KineMaster: create professional videos on Android

If you like to create amateur videos and want to increase the quality of your productions, it is recommended that you use KineMaster for this. It is a free app (with paid version) that allows anyone to make professional quality videos.

Read on to find out all about it and learn how to use it step by step!

1. What is it?

To begin, we will explain what KineMaster is. It is a video editor for smartphones that has a wide range of features and tools, with the main objective of uniting video editing tools, giving them as a package for mobile devices.

Originally, it was an exclusive application for Android smartphones, but in 2017 finally the iPhone and iPad version finally launched. It is such a good app that many consider it worthwhile to install an Android emulator on their computer in order to use it, since it does not have a Windows or Mac version.

what is KineMaster

It is free to use, offering all video editing tools at no cost. However, you will have watermarks on your resulting videos, in addition to advertisements and certain limitations. Below are the main KineMaster tools:

  • Add and combine multiple layers of videos, images, stickers, special effects, texts and even handwriting, allowing you to easily add subtitles to videos;
  • Color adjustments so you can correct and improve your videos and images whenever you want;
  • Ease of sharing on almost any major social network, such as YouTube, Facebook feeds or Stories, Instagram feeds or Stories and more;
  • Invert the videos, playing them backwards;
  • Blending modes so that you can create amazing and beautiful effects;
  • Add voiceovers, background music, vocal changes and sound effects;
  • Editions like trimming the video, separating or cutting it;
  • A KineMaster Resource store that gives you access to music, graphic clips, fonts, stickers, transitions and more so you can make your video even better, with weekly updates;
  • Speed ​​control to create time-lapse and slow motion effects;
  • Presets of equalizer, ducking and volume control tools for immersive audio;
  • Editing key frames to be able to add movement to the layers;
  • Exporting videos up to 4k 2160p at 30 frames per second;
  • Different color filters to make the video more striking.

It also has a premium version through which you can remove the watermark and advertisements, in addition to releasing professional presets for the tools and having access to thousands of premium features. The subscription is made directly within the application.

2. How to use KineMaster to create videos?

Now that you know everything about KineMaster, we will teach you how to use it to make your videos look professional with ease.

Crop videos

To cut a video using KineMaster, you must first add it to the app. To do this, click on the + in the central circle. After adding it, click on the video at the bottom of the screen and then the scissors icon on the right.

With that, you have several options to cut. Drag the video sideways to configure where you want to cut from and then select the desired option.

how to use KineMaster

Transition tool

It is quite easy to add transition effects. Add a video, as explained above. In order to place a transition, you must have more than one video, so make sure there are two or more.

Among them is a gray button with a + in the middle. Click on it to be able to choose the transition you want, from a wide selection.

Dubbing on KineMaster

With your videos added, you can now add a voiceover. To do this, you need to click on the microphone button that says "Voice". Then click "Start" to start recording.

When you add the voice recording, an audio trail will appear below the section of the video it is in. In addition, you can change various settings for your voice.

Add text

Essential for videos is the addition of texts. To do this and customize them, click on the "Layer" and then on "T", of text.

Type what you want and a yellow bar with the text will appear. You can drag sideways to change the size. The settings for it are on the side, where you can change the font, placement, color and more.

Add music

Finally, adding a song is quite easy. Click the "Audio", in the starting circle, and then select the desired audio track. It will appear in a green strip below the video.

So, did you like KineMaster?

Did you already know this excellent application or was it a novelty for you in creating professional quality amateur videos? Don't forget to also check out how to edit images and videos for Instagram and find out all about Clips, Apple's free app for editing videos.

And remember, if you want complete video editing on your computer, whether Windows or Mac, Movavi is the most recommended tool. It is one of the best video editors out there, doing everything you could want. To start using it, follow our link and get a free trial period!

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