Make photos into drawings: check out 10 amazing apps

Anyone who likes to take creative photos must have tried a few different editions too. While it is fun to turn photos into caricatures, some prefer something even more artistic, like turning photos into drawings or paintings.

In case you are interested in this type of effect, we have separated some of the best apps to make photos into drawings easily. Check out our main suggestions in the full list below!

1. Waterlogue

worth using the waterlogue

Our first recommendation is great for anyone who wants to turn photos into drawings. With the Waterlogue, you can make your images look like real paintings, many of them looking like something made with watercolor or gouache.

The cool thing is that all the effects and filters available are of high quality and are able to convey a very realistic feeling. Of course, in addition, there are normal photo editing options should you need it.

It is only necessary to remember that the application is paid and can also only be downloaded on iPhones. If you want to check out more about it, visit the link!

2. Painnt

Painnt is another excellent application for turning photos into drawings. To get a sense, it has about 2,000 filters that can make your images look like paintings and drawings.

Just choose your favorite style and you'll find dozens of filters dedicated to it. The best news is that the app can be downloaded and used for free on your smartphone.

If you were curious, just check out the app on Android and iPhone!

3. Cartoon Photo

Cartoon Photo is our next suggestion and, as the name implies, it's great for leaving your photos as drawings. It has excellent filters for this, each with a different painting style.

You can tell that the result is very real, especially in styles that match the chosen photo. In addition, you can still make other changes to leave the image the way you imagined.

Like some other apps of this type, you can download it for free. If you liked it, just go to the Google Play Store link.

4. PhotoMania

PhotoMania is another app that can turn photos into drawings on your smartphone. Like most of these apps, it has dozens of different filters that you can use.

Many of these filters can be used to make your photo look like a sketch, a painting or a pencil drawing. You can still add frames to make the image more personalized.

Fortunately, the app can be downloaded for free on Android and iPhone.

5. PicsArt

Next, we'll suggest using PicsArt for those looking for photo editors. It is an excellent app for anyone who owns an Android smartphone or tablet.

The cool thing is that in addition to drawing filters, it still has normal editing tools. Thus, you can have a very eclectic use depending on what you want on the day.

Among the design filters, there is a great variety, which is another advantage. The app is also free, so you can learn more by confirming the link!

6. Pencil Sketch

Pencil Sketch is another application that makes your focus very clear on the name. It was created specifically to make your photos look like a pencil drawing, so you won't find any painting effects here.

But the cool thing is that he has many styles of pencil drawings. It can be a sketch, a black and white drawing, a colorful art, etc.

This alone brings a lot of variety and can make your photos very interesting. Like so many others, the app is also free and can be checked by accessing the link.

7. ToonMe

ToonMe is already one more application that you should try. Unlike the aforementioned option, it is more suitable only for making photos into drawings.

For that reason, you can expect that it does not have great editing resources. Except that, he is very advanced to create the effect of drawing or painting.

Instead of just applying a filter, it uses an artificial intelligence system to recognize elements in the photo. In this way, you can apply the effect more effectively.

It is worth mentioning that the app is only available on the iPhone. To learn more, check out more at the link.

8. Watercolor Effect

Continuing our list, we have the excellent Watercolor Effect app. As his name makes clear, his main focus is to make his images look like paintings made with watercolor.

But there are also other types of filters, including the oil paint effect, for example. There are about 30 different effects that you can test, each with its own style.

The application is paid, but it is worth it for what it offers. It is available for Android and iPhone.

9. SuperPhoto

SuperPhoto is another application that can turn photos into drawings. We recommend it especially for the amount of effects and filters it offers.

In the paid version, there are well over a thousand different effects, to be aware. If you want to use only the free version, there are still 200 filters available, which is not bad.

Many of these effects make your photos look like artistic paintings, as expected. If you found it interesting, check out more by accessing the link.

10. PopCam

apps to make photos into drawings

To close our list of apps for making photos into drawings, we have PopCam. It has some very interesting effects to add that artistic touch to your personal photos.

A little different from the other apps we mentioned, it doesn't have great editing tools either. After all, this transformation of the style of the photos is your main focus.

The cool thing is that you can download it for free, but there are also in-app purchases.

If you found the concept cool, check out more of the app by accessing the link.

Did you like the apps to make photos into drawings?

Was it possible to take advantage of our list to discover apps for making photos into drawings? So don't forget to leave your comment telling us what you think of the suggestions and which apps caught your attention.

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