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Digital banks have become increasingly common in Brazil. They offer most of the resources of traditional banks, but without so much bureaucracy, queues or the possibility of having to go to a branch to solve a simple problem. So it is worth knowing what your options are and if any of them fit your profile and needs. To help you, we separate no less than the main digital banks of today.

They can be especially beneficial for anyone looking to earn extra income when working from home. If you want to make money like this, having an account with a digital bank may be your best choice. After all, you can solve everything online or through the bank's app, in addition to the lack of bureaucracy that we mentioned before.

If you are curious to know which are the main digital banks you should consider, just check out our suggestions. The full list is below!

1. NuConta

main digital banks nuconta

To start our list, let's talk about NuConta, which is basically Nubank's digital account. It has no fees, allowing unlimited and free transfers to other banks. However, it is the only one on the list of best digital banks that does not have withdrawals.

It is possible to withdraw with a Nubank credit card, but the rate is simply not worth it. In addition, NuConta is not dependent on credit card. You can have a NuConta and not have a Nubank card, for example.

Deposits by boleto are also free and can be made from R $ 20.00. Although more limited, NuConta's operations such as incoming or outgoing transfers are usually computed out of the box. Click on the link to learn more about Nubank's digital account.

2. Agibank

Another well-known digital account, Agibank also does not adhere to account maintenance fees. On the other hand, their other free services are more limited.

Although transfers between Agibank accounts are free, account holders can make up to 4 TEDs per month free of charge. Regarding cash withdrawals, it is possible to withdraw money without paying fees up to 4 times a month at ATMs and 2 times at lottery shops. The deposit per ticket is also limited, allowing you to generate a maximum of 10 free tickets per month.

Agibank offers credit and debit cards to its account holders. Learn more about Agibank by following the link.

3. Inter

In our list of major digital banks in the country, Inter is one that could not be missing. The digital account does not charge for its services. That is, you have unlimited and free withdrawals and transfers available through the app. In addition, you can issue slips for deposit freely.

It also brings a complete platform, allowing you to make investments, hire insurance and ask for loans or financing.

Its only setback is not offering credit cards to account holders. If you were curious, you can find out more about Inter through the link below.

4. Pag!

Another digital bank that also does not charge a maintenance fee. Like Next, Pag provides its account holders with a credit or debit card.

If you have other accounts, you may also be interested in Pag, since it brings free and unlimited TEDs, as well as the possibility to generate slips for deposit also for free. You can check out more through the link.

5. Neon

Interesting digital bank for those who use Siri voice commands, as it has compatibility with the iPhone and iPad virtual assistant.

The Neon bank has no maintenance fee and has two types of account: the standard and the Neon +. To use Neon +, just make 10 purchases using the digital bank's debit card.

When you activate Neon +, you get unlimited free transfers. Neon does not offer a credit card and charges withdrawals from ATMs. See more about Neon through the link.

6. Sofisa Direct

Sofisa Direto is a leading digital bank in Brazil. The platform allows you to make TEDs and deposits by unlimited slips – the amount must be over R $ 30. Your only limitation is withdrawals, limited to 4 free withdrawals per month.

Sofisa Direto provides only a credit card, which also allows you to make the withdrawals described above. The platform also allows you to make investments, as we saw in Original and Banco Modal Mais. Learn more about Sofisa Direto through the link.

7. Next

The type of digital account offered by Bradesco. Next offers three types of account, one of which is free of fees.

With it, you can purchase debit and credit card. It also has a built-in finance manager, allowing you to better manage your budget. Next also has a fixed income investment option, however, its profitability is even lower than that of savings, and is not recommended for investors.

It is also worth noting that Next allows only one transfer to other banks per month. Next customers can transfer money to each other free of charge. You can see that and more through the link.

8. Social Bank

Among the best digital accounts in Brazil, Social Bank is the most curious. From this list, he is the only one to allow him to make loans to other account holders, with a return of 2% per month.

In addition, it also does not charge a monthly fee for maintenance and free internal transfers. However, DOC and TED are charged.

Social Bank also offers a card for purchases. It serves as a credit card, but charges the account directly, which makes using the account a little confusing. If you want to check everything in full, just check out more on the link.

9. Banco Modal More

One of the most recent among the best digital banks in Brazil. Without a maintenance fee, Banco Modal Mais is very advantageous, as it offers free transfer services, as well as withdrawals. There is also no limit on the number of withdrawals and free transfers.

It is worth remembering that, by being created by an investment broker, you now have access to the platform, cutting the need to transfer money to invest in modalities such as Tesouro Direto, CDBs, LCIs and LCAs, among others.

On the other hand, there is no credit card and the bank's operations usually take a little longer than normal, something that does not happen in other of the best digital banks.

Get to know Banco Modal Mais and its current account modality through the link.

10. Original

major original digital banks

Unlike most of the best digital banks on this list, Original is a digital account aimed at people with higher income. He is one of the few to charge a maintenance fee, for example.

On the other hand, you have unlimited withdrawals and free transfers available. The Original also issues debit and credit cards for ATM purchases and withdrawals.

In addition, the digital account also gives you access to an investment and insurance platform, ideal for investors. You can check out more through the official website.

Did you like the main digital banks?

Did you take advantage of our list to get to know some of the main digital banks with our list? So don't forget to leave your comment telling us what you think of these options and if there are others you would like to recommend.

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