Live on Facebook and Instagram at the same time: How to do it?

With the recent coronavirus crisis, each time the number of people at home increases – if you can, stay at home too! – and with more free time. On the other hand, we cannot consider this free time as a break or vacation, especially if it produces content and I already had plans to live on Facebook and Instagram at the same time.

This situation of social isolation causes stress and we certainly need entertainment to maintain our mental health. This is where the work of content creators becomes so important, as it allows you to maintain the connection with several users who are feeling lonely.

If you're already following this career or paving your way, this is the time to use live streams to gain followers on Instagram. Who knows, maybe one day you will go so far as to put the desired blue Instagram stamp?

When you live on Facebook and Instagram at the same time, you have the chance to reach users from both social networkstheres, improving your Instagram metrics in both.

Your reach will increase so much that only those who blocked you on Facebook will not be able to see you!

How to live on Instagram and Facebook at the same time?

It is not possible to live on Instagram and Facebook at the same time natively. That is, this tool is not available in the application of either social media.

This means that you will need two special tools to be able to live on Instagram and Facebook at the same time. The first one is to use OBS Studio as a transmission platform and to get your live to appear on Face and Insta.

The purpose of the tool is precisely to make life easier for content creators and entrepreneurs who usually interact with their audience and gather new followers on Instagram through lives.

To start using them, just download OBS Studio and then click on the link to sign up for Ciclano through an email form. Alternatively, you can also use your profile on Face – see biography ideas for Facebook!

How do I set up streaming in OBS Studio?

Before starting, it is important to mention that it is only possible to live on Facebook and Instagram at the same time from a computer, be it Windows or Mac.

After downloading, open OBS Studio and at the bottom right of the screen, in the box Sources, click the +.

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Then choose the alternative Video Capture Device.

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Then name the source. To facilitate identification, we recommend that you use a name like “webcam”. Next, you will have to choose which webcam – if you have more than one – and what the recording resolution will be.

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As you can see in the image above, the ideal is to leave it at 1280 × 720, which is the HD resolution. If you’re broadcasting a game, you might want to increase that resolution. On the other hand, we do not recommend that you use a resolution below that.

It is worth mentioning that in the box Sources, where you set up your webcam to broadcast, you can also click the “+”To add effects as a background, include offline music you have on your computer, or choose to live with your PC screen displayed.

Don't start the broadcast yet! As OBS Studio allows transmission to only one social network at a time, it will be necessary to use Ciclano to live on Instagram and Facebook at the same time.

How to set up simultaneous live in Ciclano

If you already created the account in Ciclano as we mentioned earlier in the article, you will need to connect your Facebook profile and your Instagram bio. The application is paid, but offers security for the data of its users, which will not be sold to other companies that can offer the same functionality for free.

Once you create your account, you will be taken to the main page of Ciclano. Click on the tab Channels.

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In this part, you will be able to include your Facebook and Instagram accounts to schedule the simultaneous live. To do this, simply select the option Add account in each social network box. After entering the accounts, select the checkbox below your Face and Insta accounts.

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When finished, click Title and description. Fill out the form giving a title to your live, writing a description that makes it easier to identify the type of content and whether the live will be public or private, ideal for testing.

The fields Category (YouTube) and Tags they only serve if you are going to broadcast simultaneously on your YouTube channels as well. click in To save to finish the configuration

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Now return to the home page of Ciclano and click on the button Enable Broadcast.

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It will start broadcasting simultaneously on Face and Insta, but only a black screen will appear. After a few seconds, codes will appear on the screen. Copy these codes and return to OBS Studio.

Starting the simultaneous live!

It is a short time to start your first live on Facebook and Instagram at the same time!

Return to OBS Studio and open the menu settings, followed by Stream. From the menu, click Custom Stream and check the box Use authentication.

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Paste the Cyclan codes sequentially. That is, the first code in the first field, the second in the second and so on.

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Now, just click the button Start Broadcast and you will have started your first live on Facebook and Instagram at the same time!

Learn how to make professional lives!

Now that you know how to use OBS Studio and Ciclano to live on Facebook and Instagram at the same time, how about becoming a professional in live streams?

In the online course Live streams for Business, you'll learn all the tips for making simultaneous lives on social media, mastering live video techniques on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, and also losing your fear in front of the cameras to develop your content without crashing, among others.

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