MacX DVD Ripper Pro – Back up your DVDs on Mac

It is not new that the physical media market, especially when it comes to films and series, is getting smaller. Worse still, many media are already many years old, at the risk of being lost. MacX DVD Ripper Pro is Mac software that will help you back up your DVDs.

With the promise of creating a copy of your DVD in up to 5 minutes, it guarantees that you will be able to backup both old DVDs from your childhood parties and newer media. Best of all: MacX DVD Ripper Pro is on sale for a limited time in celebration of Christmas: you can buy it for $ 29.95, a 56% discount.

Before taking advantage of the promotion, however, you can try it for free. Therefore, we recommend that you learn more about the following article, separate some DVDs from your collection and download this trial version of MacX DVD Ripper Pro.

What can MacX DVD Ripper Pro do?

The main function of this program for Mac is to help you create backup copies of the DVDs you have in your home. It even allows you to convert most video formats to MP4. Do you know that video of your 15 years old recorded on an old DVD?

You can create a copy on your Mac and convert it to MP4 in about five minutes. Then just create a post on Instagram to show your friends what you looked like as a teenager!

macx dvd ripper pro illustration

In addition, it is possible to create backups of even the most recent DVDs, allowing you to copy and watch your favorite movies without needing any more physical media. Frequently updated, MacX DVD Ripper Pro will support any DVD media you use.

Another advantage of the software is that it can be used to try to recover damaged files from a DVD. This way, it is able to create backup, convert and restore files. This means that you can use the program to try to recover any lost video that was on a DVD.

In addition to converting to the ideal format for social networks, the program also allows video conversion to several other formats. Conversions to formats such as MOV, FLV and AVI are possible. Another possibility is to extract only the audio from a DVD, converting the files to MP3.

Do you have a live DVD, but you don't care so much about the choreography? Then create an MP3 version to listen to music offline!

program screenshot

These features make your file access more convenient. You can even use it to transfer files to devices that do not have physical media players, such as the latest MacBooks or Windows notebooks.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that MacX DVD Ripper Pro even allows for small edits to files. In addition to cutting out uninteresting or unappealing parts, you can add subtitles to the videos on your DVD.

Want to go beyond DVD backups?

In addition to the Christmas promotion we mentioned at the beginning of the article, MacX DVD Ripper Pro is part of a package with four multimedia programs. In it, you will have access to DVD Ripper, MacX Video Converter Pro, MacX MediaTrans and 5K Player.

They have a 75% discount until the end of the year. Visit the package page to learn more!

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