Netflix or Disney + and other streaming services: comparing

With so many offers of apps to watch movies or series, it becomes almost impossible to subscribe to all or even follow all the content released daily on these platforms. If you like to watch series, then you should be in constant doubt about which streaming services to subscribe to. Netflix or Disney +? Or is it better to sign another one and ignore both completely?

With the arrival of Disney streaming in late 2020, we saw that it was necessary to start 2021 with a new complete application, comparing all the biggest services available today. Which one to watch? Netflix or Disney +? Amazon Prime Video or Globoplay? Or the interesting thing is just watching anime on Crunchyroll? Check it out below!

Netflix or Disney +?

Is it difficult to compete with Netflix series? Putting other major franchises to compete with the largest collection of series in the world.

This is the case with the dispute between Disney + and Netflix. While Netflix has a large collection of original series and films, many of them very successful, Disney + is based on the weight of its classic franchises. In addition to the drawings that are part of the childhood of generations, it is worth considering the works within the universe of heroes from Marvel and Star Wars, the most famous science fiction franchise in the world.

In this dispute, the criterion of many is the affinity for franchises. Fans of the aforementioned film franchises and classic cartoons like Mickey Mouse and Disney princesses will certainly be tempted to review them on the job. Those who don't feel so connected to them may prefer Netflix's diverse collection of works.

One difference that can help you decide for Netflix or Disney + is the price. While his subscription costs R $ 27.90 monthly, Netflix's costs a little more, costing R $ 32.90.

disney home screen +

Amazon Prime Video or Disney +?

The Amazon service is one of the most different ones out there. In addition to the collection of series and films – many of them classics like The Office and Clube da Luta – being a subscriber to Amazon Prime means having free shipping on products sold by the ecommerce giant.

In addition, you also have access to Amazon Music, which competes with Spotify, and Twitch Prime, which offers benefits in multiplayer games, allows you to support a Twitch content producer and even gives you access to some offline games for PRAÇA.

The monthly price also turns out to be an advantage: all the benefits mentioned above are available for only R $ 9.90 per month, against R $ 27.90 for Disney +. On the other hand, all the services above have some limitations: the games offered are not of great prominence, Amazon Music is not completely released and Prime Video has few major franchises

This makes the Disney catalog better, especially for those who are already a fan of their franchises.

Globoplay or Disney +?

Competitors and partners at the same time, Globoplay brings in its collection the main soap operas of the broadcaster, as well as renowned series and films abroad. In this sense, it turns out that Globoplay brings one of the largest collections of Brazilian television, while Disney + has some of the most famous franchises around the planet.

For an additional fee, Globoplay also allows you to watch its broadcasters live over the internet, as if it were one of the IPTV options. Something that doesn't exist in the Disney service.

The subscription to Globoplay to watch only the collection costs R $ 21.90 per month, cheaper than Disney +, which costs R $ 27.90. To add live channels, the subscription costs R $ 49.90 per month.

It is worth mentioning again that Globoplay and Disney + have a partnership, which makes the cost cheaper if you choose both services. To have both collections available, the subscription costs R $ 43.90. To add the live channels to this combo, the subscription costs R $ 69.90.

home screen of the globoplay and disney combo +

Crunchyroll or Disney +?

If you like anime, maybe Disney + is the least attractive service for you. When choosing Netflix or Disney +, for example, it is perfectly possible to prefer Netflix because it has its own anime. But if cartoons are your favorite type of content, then Crunchyroll is more suitable streaming.

Featuring some of the most famous animations of all time, the service features all Dragon Ball and Naruto series, as well as the legendary One Piece, whose manga recently reached its 1000th (1000th) chapter. Newer animes are also available on the service, such as Demon Slayer and My Hero Academia.

Disney + has no anime, with the exception of the Marvel Anime series. These series feature some of the heroes and groups like the X-Men, Iron Man and Blade in the style of Japanese animations.

Both Crunchyroll and Disney + are in the same price range, with a slight advantage for the anime service. Your basic subscription costs R $ 25 per month, against R $ 27.90 for the Disney service. However, Disney has an advantage if it opts for the annual plan. When you pay R $ 279.90 to have 12 months of subscription, the average monthly Disney price drops to R $ 23, costing less than the Crunchyroll.

HBO Go or Disney +?

Another major competitor, but outside the Netflix or Disney + axis, is HBO Go. Securing itself in its main franchises such as the Game of Thrones war series and the fantasy series Westworld, it also brings a collection with some of the main films released in the last years. All this combined with some classics that come from the 80's until the 2000's.

For example, we can watch both the films of the Karate Kid franchise – which forces you to have Netflix and HBO Go to watch the entire “Miyagiverso” – as well as the recent Detective Pikachu or Birds of Prey, among others. On the other hand, we found the collection to be very limited in quantity, a problem that exists in both services.

HBO Go also completes some Disney + embezzlement, such as the presence of the movie Spider-Man: Far from Home, which is part of the Marvel cinematic universe. Still, what weighs in the decision is the preference between the franchises of both services.

Regarding the price, HBO Go is one of the most expensive services available in the country. Your monthly subscription costs R $ 34.90, against R $ 27.90 for Disney +. On the other hand, if you are already a subscriber to HBO channels on closed TV, you have access to HBO Go at no cost.

hbo go home screen

Netflix or Disney +? What services most interested you?

Despite being two of the largest streaming services in the world, you have already realized that there are many interesting options that you can also adopt. Which services seemed the best for you?

Comment with us and leave your opinion!

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