Mind maps – Learn to organize your goals

Mind maps are one of the best productivity tools for those who have big goals.

Through them, you can fragment this big goal into small goals. That way, you'll know what your next steps in your project are. Be your goal working from home more productively to make money online.

There are plenty of apps to make mind maps that can help you with this task. MindMeister is one of the main tools of its kind and the choice of the AppTuts team.

So check out a step-by-step on how to create mind maps using MindMeister below!

How to choose different mind map models

One of the main advantages of mind maps is that they can be made using different models. So you can customize them in a way that makes the most sense to you.

Mind Meister, for example, has several models that can be used by the corporate areas, education or for your own life project.

Before that, however, you need to create a free MindMeister account.

To do this, click on the link and choose if you want to create an account from your email address or from your social media profile.

After creating your account, you will be able to start creating your first mind map. What you should do?

Click the button Show more, beside Models.

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See which one is right for your goal. Remember that you can check an example of how the model works. To do this, just hover your mouse over a model and click the button To view.

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To start creating your mind maps, click Use Template.

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How to create your first mind map?

Now, you start making your first mind map. When you access the model, MindMeister itself will guide you step by step.

The first thing you should do is give your mind map a title. Make sure the title makes you quickly recognize what the mind map is about.

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Then, you must add your first topic. Creating topics in MindMeister is very easy! Just press the key Tab, name this topic and type Enter to finish adding it.

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You can then click and drag the mouse click to position it where it is best for you.

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After these steps, much of your time will be repeated to include new topics until the map is ready. Next, we'll show you some useful tools to improve your mind maps.

Useful MindMeister Tools

It is not enough to just create topics and drag them from side to side. MindMeister has a number of tools that allow you to include comments, attach files or work as a team. Find out how to use the main ones below.

side bar

The sidebar will be the second most used tool, after creating and manipulating topics. It is through it that you can include icons, comments, external links, attach files, add images or videos and even color the topics on your mind map.

Using it is also very easy, just click on the icons that are arranged.

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Team work

Ideal for use in conjunction with applications for team meetings, you can invite members of your company to collaborate on the mind map.

To do this, just click the button To share and include the email address of the users who want to show the mind map. Alternatively, you can create a custom link to send to whomever you want.

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Tip: it is also possible to share mind maps on social media!

How to export mind maps

MindMeister allows you to download your mind maps in different formats, such as Word, PDF, image or PowerPoint. To do this, just click on the button in the lower right corner of the screen, in the version for internet browsers.

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Then just choose the format you want to export your mind map and click on the button Export…

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Start creating mind maps for free!

Due to its ease in creating mind maps and simple tools to access and share, it is not for nothing that MindMeister is considered a reference in its area.

Best of all, you can start using it for free and, unless you need more than 3 mind maps, you can use it without paying even a penny.

So don't be afraid and click on the link right now to start creating mind maps with MindMeister!

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