Mac Apps: Top 25 to Install on Your New Computer

Finally got a new Mac to improve the quality of your work and your productivity this holiday season? Then it's time to set up your newcomer computer and install new apps on it. Even if you've worked on an old version of the Mac before, this is the best time to try new software and see if any of these Mac apps will improve your computer experience.

If you're curious about which Mac apps you should have on your computer, just check out our list. We've separated no less than 25 special apps that can't be missing from your Apple computer below!

1. Giphy Capture

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The tool is an excellent option for anyone who wants to download videos from Youtube. 4K Video Downloader is capable of downloading in any quality, including 4K as its name says. It is also available for PC and mobile devices. Check out more of the app on its website.

6. Clear

Going to options more focused on productivity and achieving goals, the Clear is a to-do list application with a proposal as simple as Todoist's. There's not much to say about its functionality: you create your tasks by typing in the list and slide to the side when it's completed. You can rearrange the order of tasks in the way you prefer, as well as stipulate deadlines. Click on the link to see more of Clear.

7. Rescue Team

Rescue Time is another perfect app for those looking for software to stay more motivated. It analyzes your work style and schedule to deliver a series of daily goals so you stay focused on your tasks and projects.

For those interested in this proposal, just check the official website!

8. Monosnap

Among so many applications for Mac, Monosnap is one of the simplest, but also one of the most useful on the list. It serves for you to take screenshots and still be able to annotate the image.

It is saved in the cloud and you can share it or save it on your PC. You can start using the app now for free, but there's also a paid version with more features.

To check out more, check out the link below!

9. Hazel

Our next suggestion is Hazel, a software that serves to organize your Mac in the way you find most convenient. You can use it to select certain folders, create certain rules and Hazel will do the rest.

The software will always keep an eye on these folders to apply the rules you have applied. That way they never get disorganized if you fail to pay attention.

To download the app, check out the link.

10. Fantastic 2

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