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Claro is one of the largest telecommunications companies in Brazil, with national reach. For this reason, it can be difficult to find the ideal service, especially if you are a user of other services that the operator has purchased over the years. One of them, for example, is the Net phone and internet.

With that in mind, we created this article to show you what the ideal numbers are, according to what you need and where you live. In addition, we will also mention what each call center can do for you.

That way, you won't end up calling the wrong center and wasting minutes of your day – which hurts a lot of people who are working at home, for example – waiting to be answered. Check it out below and never miss again to solve problems on your Net phone!

What is the number to call the NET phone?

There are several numbers to be answered at Claro Net, but not all are used to solve any problem you may have. While some numbers are for talking about your mobile data plan, others are for fixed telephony or Wi-Fi connection, for example.

If you need to speak specifically about your Net phone, the correct number is still the 0800 742 0686, even though Minha NET has changed to Minha Claro Residencial. On this phone, you can make complaints about no signal, billing errors or even to change the status of your phone plan.

If you have a problem with the service and want to leave a complaint about the way it was treated, Net also offers an ombudsman to make this type of record. To suggest improvements or register complaints about Net's service, you can contact 0800 122 2121.

The opening hours of these Net phone numbers are from 08:00 to 21:30, even on Sundays and holidays. Alternatively, you can access Minha Claro Residencial through the link.

In it, you can request the 2nd invoice of your phone and internet bill, change your address in the register and contact technical support, among others.

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How do I talk to the Claro Net phone?

Now, if you are looking to speak on the Net phone to solve a problem with your cell phone, the above numbers will not do. Minha Claro Móvel services take place in other numbers.

To talk about your cell phone bill, point out technical flaws in the signal or complain about errors in your contract, the number indicated is 1052. If you are a user of the old Nextel, recently acquired by Claro, you can ask for assistance with your plan at number 1050.

Alternatively, you can download the Minha Claro Mobile app. Access the service page to download.

What is NET's WhatsApp?

In addition to the NET phone that we mentioned throughout the article, you can also access the corporate WhatsApp service that the operator offers. Unlike phone numbers that can cause confusion, WhatsApp on the Net is the same for any location in Brazil.

In other words, just add “WhatsApp NET” to your phone's calendar app with the number (11) 9 9991 0621. It is worth mentioning that this number is not used for calls, only answering by text message.

How to make long distance and international calls through NET Telephone?

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Although WhatsApp and video call apps break through the barrier of long distance or international phone calls, they are still a resource for those without an internet connection at the moment. Still, the usual use of messaging apps may have made you forget how to make a phone call outside your city.

To make long distance calls from a Net phone, you must start by entering the number 21, which is the carrier code. Then, enter the city code you are calling from and then the phone number.

Example of a call to São Paulo from a Net phone: 21 (operator) 11 (city) 00000 0000 (number)

As for international calls, the number is slightly higher. You will need to start by typing "00", followed by the operator code, the country code (DDI), the region number for that country and then the telephone number of the person you are trying to call.

Example of an international call from Brazil to Los Angeles, in the United States: 00 21 (operator) 1 (country) 213 (region) 0000 000 (phone number)

Were you able to solve your problems in these numbers?

As it is one of the operators with more customers in the country, the service structure of Net telephone is also quite high. The problem is that it usually causes a lot of confusion, which turns into frustration if you don't get the numbers right.

Thus, we hope that in this article you will be able to get service right from the first number you try. In addition, we also think it is important to understand how to make long distance and international calls.

After all, even if apps to meet online like Zoom and its alternatives allow you to talk to anyone in the world without paying any extra, without internet you would be left with no options.

Did you get assistance over the Net phone? What do you think of Claro, NET and Nextel services, now part of the same group? Comment with us!

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