Meet the top 5 free website creators

Creating a professional website comes with some costs, but you don't need to invest a lot of money to start making money online. In fact, there is no shortage of free website creators that will help you get started.

Create niche websites or blogs – like music ones! – is one of the best ways to start working from home. Although the gains are not immediate, you can use this free website to train your writing skills and create web pages, something that you can then supplement through online courses to create websites.

As every path has a beginning, see below some of the greatest free website creators and start paving your way to generate extra income on the internet!

1. WordPress

A platform focused on content production, you can currently create all kinds of websites on it. Free, the platform has extensive material to help you create, personalize your website and solve any problems along the way.

Divided into and, the first option is that you will be able to create your website for free. As with other free website creators, you will not be able to place the domain you want. That is, your website will come with the domain.

On the other hand, WordPress is one of the easiest platforms to create a website. Start creating your page on WordPress by accessing the link.

WordPress website management page

2. Blogger

Did you know that in addition to email and cloud storage, you can also create a free website by Google? Blogger is the company's platform to help you create your own content page.

Even though more limited than WordPress, Blogger makes life easier for those who have never had contact with web design. The instructions are easy to understand, in addition to the platform having several ready models. Just personalize them and create the first content and you will have an online blog in a few hours.

Learn more about Blogger by clicking the link.

3. Wix

While Blogger has a proposal more focused on those who want to produce content on the internet, Wix already has a more professional approach. Especially if you want to open an online store.

However, this does not mean that it can only be used to create ecommerces. You can also use the platform to create an online portfolio or even to advertise your service provider.

One of the essential tools for websites that Wix has natively, for example, is the possibility of scheduling online. Wix also makes it possible to see a preview of what the website it created looks like on mobile devices.

Learn more about Wix by visiting its page.

website templates available on wix

4. Webnode

With a very generalist proposal, Webnode is one of the creators of free websites that allows you to create different types of pages on the internet. With it, you can either create a portfolio with the goal of getting new jobs or a virtual store or blog.

That is, regardless of your choice, Webnode is able to assist you for free. With an interface that resembles a game of assembling blocks, just drag images, text blocks and menus across the panel. That is, it is not necessary to be a development wizard or a web designer to set up your website smoothly.

Access the link to learn more about Webnode!

5. Weebly

Focused on ecommerce, Weebly is one of the best solutions for those who want to set up a virtual store to sell their products. Available in Portuguese, it allows free users to create forms to capture contacts, where they can sell directly.

That is, it is also a good solution for those who want to make sales by order or schedule service provision. To start creating your website on Weebly, click on the link right now.

models from weebly, one of the biggest creators of free websites on the market

Have you tried to make a page with these free website creators?

These services are a good way to start creating your presence on the internet. Whether you want to become a content producer or simply attract sales contacts.

Regardless of your purpose, any platform mentioned above will be of great help. Now, if you want a professional solution to create an online store, we suggest Zyro.

With the same proposal to enable the creation of a website without needing knowledge in design or programming, just drag and drop elements from your collection to compose your pages. Zyro's own website templates were created by professional designers, so just find the one that best suits your need.

Want to know more? Then get to know Zyro right now by accessing the link!

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