Learn how to change your profile photo on Badoo

Badoo is one of the best apps for anyone looking to find possible new relationships or just new contacts. With it, you can contact people from all over Brazil, being really good during quarantine.

If you want to learn how to change your profile photo on Badoo, just continue reading the tutorial that we will show you!

1. What is Badoo?

Anyone looking to find information about dating apps may have heard about Badoo. It is a social network that was founded in 2006 and currently operates in more than 190 countries and works in 47 languages.

With that, it ended up becoming the most used social network in the world. As a great positive point of it, it has versions for Android, for iPhone and for any of the best computer browsers.

It has a model known as “freemium”, where all the main features are free for all users. However, many extras that can be really useful are blocked by the need to pay something.

What is Badoo? to change your profile photo on Badoo

Below are all the main and most attractive features found in this application.

  • Possibility to change your profile photo on Badoo with ease;
  • People close: it is possible to see and contact people who live in your area or are close to you at the moment, in addition to those who simply crossed the path;
  • Search: it is possible to search for who is in the app, regardless of their location;
  • Dating: in this tool, which is the most fundamental, users can swipe right or left, to like or dislike other users, working in a similar way to Tinder;
  • Video chat: you can chat with everyone who matched in real time by video, which is really useful during this quarantine caused by the coronavirus;
  • Verified Profiles: The last major free is the account verification process offered which consists of three steps. Through it, you can verify your account, which frees up the option to see and be seen only by other users who are verified.

In addition to these several excellent free tools, you can also find paid ones, among which you can:

  • Find out who put your profile in your favorites;
  • See who liked your profile, allowing you to get matches much more easily and quickly;
  • Faster to be able to read received messages (and for your contacts to read yours);
  • Correct a given dislike. Do you know when it was too much with someone's face, but by accident it slipped the wrong way? Well then, you can just undo it!

2. How to change your profile photo on Badoo?

How to do it by smartphone

The process of changing your profile photo on Badoo is quite easy. To do this on your phone, first open the app and, if you are not logged in to the account, log in.

It will now be on the main Badoo menu. In it, click on your profile icon, found in the lower right corner of the screen. Now click on the top icon on the right to achieve this.

Open the current photo as the profile photo. Click on the ellipsis at the bottom of the screen and upload a new photo. Select the photo you want to use as the profile photo and save.

How to do this by smartphone changing your profile photo on Badoo

How to do this by computer

Now, if you prefer to do it through one of the best computer browsers, you need to go to the official website through the link and log in to your account by clicking on the "Log in" at the top right corner. Then enter the credentials and click "Log in!".

Then, on the left side click on your profile icon. There, you can add new images and videos to advertise yourself. Click the add new photos button and choose whether to add them from your computer, your Instagram or your Facebook.

To add from the computer, click “Add photos from your computer” and navigate to the folder on your computer that you want to place. Select it and click Open".

Now, with the upload done, to change your profile photo on Badoo by placing the new image, just click on the Your profile picture.

How to do this by computer changing your profile photo on Badoo

Alternatively, you can also hover over the current profile image, click “Replace photo” and select the one you want to put in its place. Keep in mind that when you do this, the current photo will be deleted.

Did you like our tutorial on how to change your profile photo on Badoo?

Leave your opinion in the comments, saying if you already knew the methods or if we help you. Also, check out the best relationship apps, how to deal with boredom and how to get on Badoo using your smartphone!

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