List of Brazilian series on Netflix: the 20 best in 2020

There is no doubt that Netflix has greatly improved the quality of its original productions in recent years, but one of the biggest surprises was the platform began to invest in national series. Since the first work was released in 2016, new Brazilian series have been coming on Netflix. Perhaps the only problem is choosing which Netflix series to watch first.

It is to help you with this that we list some of the best Brazilian series on Netflix. You can check out all our tips in detail below!


watch 3%

There is no better work than 3% to start the list of Brazilian series on Netflix. We say this because, for those who don't know, this was the first national series to be produced by the streaming platform.

The plot shows a dystopian reality, in which young people who are 20 years old can take very challenging tests. Everything to try to live a better life in one of the only prosperous places left in the world.

But as the name of the series makes clear, only 3% of these young people actually manage to pass these rigorous tests. You can check the series by accessing the link.

2. Omniscient

Having recommended 3%, it is also worth talking about Omniscient. For those who don't know, the two series were created by the same person and have some similar elements.

The story also focuses on a dystopian future, but this time we see people being watched by drones all the time. In the middle of it all, we still follow Nina, who works at the company that monitors these drones.

Your goal is to evade the company's surveillance while trying to investigate your father's mysterious death. If you found this story interesting, you just need to check the Netflix link.

3. Most beautiful thing

It is quite possible that you have at least heard of The Most Beautiful Thing, as it is one of the most popular Brazilian Netflix series on our list. It takes place in Rio de Janeiro in the 1950s and focuses on three women who star in the plot.

It all starts when Malu has her money stolen by her husband and joins a singer named Adélia and writer Thereza to open a Bossa Nova bar. Considering the way that women were seen and treated at this time, even the smallest things prove to be a challenge for them.

You can check out more by accessing the Netflix link.

4. Nobody's looking

For those who like to watch comedy series, we can suggest “Nobody's watching”. She is kind of different and great for those who like fantasy series.

It shows the life of angels and their tasks involving humans. Only when a new angel named Ulysses is created, he begins to question the orders he receives and feels he needs to find out more about the system.

In the middle of this, he ends up leading other angels to do the same and the situation only gets more complicated. If you liked the plot, you can check the link below.

5. Samantha

Samantha is another interesting bet for those looking for new Brazilian Netflix series. She focuses on the story of a woman who was very successful on TV when she was a child in the 1980s.

Unfortunately, her fame only declined over the years until it became a mere memory. But the girl didn't give up on celebrity life that easily and does everything possible to get back in the spotlight.

The series is very funny and entertaining, so it's worth checking out by accessing the link.

6. Brotherhood

For those looking for something more involved with police investigation, Brotherhood is worth watching. Her story shows how an honest lawyer infiltrates a criminal faction.

All because her brother is trapped in such a faction and she needs to unravel all possible schemes to try to save him. The problem is that he faces several moral issues during the episodes.

If you found it interesting, you can check out more on the link.

7. Blood pact

Although it is one of the best Brazilian series on Netflix, Blood Pact is not their original work. In fact, it was produced by the paid channel Space, but is now available on Netflix as well.

Its plot shows how a TV presenter tries to deliver very violent news in order to have more audience than his competitors. But with that, he ends up exceeding many limits and is not far from those he shows as bandits in his program.

The most interesting thing is that the plot looks a lot like the documentary series that we will show below. Just don't forget to access the link to watch Blood Pact.

8. Bandits on TV

As we mentioned, we have a documentary series very similar to the Blood Pact. Her name is Bandidos na TV and she shows the story of Wallace Souza, a former presenter of a police and political program in Manaus.

After spending years reporting crimes on TV, he was accused of being involved with them. Each episode presents evidence and testimonies from both sides, so it is difficult to know the truth.

Of course, this is what makes this one of the best marathon shows. After all, it is impossible not to want to know what happened in this case. To check out more, just access the link below.

9. The Chosen One

The Chosen One may not be one of the most popular Brazilian series on Netflix on the list, but it is one of the most interesting. The plot focuses on three doctors who travel to the wetland to treat infected Zika virus.

Unfortunately, they end up discovering that there are many more strange mysteries in the place. A very interesting fact is that this work is based on a Mexican series known as “Niño Santo”.

To check the full episodes, just check the link.

10. Tuning

tuning is one of the Brazilian series on netflix

The Sintonia series has the favelas of São Paulo and its residents as the main focus of their stories. We accompany three young friends who do their best to make their dreams come true and improve their lives.

Doni wants to be a successful funk singer, Rita does what she can to support herself by selling different products and Nando gets involved in the world of crime just to be able to help her family. The story is very captivating and worth checking out.

If you are interested in the plot, just access the Netflix link.

11. The Mechanism

The next suggestion of Brazilian series on Netflix is ​​another that was part of the first national works on the platform. The Mechanism focuses on investigations of “Operation Lava Jato”, which dealt with cases of political corruption in Brazil.

It's just good to keep in mind that most situations are fictional, so don't watch it thinking you will see only real elements in the series. If you are a fan of spy or suspense series, here's a good one.

If you are interested, you can check the series by accessing the link.

12. Spectros

The Spectros series is an excellent choice for those who like horror series or movies. It is very interesting because it shows a very cool mix of Japanese and Brazilian culture.

That's because the series tells ghost stories of Japanese descendants in our country. The main scenario ends up being Liberdade neighborhood in São Paulo, which is one of the largest Japanese communities outside of Japan.

To check the series, just check the link.

13. Wars of Brazil

Another excellent suggestion that we can give is Wars of Brazil. This is another documentary series, but this time it displays information and data about some of the wars that took place in our country.

There are only 5 episodes, so it's great for both those who like war series and those who like marathons. As expected, there are also many expert reports going deeper into each war addressed.

For those who want to check the episodes, just access the Netflix link.

14. Super Drags

Here is a super cool tip for those who like animation series. The Super Drags series shows a bit of the drag community, which we really don't see being explored that much.

The episodes put several of today's great drag queens in very funny and entertaining situations. It is also worth mentioning that the cast has Suzy Brasil, Silvetty Montilla and Pabllo Vittar in the voice acting of the characters.

It is a very interesting suggestion for those who like to watch anime or other types of animation. To watch the series, just check out the link below.

15. Reality Z

Another interesting tip on our list of Brazilian series on Netflix is ​​Reality Z. The story shows a zombie attack taking place in Rio de Janeiro while the whole country is watching a reality show.

The participants of this reality shelter in a TV studio believing that they will be safe. Unfortunately, at each moment they realize that perhaps this was not the best choice.

If you want to check the series, just check the link.

16. Good morning, Veronica

Good morning, Veronica arrived recently on Netflix, so it's perfect for those looking for something new. Like so many other Brazilian series on Netflix, it has a more investigative and suspense-themed theme.

The story is about a police officer who is investigating a sexual predator, but ends up discovering a couple with many secrets. In the middle of that, she still faces a very stressful corruption scheme. To check the series, just check the link.

17. Word of mouth

The next suggestion is another very recent series, called Boca a Boca. She is a little out of the ordinary of the other Brazilian productions that we usually see.

We accompanied some teenagers in a rural community. Soon, some of them become ill and realize that the virus appears to be transmitted by kissing.

Unfortunately, the disease soon proves to be quite abnormal and has frightening symptoms. If you found the concept interesting, you can check out more on the link.

18. Until death do us part

Another interesting tip for those who like documentary crime series, is the Until death. Each of the episodes focused on a different crime, with testimonies from family, friends, lawyers and even police officers who worked on the case at the time.

As the name of the series already kind of indicates, the crimes explored have passionate motives. Of course, the themes presented in the series are quite heavy, so it’s good to keep that in mind before you start watching it.

To check the episodes, just access the link.

19. Mystery World

Another good suggestion among Brazilian Netflix series is the Mystery World. This series recently arrived on the streaming platform and has a different format than most works of fiction.

Presented by YouTuber Felipe Castanhari, the series focuses its episodes on several mysteries of history and science. To check out more, just access the link below.

20. Perfect Crush

To end the list, we have a somewhat different suggestion for our list of Brazilian series on Netflix. Perfect Crush is more of a reality show than a regular show, but it's really fun to watch.

Throughout the episodes, we accompanied six single people who meet blindly in different parts of São Paulo. The great uncertainty is whether the meetings will work out and whether they will want to see each other again.

To check out more, just access the link.

Did you like the Brazilian series on Netflix?

Did you take advantage of our tips to get to know some of the best Brazilian series on Netflix? So don't forget to leave your comment telling us what you think of our tips.

Also tell us what other apps for watching movies and series you use outside of Netflix.

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