Learn how to make banners with Adobe Spark

Many people still don't know Adobe Spark, but this is one of the great tools of the company responsible for software such as Photoshop, Premiere (one of the best video editors today), Illustrator, etc. Unlike other software, Spark offers many different services for free. You can even make banners with Adobe Spark, for example.

This is great for anyone who needs to create posts for social networks or other projects they have. If you liked the proposal and want to learn how to make banners with Adobe Spark, just check out our tutorial below!

What is Adobe Spark?

First of all, we think it's important to talk a little about Adobe Spark. After all, it is so different from other Adobe services that it is not so simple to understand at first.

First of all, it is worth saying that this is not software that can be installed on your computer. Instead, it works entirely in your web browser. This only requires that you have an internet connection.

Apart from this detail, it can also be used free of charge. There are paid plans for those who want to use Spark individually or as a team, something that can be worthwhile if you want less limitations.

Other than that, there is the most important aspect: its utilities and functionality. Basically, the tool is divided into three main services. They are Adobe Spark Post, Adobe Spark Video and Adobe Spark Page.

Adobe Spark Page is for creating web pages, Spark Video is for creating and editing video, and Spark Post is for creating ads, vector banners, posters, etc. As you can imagine, it is the Post that we will use in this tutorial to make banners with Adobe Spark.

How to make banners with Adobe Spark?

As mentioned above, to make banners with Adobe Spark, we have to use the Post option. To do this, just go to their official website when accessing the link and create one or login with one of the options on the left.

adobe spark login

On the next screen, we already have to decide which image format we will use. In this case, we have a very easy decision, since in the "Standard" section there is the option "Direct".

how to make banners

Of course, you can have a preference for a specific size. In such a situation, our recommendation is to use the "Custom" option. So, you can set the banner size manually.

Right away, Adobe Spark will ask you to choose which image to use as a background in the banner. You can upload an image you already have on your PC. But you can also look for a free photo in the stock images they offer.

how to create banners in spark

In that case, that decision is entirely up to you. Since you can make banners with a previously selected image or just have the idea of ​​which photo would look good among the options of the free bank.

On the next page, you will have an initial view of the banner. You can double-click the text to edit and resize it. Of course, you can also remove it from the image if necessary.

text on banner

You will notice that there is the Adobe Spark logo right at the bottom of the image. This is what indicates that you are using the free version. Only the paid plan allows you to get that mark out of there.

Anyway, on the right side of the screen we have some pretty cool options. In addition to ready-made templates, there are design tools, options for changing colors, different layouts and much more for making banners with Adobe Spark.

image for your banner

Here is the time to customize the banner however you want. We suggest experimenting a lot with the available tools, as you can really care about your creation.

When you have done everything you want, you can click "Download" or "Share". The decision is at your discretion, since when downloading you will be saving the file on the PC and when sharing, you will only be taking the banner to another website or social network.

sharing the banners

If you choose the "Download" option, you will still need to decide in which image format the download will take place.

download banner no spark

And with that you learned how to make banners with Adobe Spark Post. It's really easy and fast, don't you think ?! The cool thing is that you can create different types of images and posts for social networks so, just choose other formats.

Did you like the tips?

Did you take advantage of our tutorial to learn how to create ads with Adobe Spark? So don't forget to leave your comment telling us what you think of the tool and everything went well with it.

And if you wanted to learn how to use Adobe Spark Video to make your own videos or even add subtitles to your videos, don't forget to check out our tutorials on the subject!

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