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It's hard to find someone who doesn't like music, so it's not surprising how popular apps for downloading music online are. But it can be difficult to find the best app to download music, since it depends a lot on what you are looking for.

Some of these apps are better for use on your PC, for your smartphone, for having a library in the cloud or even a local collection on your device. To ensure that you find the app to download music that is right for your use, we've selected some of the best ones. You can the best apps to take your music offline right below!

1. ByClick Downloader

Application to download music byclick

To start our list we have ByClick Downloader to suggest. It is a music download application that works slightly differently from other software of this type.

With it, you can extract audio from videos on sites like YouTube, for example. This way, you can download the audio file directly to your computer.

This way, you get your favorite songs and can download them in MP3 at any time. You can check out more by accessing the link.

2. Spotify

Another application to download music that could not be missing from our list is Spotify. This is one of the most popular apps among music streaming services, so we’re sure you’ve at least heard of it.

For those who want to download and have their music offline on it, it is necessary to subscribe to the premium plan. The good thing is that it is not a very expensive plan and can still be tried at a very low price for some time.

To check out more, just access the link!

3. YouTube Music

Another interesting alternative is YouTube Music, which focuses on the songs available on the Google platform. By subscribing to YouTube Premium, you have the chance to check all the content on the site, including the songs, without ads.

With this plan, you can also download songs offline and listen to them whenever you want. It is a very practical service and, in general, offers many songs that we don't normally find on Sportify.

Check out more at the link below.

4. SoundCloud

You couldn't make such a list without mentioning one of the best apps for downloading music. SoundCloud is a very popular app that you may have used at some point.

It is here that many new and famous artists post their music even before other platforms. This is also the platform that some great artists, like Billie Eilish were discovered.

The cool thing is that you can use the site without paying anything and many songs are available for download at no cost as well. You can check out more on the official website.

5. Stage MP3

use the MP3 Stage

For those looking for a good alternative to download free music, the MP3 Stage is our recommendation. This application to download music is aimed at those who love Brazilian works of all styles.

There are over 1 million songs from 100,000 different artists on the platform. Many of them can be heard and downloaded at will, making it the perfect app for anyone who wants music offline on their smartphone.

You can also create playlists with your favorite songs or follow existing playlists. If that is not enough, it is worth mentioning that you can listen to radio stations online with your favoito music genre.

If you liked the app, you can download it from the Play Store or the App Store.

6. Indie Shuffle

Indie Shuffle is another great application option for downloading music. This is even more true for those who are fans of independent artists and bands, as he specializes in this.

Many of these musicians end up making their songs available for download there. This way, it is easy to discover new bands and download the songs you find most interesting.

The cool thing is that there are many different genres of music, so it's a perfect site for everyone to enjoy. If you're curious, you can find out more by checking the site.

7. Jamendo

Another application to download music that we can recommend is Jamendo. It is great for anyone looking to find music online, as it has thousands of different songs in its catalog.

It is worth mentioning that they are not all, but several songs are available for download. Another advantage is that the site can be accessed in different languages, something that not every music site offers.

You can check out more by visiting the official website.

8. Incompetech

Incompetech is another very interesting alternative for music lovers. His proposal is a little different, since he is more suited to people looking for songs for use without copyright.

This makes it the perfect website for those who produce videos and need soundtracks or sound effects. There are songs of all styles and for all situations you need.

This makes it one of the best platform for downloading music online. Check it all out by accessing the link.

9. Bandcamp

Bandcamp is another great site to meet independent artists. In geal, it is the musicians themselves who put their creations there for you to download.

The cool thing is that each artist has a personalized section on the site, which makes the experience more enjoyable. Like the others, you can also receive song suggestions based on your interests.

If you are interested, just check the link to learn more.

10. Your Music

Application to download music options

To end our list, we are going to suggest Sua Música. This is a Brazilian music platform, which you can use to listen or download your favorite songs for free.

As you can imagine, you will find some of the main Brazilian artists there. The best thing is that the platform is super eclectic, so you can come across all the styles you can imagine.

Other than that, you can also create or access other people's playlists. You can still see which songs are being heard and downloaded the most, if you like to stay on top of the latest hits.

If you found it interesting, you can download the app from the Play Store.

Did you find an application to download music?

Did you take advantage of our tips to find a good app to download music? So don't forget to leave your comment telling us what you think of our suggestions.

Enjoy it and check out some of the best TikTok songs!

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