police raids on illegal IPTV providers will certainly result in the closure of this service.

That is, if you paid for a year of service and, 15 days later, the service was closed, you lost all that money. After all, consumer protection institutions do not serve people who have contracted illegal services.

In other words, you will have lost your money, with very little chance of getting a refund.

beware of illegal services, they can leave you penniless

The risk lies in privacy. By signing legal IPTV lists, you are giving your personal data to the provider, as well as he will have access to what you are watching.

How to subscribe to legalized IPTV?

Our recommendation is that you only use free lists that offer free TV channels. IPTV is legal when the list used only has free channels.

If you want to use IPTV to watch closed channels, the ideal is to look for the answering service of the television channels themselves. This way, you guarantee that you are getting a legal IPTV list.

There are official retail channels, but these are more rare. On these occasions, it is interesting to research and consult whether the reseller has the appropriate license to market legalized IPTV lists for closed channels.

The license name is SeAC, which stands for Conditional Access Service. Without it, the answer to the question "Is IPTV legal?" it's a resounding no.

What is the ideal internet speed for IPTV?

For any type of streaming service or IPTV, the minimum required to watch channels in Full HD quality is 10 MBps. This is usually the minimum plan for most internet operators, which makes the service accessible.

To watch channels in 4K, it is essential to have a minimum speed of 35 Mbps. Still, it is important to mention that these are minimum values. The faster and more stable your connection, the better.

To learn more about optimal connection speeds for IPTV, be sure to check out this guide!

It is important to have fast internet

Is IPTV legal? Do you already use the service?

In this guide, we show some of the main advantages and risks of using technology to watch television. To continue to better understand how IPTV lists work and how to access them, get to know some addons from Kodi, one of the most suitable programs to access IPTV.

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