Meet the 10 apps for bloggers beginners 2020

With so many digital influencers having been successful in recent years, it's not surprising that more people want to try this route. Only of course, this can be an easier task with certain apps and programs. To help you with this, we have separated some of the best apps for novice bloggers.

Among them, there are video editing apps, secret photography apps, apps to manage your projects and more. To check out more apps for novice bloggers, just check out the list below!

1. WeVideo

use wevideo

To start our list of apps for novice bloggers, we have WeVideo. This is an online video editing tool that you can use on your PC, tablet or smartphone.

So, you can edit your videos anywhere and without wasting time. The best thing is that it has several themes and filters used by several bloggers, something that cannot be missing from your new list of apps.

Other than that, you can store the edited videos on the official servers of the app. This allows future edits to be carried out quickly and from anywhere.

To check out more about WeVideo, visit the link below.

2. Video Cutter

Since we're talking about video editing apps, Video Cutter is worth mentioning too. This is another fully online tool that you can use to quickly cut your videos.

Needless to say, this makes it one of the best apps for novice bloggers who need something without a hitch. It is worth mentioning that it is possible to export videos in various formats.

Other than that, all of this can be done for free. For those interested, it is possible to download by accessing the link.

3. Preview

Preview is another of the best apps for bloggers and is widely used by them. This is the app that bloggers often use to create and schedule posts to social networks.

Other than that, the application also has many options for editing and adding filters to your images. The best thing is that you can check reports from the app to see how these posts are impacting followers.

You can check out more on the website.


GIMP is a well-known image editing tool that can be used completely for free. The best thing is that it also has many options for those who make digital arts or design works.

It has very advanced tools and resources, but its interface is also very simple to learn to use. If you're interested, you can check out more at the link.

5. Pixelz

pixelz blogger apps

Pixelz is another app that serves to edit images, but with a few different features. It is great for those who need to remove the background from the photo, for example.

This is great for fashion bloggers who always need to take lots of pictures wearing different clothes. With the option to take the background, you can make the images look more professional. You can access the link to use it.

6. Instagram

Even if your goal is to create a blog, there is no way to dispense with the use of social networks. Whether to promote your work or even make posts linked to your blog.

And of course, in these cases, Instagram is one of the apps for novice bloggers that cannot be missed. Especially because this is one of the most used social networks by bloggers and digital influencers.

If you are in the habit of talking about clothes or makeup, you can filter Instagram posts to see the latest trends from app users, for example. You can download Instagram by accessing the link.

7. Todoist

Todoist is popular with many people, but it can be one of the best apps for bloggers who want to get more organized. With it, you can create lists of goals or ideas, manage your tasks, create projects and much more.

It can be used on several platforms at the same time, which simplifies its daily use. You can download Todoist from the Play Store or from the iPhone App Store.

8. TickTick

TickTick is another application that you can use if you want to organize yourself more on a daily basis. It works similarly to Todoist, but with a few different features.

A good example is your calendar, which you can use to better separate your ideas, reminders, notes and more. You can download the application on Android or iPhone.

9. Ulysses

Next, we have Ulysses was created specifically to offer a good writing experience on small screens or at busier times. This helps a lot of bloggers who end up having to post outside the home in various situations.

The cool thing is that it still works seamlessly with WordPress and Medium, so you can put your posts directly on them. Check out the link to check out more about the app.

10. Snapseed

editing apps for bloggers

We know that many bloggers end up having to take pictures with their smartphones, either of themselves or of products. Therefore, we recommend Snapseed to anyone who wants a quick and functional way to edit these images.

The application has very advanced features, is simple to use and works well on any type of smartphone. You can check the link to download the app on Android or access the iPhone App Store to download.

Did you like the apps for novice bloggers?

Did you take advantage of our tips to get to know some of the best apps for novice bloggers? So don't forget to leave your comment telling us what you think of the tips and which apps you plan to use.

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