MacXDVD Superhero Event gives free copy of software and chance to win 4K TV

Anyone who has ever had to make a copy of a DVD or back up their files on this type of media, must have heard of the MacX DVD Ripper Pro. This is one of the best software for this, but the best part is that they are promoting the MacXDVD Superhero Event on its official website and you can join it today to receive a copy of the program for free and compete for a 4K TV and other incredible prizes.

If you are interested, you can check more details about the event and the MacX DVD Ripper Pro itself just below!

How does the MacXDVD Superhero Day event work?

macX dvd ripper event

As we mentioned, the MacXDVD Superhero Event is happening right now and you can participate by checking the official website of the software. Right away, you will see that it is possible to get a free version of MacX DVD Ripper Pro that can be used at will for 15 days. There are 500 copies being offered every day, so just arrive early to guarantee yours!

Other than that, you can also compete for other great prizes, which include 1 4K TV, 10 superhero dolls and at least 30 DVDs of films. To try to win these items, you only need to assemble your team of super heroes to fight the classic super villains of the comic books and movies based on them.

macX dvd ripper superhero

Thus, you will see the points you have for the draw and you can accumulate even more points if you share the event on social networks, when you download your free copy of the MacX DVD Ripper Pro or when you join the official Facebook group of the event.

Advantages of MacX DVD Ripper

macX dvd advantages

Since we're on the topic of superheroes with the MacXDVD Superhero Event, you cannot forget that a good part of the best stories of these characters in cinema can be found on DVDs and it would be a real shame to lose your copy simply because you do not have a backup of the movie.

After all, DVDs are subject to scratches, mold or even irreparable damage to children's hands, for example. There is also the fact that you may not even have a DVD player at home other than your computer, which can increase the desire to have a digital copy of your favorite DVDs.

That's why MacX DVD Ripper can be of great use in your day to day, after all, it has the following advantages:

  • Perfect copy of your DVDs, supporting full backup of your content to MP4 video format or to an ISO image without any loss of quality.
  • Possibility to copy the DVD so that you can watch the MP4 content on your computer or other devices, avoiding the need for a DVD player or disc reading errors.
  • Conversion to the most used formats and devices today, including MP4, FLV, AVI, MOV, MP3, iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows, Mac.
  • Support for all types of DVDs, including old formats, newer discs, damaged discs and even DVDs from different regions.
  • Impressive speed, making it possible to copy an entire DVD in just 5 minutes.
  • DVD editing in just a few steps, making it possible to cut, merge, add subtitles and adjust parameters as you wish.

Enough for those looking for a way to backup their DVDs! Taking advantage of your free copy of the software, how about learning how to do this?

How to make a DVD backup using MacX DVD Ripper

In addition to the advantages we mentioned earlier, MacX DVD Ripper is very simple and intuitive to use. If you want to backup your DVDs, just follow the step-by-step guide below!

Step 1: Install MacX DVD Ripper on your computer and insert the DVD into the device right away.

Step 2: Open the software and click on the “DVD Disc” option.

how to backup dvd

Step 3: Click on the “Output Format” option and choose the “DVD Backup” button.

how to copy the dvd

Step 4: With that done, you will have to choose how this backup will be. If you choose the “Main Title Copy” option, all content will be copied to an MPG file, for example.

Step 5: If you prefer a video format like MP4, just select “General Profiles” instead and choose the format you prefer.

how to copy a dvd

Step 6: After that, just choose the destination folder for this backup.

Step 7: With all these settings decided, click on the “Run” button and MacX DVD Ripper will do the rest of the process very quickly. You will find the final backup result in the folder you selected as the final destination previously.

Pretty easy, isn't it ?! As we have no doubt that you will want to continue using MacX DVD Ripper Pro beyond the free 15 days, we suggest that you take advantage of an unmissable offer on the software's official website as soon as possible. O MacX DVD Ripper Pro can be purchased now with 56% discount, and when you buy a copy, you get another one for free!

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