Is it possible to recover files from the Pen Drive?

Almost everyone has a flash drive nowadays and, whoever has it, knows that they often cause problems with, for example, their data corrupted, which is certainly very frustrating. It is worth knowing, however, that there are methods of at least trying to recover files from your thumb drive!

The most frustrating thing about this form of storage is that, even if you invest in a good one, the risk of losing everything you have stored always exists. Read on to see the two most recommended methods for trying to save your data!

What are the methods to recover files from the flash drive?

As mentioned above, there are two main ones, most recommended and that tend to work best for those who want to recover files from a flash drive: using software for this or directly through the Windows command prompt.

Using the CMD, it is only possible to recover data that is hidden on a thumb drive, not working for those who deleted something they now want to access again.

Now, using software such as DiskGenius or EaseUS, it is possible to recover deleted, formatted files that were attacked by viruses and more. Better yet, if your flash drive is not being recognized in Windows or your data does not appear, these programs can fix it!

Using the command prompt

The first of our tips will be with the CMD, which, as mentioned, is only for hidden files (in short, the trash of the pen drive that temporarily stores what was deleted). To use, follow the steps:

  • First, open the menu "Start" Windows, making sure the flash drive is connected;
  • Then, type "Cmd", without quotes, in the search bar, to find the "Command prompt";
  • Now, right click on it and then on the "Execute as administrator";
  • Type the command “Attrib –h –r –s / s / d e: *. *”without the quotes and click "Enter" so that the trash folder "$ RECYCLE.BIN" show up. Make sure the files are there!

cmd recover files from Pen Drive

    • THE "-H" it serves to clear the hidden attribute;
    • THE "-R" serves to clear the read-only attribute;
    • THE "-s" serves to clear the system attribute;
    • THE "/ D" serves to show all directories. It needs to be accompanied by "/s";
    • The "and:" is the drive letter of the flash drive. Replace with the letter in yours.

Using DiskGenius

The next option for recovering files from the flash drive is through an extremely complete, intuitive and free program, called DiskGenius.

There are two cases in which this can be done: if the data has been deleted from the flash drive or if your flash drive is corrupted and therefore inaccessible. For both, the process is the same, just follow this guide:

  • First, follow the link to DiskGenius' official website to download and install it on your computer;
  • Connect the flash drive after installation and then select the device on the main interface;
  • With it selected, click "File Recovery" at the top of the screen and then click "Start" to find all the lost files;

DiskGenius recover files from Pen Drive

  • All files will be shown and you can view them. To transfer them to your computer, just click “Copy to" and select the location!

Using EaseUS

Finally, the last of the tips is using EaseUS, a very complete program that is available in Portuguese, unlike the previous one. However, it is paid, which is its main negative point. To use it, follow the guide:

  • First, download via the official website;
  • Now, open the program and choose the pen drive that you want to recover the files;

EaseUS recover files from Pen Drive

  • Click the "Check" for the search to be made, select the files or folder you want to recover and then click "To recover". Choose where the files go and that's it!

So, did you like our complete guide on how to recover files from the flash drive?

Leave in the comments if you already knew the two programs that we include here, if you prefer to use CMD or if you know any other alternative that you think is better. Don't forget to check out our tips on how to deal with boredom in quarantine and check out how to buy on AliExpress!

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