Most popular delivery apps: Top 10!

If you want to receive food on your doorstep but don't like talking on the phone, it is highly recommended that you use one of the most popular delivery apps in Brazil.

Below are the best and most functional ones, with links to your home pages so you can get started!

1. iFood

Starting the list is the largest food delivery app in Brazil, iFood. It offers a huge variety of restaurants for you to choose exactly what you want to eat and receive it at your doorstep with low prices.

In addition, it is always offering discounts and certain benefits to customers, in addition to online payment and more. It is present in all the largest cities in the country, in addition to several of the smallest. Follow the link to the official website to see more, where you can also download the app for Android or iPhone.


2. Uber Eats

Another of the most popular delivery apps is Uber Eats, developed by the company responsible for the largest racing platform in Brazil, Uber. It has a large number of restaurants to choose from, as well as frequent discount coupons.

Your order can be tracked in real time at para and can be placed in most cities in our country. Like iFood, it accepts online payments or even PayPal. Check out all about it on the official website in any of the best internet browsers.

3. Rappi

Unlike the previous options, Rappi is a delivery application that delivers not only food but also almost any order. In addition, it allows your couriers to deliver both motorcycle and bicycle.

Among the things you can order are supermarket items, pet stores, pharmacies and you can even ask the delivery man to withdraw money for you. Payments are made in the same way as the previous options. Go to the platform website to check it out!

4. Loggi

With a greater focus on companies, Loggi also serves individuals and is another of the most popular delivery apps you can find. Deliveries are made by courier, with a limit of 20kg per order.

Payment can be made either by cards or by bank slip, which is a great differential. Finally, the platform is one that invests in many of the most common branches of the market, such as e-commerce and restaurants. Go to the official website and see more!

Loggi most popular delivery apps

5. Croup

An app full of features developed in Rio Grande do Sul, Garupa offers, for example, exclusive races for women, children, animals, varied delivery services and much more.

To use is very easy and through it you can receive almost anything in your home, such as shopping at supermarkets or pharmacies and much more. Check out everything about him through the link!

6. Aiqfome

A delivery platform focused on inland cities, Aiqfome is one of the most popular delivery apps in Brazil, and is also the best rated on the Play Store.

Through it, you can order all kinds of foods that you find in the competition, and it is also very easy to use. If you want to find out everything about the platform and start using it for your orders, follow the link!

7. Delivery Much

If you live in the countryside, placing orders using the delivery apps that are most commonly used and most popular may not work very well. For this, Delivery Much operates exclusively in interior cities in Brazil, currently covering more than 250 of them.

Order what you want (of course, as long as there are restaurants of the type out there) and receive it at your door. Get lots of discounts and offers in your city to save while ordering. Click the link to see more!

Delivery Much most popular delivery apps

8. Apptite

An application that only offers food delivery, Apptite has a great advantage when compared to other of the most popular delivery apps: the foods offered are made by talented chefs, resulting in higher prices, but also in a much higher quality.

The standard delivery time is 45 minutes, but it is also possible to schedule an order to be delivered, for example, the next day. It exclusively serves the city of São Paulo, being somewhat restrictive. Go to the official website and see more.

9. 99 Food

Developed by the owners of 99 Pop and 99 Taxi, 99 Food is their application for delivering food of the most varied types, such as lunches, snacks, desserts, dinners and much more.

To receive at your door, just register, choose what you want to eat, choose how you want to pay and then just wait. Click on the link to be redirected to the official website and start using!

10. Lalamove

An application of Chinese origin that is on our list, Lalamove is not very well known here. Even so, it is extremely useful, making the transport of objects much larger than the other alternatives, being almost like a freight app.

It is available in hundreds of cities around the world, making its deliveries using motorcycles, cars and even trucks. It offers express deliveries, but the amounts charged can be somewhat salty. In Brazil, it operates only in the states of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. To see more, just follow the link.

Lalamove most popular delivery apps

What did you think of our selection of the most popular delivery apps?

Did you already know everyone we chose to include here or was it something new for you? And remember to check, too, how to work from home and make extra income, in addition to discovering the best alternatives to iFood!

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