JustWatch for Android and iOS: how to use the app on mobile?

Using the Netflix interface can be very frustrating, due to the lack of genres and several other details that make it confusing. Using an app to help you use the catalog can be very good and JustWatch for Android and iOS is one of the best.

Keep reading our article to know everything about it and see how to use it!

1. What is JustWatch?

Before we can explain how to use JustWatch for Android or iOS, we need to explain exactly what it is, what will be done in this first section of the article.

In a very brief way, it is a search service and a guide to streaming services, being ideal for those who like to watch movies and series online. In it, you can easily find out where to watch series, movies, anime, documentaries and more in an entirely legal way.

Through this platform, you can find news and recent updates from your favorite websites for watching movies and series, finding links to apps for watching movies and series so you can watch anime and Netflix series quickly.

With it, you can easily find where to see a movie that is very popular, where to find series and various other media, using the wide catalog that covers the largest and most popular streaming services, such as Netflix, HBO Go or even Globo Play.

In the beginning, JustWatch was exclusively a web app (in short, a page optimized for smartphones). However, today it has grown and has a website for internet browsers for computers and applications for all smartphones, whether Android or iPhone and even for Amazon's Fire TV.

What is JustWatch? JustWatch for Android

A really cool thing about the platform, which will be better explained below in the section on how to use JustWatch for Android or iOS is the possibility to configure it, using the filters to receive very personalized and useful recommendations, being able to select genres, year of release and even Age rating.

It also has a feature that helps its users to organize their personal list of what they want to watch in an easy way, being able to add from the recommendations.

As a great positive factor of it is that not only is it completely free for everyone who uses it, but it also comes without advertisements, at no cost!

It was created and has the main objective of helping film production studios, series and other media to advertise targeted audiences most likely to consume them.

JustWatch, to ensure that the information offered is not out of date, performs daily searches on all streaming services it supports, in addition to using free databases as a source for trailers, synopses and all other relevant information.


2. How to use the app?

Now that you know everything about it, we will explain exactly how to use JustWatch for Android and iOS. Like apps on both systems, the explanation will use the Android app as a model.

First, it is necessary to download the application. To do this, follow the link to the official website and click on the icon for your device.

With it installed, when you first open it you will see a screen where you can log in or create an account. If you don't have one, it is highly recommended to create one. Click the button that says "Create an account" to start the process. Now, choose if you want to create with your Facebook, Google or email account.

Create JustWatch account for Android

The next step in our guide on how to use JustWatch for Android and iOS is the home screen, where you will see a list of movies and recommendations. By pressing the arrow on the corner of the cover, you can ask for more similar ones, mark as seen, say that you don't want similar recommendations and more.

At the bottom of the screen, you will see four buttons: "Home", "Launches", "Popular" and "Watchlist". The first is the home screen. In the second, you see everything that came out recently. In the third, you see everything that’s popular on both the platform and streaming services,

Finally, in the "Watchlist ”, you find your personal list, created and curated by you, of what you want to watch when you can. At the top of the screen is the search button, if you have a specific title in mind.

On the "Launches" and in the "Popular" you can filter the results by clicking on the filters icon. By clicking on it, you can choose the year of release, the rating on IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes, how much it costs, what type of media, what genre, what quality and what age rating.

JustWatch Filters for Android

So, what did you think of our guide on how to use JustWatch for Android and iOS?

Leave in the comments your opinion about the article, saying if you already knew the app. Also check out our comparison of JustWatch with Upflix and also our selection of the best series to do marathon!

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