Is your IPTV illegal? Here's how to find out!

IPTV technology is one of the coolest, especially for those who have difficulties in getting good closed TV services or low reception when trying to capture open channels via satellite. But it is possible that you have illegal IPTV, if you are not careful.

If you are already a subscriber to an IPTV service, it is interesting to know if it is legal. While it is not a crime to watch and acquire content in this way, you risk simply losing it at any time. Without even being able to complain about the lack of provision of the service.

This is not even the biggest risk of using illegal IPTV. When accessing services of this type, you establish a connection between the device you are using and the service provider.

With this, the pirate provider can install spy programs to capture sensitive data and information. Among them, your password for social networks, other apps for watching movies and series or even bank passwords.

Want to know if your IPTV is illegal? Then continue with us throughout the article!

What is IPTV?

The simple way of explaining is also the most correct: IPTV is internet television. That is, instead of accessing television channels using a cable signal or specific TV antenna, you use your internet connection.

It also makes it easy to choose where you want to watch your favorite channels. Do you prefer to watch TV on your cell phone, since your home device is busy? It is perfectly possible!

The same goes for tablets and computers, in addition to the smart TVs themselves. To access IPTV, simply hire a service or search for free IPTV lists, which usually contain only open TV channels. See more in this guide to watch IPTV legally.

watching iptv television is illegal?

When is an IPTV service illegal?

There are two situations in which an IPTV service is illegal. Before showing them, it is important to mention that no video player like Kodi or any of its addons capable of showing IPTV programs is illegal.

Illegality may be in the distribution of the service. That is, who is transmitting the schedule to you.

The first situation is in free IPTV lists that transmit the signal from closed channels. Free IPTV lists are only legal when they transmit the signal from open channels. If closed TV channels are available, then you are using illegal IPTV.

Does this mean that you only need to hire and pay for a service to have a legal IPTV? It depends on how the service is.

Not all IPTV distributors pay for viewing rights to channels. This means that they can sell you the cheapest service. That is, if an IPTV charges you well below the market average, it is likely that they are selling illegal IPTV service.

How to find out if your IPTV may be illegal?

You can purchase some IPTV options, but do not realize that you have contracted an illegal IPTV. If your subscription has a considerably lower price than the operator, it is a good indication that you have an illegal IPTV.

Do you already have an IPTV service contracted directly with operators? So don't worry, your IPTV is cool. Otherwise, it is interesting to investigate whether you are not consuming content that is distributed illegally.

Did you find out that you use illegal IPTV? Our recommendation is to cancel it immediately. Thus, you avoid maintaining a connection with the distributor. In addition, you can search for safer options.

Smart TV also accesses internet television

How to consume IPTV legally?

As we mentioned throughout the article, consuming IPTV legally is not that difficult. If you cannot invest in closed channels, you can find lists with open channels on several websites. Many of them even include regional variants of channels that you already know.

Imagine that you are living in Rio de Janeiro, but you are originally from Brasília and still have a strong connection with the capital. If you turn on a traditional TV, you will be required to watch the local newspaper in Rio. With an IPTV service, you can very well watch the local newspaper of the capital, just accessing the variant there.

Of course, depending on the distance between one location and another, you will experience some difficulty or slowness. However, most of the time, your connection will be able to keep up with what is happening at your birthplace.

Want to know more about online TV? Then see our list of the best apps for watching Internet TV!

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