Is the Amazon Prime Video catalog good?

Amazon was already one of the largest companies in the United States a few years ago, but since then, it has also grown and invested a lot in Brazil. One of the things that greatly improved the use of its services in the country was the arrival of the subscription plan known as Amazon Prime. It gives you access to discounts, free delivery and even the Amazon Prime Video catalog, the company's movie and series streaming service.

But for those who already have services like Netflix, for example, is the Amazon Prime Video catalog really good and worth the subscription? That is exactly what we will explain in detail in the article below!

Amazon Prime

subscribe to amazon prime video

First of all, let’s talk a little bit about the Amazon Prime subscription that we mentioned earlier. It is only through it that you can access the Amazon Prime Video catalog, unlike other streaming services.

Fortunately, the subscription is cheaper than other services and offers much more. In addition to movies and series, you can get discounts on the Amazon website, free shipping, access to Amazon Music and more.

All this at a cost of R $ 9.99 per month, but you can also try the service for 30 days free. Basically, enough to get a good sense of whether you really like the service or not.

What's in the Amazon Prime Video catalog

Knowing exactly how to access the Amazon Prime Video catalog, it's time to analyze whether it really is for you. Like other apps for watching movies and series, they offer a variety of movies, series and animations.

Many are from well-known and well-known works, while others more recent are produced by Amazon Prime Video itself. New titles are added and some removed over the months.


It's worth signing up for amazon prime

For those who enjoy watching movies, the Amazon Prime Video catalog offers many different types of works. There are excellent classics and latest films from every genre you can imagine.

You can find productions that came out of the cinema recently like The Avengers: Ultimatum, Alladin and John Wick 3, for example. On Netflix, titles of this type usually take much longer to appear in the catalog.

Among the classics are films like The Godfather, Back to the Future, Saving Private Ryan and more. It is worth mentioning that many sagas are complete in the Amazon Prime catalog.

So, if you are a fan of the Lord of the Rings films or Marvel films, it is quite easy to run a full marathon.


For those who are a fan of animations, there are also plenty of options on Prime Video. There are several animated series and films there, whether for children or adults.

Among the works currently present are SpongeBob, Sonic X, Bleach, Inuyasha, Woodpecker, CatDog, Frozen II and much more.


what amazon prime video offers

In terms of series, Amazon Prime Video also leaves something to be desired. They have some that never even showed up on other streaming services, from the most recent series to the oldest.

Some of the most notable are Seinfeld, The Office, Supernatural, Mr. Robot, The Boys, Smallville and even Chaves. Diversity doesn't seem to be missing from the Amazon Prime Video catalog, is it ?!

Anyway, it is also worth saying that in general they always put all the seasons of the series, something not so common with Netflix series. As with films, new series are added and removed from the catalog over time.

Original productions

Fortunately, Amazon Prime Video also started producing original productions some time ago. Most consist of series, whether fiction, documentary or even reality shows.

Among the original works that you can check in the Amazon Prime Video catalog are Soltos em Floripa, Tudo ou Nada: Brazilian Selection, Mozart in the Jungle, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel and The Last Tycoon, to name a few.

They also update their list of original productions with some frequency, although it is much smaller.

Worth it?

After considering all of this, is the Amazon Prime Video catalog really worth it? Well, this really is what everyone likes, but it is easy to say that they offer very different content in many different media.

As they have many films that have just left the cinemas and series with all the seasons, this already gives a certain excitement. It is also good to know that you can find some classics that are not present anywhere.

Other than that, all the benefits that come with the Amazon Prime subscription and the low price are also positives. Overall, the service ends up paying off for most people who consume streaming content,

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