Meet the top 20 HBO Go series

HBO Go is easily one of the best apps for watching series and movies today. This is especially true for those who love productions that the premium channel has made over the years. After all, who has never heard of shows like Sex And The City, The Sopranos or even Game of Thrones? Like it or not, HBO Go series are years ahead in terms of quality compared to Netflix series, for example.

The best thing is that there is something for everyone, be it war series, drama series, fantasy series, comedy series or even spy series. So, if you want to know the best HBO Go series, check out our full list below!

1. Veep

HBO Go veep series

To start our list of HBO Go series, we have one of the best comedy series created in recent years. Veep shows the life of the fictional American vice president Selina Meyer, who has an unconventional stance when not in public places.

With each episode she is faced with increasingly complicated situations that do not match what she thought the position of vice president would bring. The series spanned seven seasons and there was not a year that did not have several nominations or awards won in its name.

2. Sex And The City

It is impossible to say that Sex And The City is a series that needs introductions, after all, it is one of the most famous that HBO has ever produced. The success was such that even films were made after the series ended and achieved impressive numbers at the box office.

The series had six seasons, in which she accompanied four friends living their lives in New York. The main focus, as the name of the series indicates, is the love and sexual life of the four, which goes through several phases and complicated situations in each episode.

3. Girls

Our next suggestion is generally considered to be a Sex And The City of the 2010s. Girls also mainly focus on the lives of four friends as they try to find out more about themselves, their relationships and careers.

The biggest difference is that they are much younger than the protagonists of Sex And The City, as they are in their early 20s instead of mid 30s. By itself, this already makes a big difference about the problems and issues faced by them.

The series is very interesting, even though it usually shows a somewhat distorted reality, after all all the girls are very privileged.

4. Show Me a Hero

The Show Me a Hero series is based on a eponymous nonfiction book. Its plot shows how the mayor of the city of Yonkers, in the United States, needs to do everything possible to fight against a decision by the Federal Court to build houses only for white and middle-class residents in a certain neighborhood.

The series is really interesting and worth seeing to get a sense of how these racial issues still worked between the 1980s and 1990s in the USA. It has only six episodes, so you can complete it quickly.

5. Westworld

HBO series tips

One of the most recent HBO series that you may have heard of is Westworld. Perhaps the most common comment about it is that it is an unconventional series and can have a complicated plot to follow if you don't pay attention.

This may be true for many people, but it does not mean that this is not a sensational series. We won't reveal much, as any detail can be considered a spoiler.

Suffice to say that its initial premise is that some people decide to spend their time in a futuristic amusement park type. There, they can live their most illicit fantasies using an artificial conscience and without suffering consequences for what they do.

7. Looking

The Looking series had only two seasons, but it was enough to win over fans and critics. It is considered one of the best series of this century by many publications, so of course it is worth checking out.

His plot follows three gay friends who are at different times in their lives. But even so, they all do their best to try to understand each other better and find the best way forward.

The series was highly praised by the gay community for not using boys' sexuality as the main defining feature of their lives. Instead, the show showed them simply living their lives, as straight men are often portrayed.

8. Big Little Lies

Despite being one of the HBO Go series that recently arrived, you may have heard of Big Little Lies. Whether because she likes to follow new series or because she has heard of the dozens of awards she won or was nominated.

It is also based on a book of the same name and its plot shows the lives of three women who seem to live a perfect life with their children and husbands. Everything changes when a murder takes place in the city and certain secrets about them are revealed.

9. The Outsider

Another good option that we can suggest between the HBO Go series is The Outsider. In this series, a baseball coach from a children's league seems to live a normal and happy life with his daughters.

Only that changes completely when he is accused of killing an 11-year-old boy. The case is only complicated when evidence is found that something supernatural may have occurred in the case.

10. Chernobyl

One of the HBO Go series that you should check out is Chernobyl, which tries to tell you a little bit about the tragic story of the nuclear accident that occurred there in 1986. This is actually a miniseries that only has five episodes, so it is faster to to watch.

However, as the theme itself is very heavy, we guarantee that it is not exactly easy for those who are sensitive to real themes in series. Still, the quality is very high and there is no ignoring it.

11. Succession

Among the HBO Go series that have caught the most attention recently, is Succession. She accompanies the Roy family, who owns a large media conglomerate and sees patriarch Logan Roy deteriorate in health.

With that, their children begin to prepare for a future without their father, and each one already begins to imagine what they will do with the company. You can tell that this series mixes many dramatic themes with a more acidic mood.

12. Barry

Another more acid comedy is Barry, which depicts the life of Barry Berkman, a former Marine who now works as a hit man. Completely dissatisfied with his life, he travels to Los Angeles to fulfill a contract.

Only while there, a series of events leads him to pretend that he is an actor so as not to be discovered by the crime. It's a very funny series and it's worth seeing if you like that kind of humor.

13. Divorce

Not all HBO Go series have been very successful with the public, but that does not mean that they are not worth watching now that they are complete. This is kind of the case with Divorce, a series that mixes drama and comedy and has only had three seasons.

The story shows a couple facing a crisis and deciding to divorce. The problem is this ends up being a very long divorce process, full of low points, which can be very interesting at least for those who watch.

14. Sharp Objects

If you want a very dense series to put on your list, you can trust Sharp Objects to be the right choice. This series follows a journalist named Camille Parker, who returns to the city where she was born to report on the investigations of two murders that took place there.

The problem is that she does it right after spending time in a psychiatric institution and still needs to confront several problems in the city. This includes dealing with the hypochondriac mother, spending time with a half-sister who doesn't know well and the stepfather.

15. Game of Thrones

This is another series that hardly needs any introduction for most people. Based on George R. R. Martin's The Chronicles of Ice and Fire saga, the series lasted no less than 8 seasons and won millions of fans.

The story over these seasons is somewhat complex, but suffice it to say that the premise is about some noble families who want to control the region known as Westeros. Everything else develops around that.

We have to mention that most people were not very happy with the direction of the final episodes, but it is still worth watching.

16. Watchmen

Anyone who is a fan of comics has surely heard or read Watchmen. For those who don't know, the creation of Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons is considered one of the best comics in the world to date.

HQ had already won a film based on its plot a few years ago, but HBO also decided to make a special series. A little different than expected, the series shows the possible events after the end of the HQ.

As it is a mini-series, there are only nine episodes that you can watch quickly.

17. Mildred Pierce

You may have noticed that among the HBO Go series, there are several options with few episodes. This is a wonderful thing to contrast with those series that last much longer than necessary or drag the plot until the quality is at a horrible level.

One of those miniseries that stood out quite a few years ago was Mildred Pierce. In just five episodes, we followed Mildred Pierce trying to raise her daughters in 1931 after separating from her husband.

She accepts a job as a waitress in a restaurant and gradually improves her life. Unfortunately, one of the daughters seems to be ashamed of her mother, another aspect that Mildred tries to circumvent.

18. Six Feet Under

Another wonderful series that you should check out is Six Feet Under, or A Sete Palmos, as it became known here in Brazil. This series follows the Fisher family, who have owned a funeral home for years.

The episodes always show a client and some situation faced by family members. Although it doesn't seem super interesting at first glance, we guarantee that this kind of drama you just want to marathon.

It's only five seasons and the series even features Michael C. Hall before he stars in the famous Dexter.

19. Tell Me You Love Me

This series is extremely simple and has only had a ten-episode season. Even so, it is perfect for those who want something new to watch quickly and without much commitment.

Its premise is also not very complicated. She accompanies three couples who try to improve and understand their intimate life with the help of a therapist.

Unfortunately, even the therapist is in a relationship with problems to be solved.

20. The Sopranos

HBO Go Sopranos series

To close our list, we have one of the best series from HBO Go and the history of television. To this day, The Sopranos is cited as one of the landmarks of American serials, so of course it is worth checking out.

She has six seasons and follows the life of mobster Tony Soprano as he tries to manage his personal life and criminal life. Each episode is surprising in its own way, which makes the whole series leave you wondering what to expect.

Did you like the HBO Go series?

Did you take advantage of this list to learn more about the best HBO Go series currently? So don't forget to leave your comment telling us what you think of our suggestions and which of these series you've watched and loved!

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