Notion's 33 best tips and tricks!

Notion is one of the best programs available for those who want to organize themselves better, both at work and in their everyday lives. If you already know it, it's always a good idea to learn some of the best tips and tricks to get the most out of Notion.

So, if you are interested in this program and want to know more about it and how it works, just check out our article below with a list of some of the best hacks for it. Check out!

1. Dark mode

Dark mode is a feature that a lot of people love and make sure it is present in any app they use. In fact, that's why there's a dark mode on both Android and iPhone!

If you're one of those people, it's good to know that not only can you use a dark mode in Notion, it's very easy. To do this, just go to the menu Settings and Members, click in Appearance and, in the menu that appears, select dark.

You can also use this one of Notion's tips and tricks when using the command Ctrl + Shift + L on the computer or Command + Shift + L if you're using a Mac. It's also worth mentioning that you can't use dark mode in the web version!

dark mode

2. Bookmark another page or person

Another very good and easy thing to do in Notion is to tag (link to) pages or people. To do this, nothing more than typing the at sign is necessary (@) and then select which page you want.

Tagging people is very similar: use the same key and type in the person's name! It is worth mentioning that by doing this, the marked person will receive a notification.

Bookmark another page or person Notion tips and tricks

3. Create formulas

Another of Notion's tips and tricks you can use is to create formulas within tables, just as you probably already do in Google Sheets or Excel.

These formulas will automatically update the table cell contents based on the factors determined in that formula of yours.

4. Search quickly

You can also quickly search for a Notion page, which is very useful for easy access to your other pages. For this, you can either click on the button Quick find in the upper left corner of the screen, or else use Control + P or Command + P, depending on the operating system.

This will open a small menu where you can type what you want to find to find it very quickly!

Quickly search for Notion tips and tricks

5. Change the font

For many, changing the font is a matter of style, to simply find a prettier font. Of course, there's nothing wrong with that, but the program's font is essential for people with dyslexia, for example.

The good thing is that one of Notion's tips and tricks is just that: to change the font, just open the menu in the upper right corner of your screen and change the “Style“!

change the font

6. Create reminders

Those who also have problems with organization understand very well what I'm talking about when I say that creating reminders is almost essential.

To do this through Notion, just type a @ and then select the day and time you want to create the reminder. It will direct you to the specific point where the @!

Create reminders for Notion tips and tricks

7. Icons and Covers

The icons and default cover images found in Notion are extremely simple, which some may find a little tedious and uninteresting. It is possible to get around this by changing these things!

For this, at the top of the page you must click the button Add Icon to change it, or to add cover to add a new cover image to the page.

Notion Icons and Covers Tips and Tricks

8. Create new blocks

If you use this program, you know how to create new blocks by clicking on the icon + next to each of the lines.

However, there is a much more practical way that doesn't require you to take your fingers off the keyboard: type a slash / and select the type of block you want to create!

Create new blocks

9. Create blocks side by side

Another of Notion's tips and tricks is the ability to arrange your blocks side by side. This can be very useful, particularly if you want to make comparisons. The best part is that there is no limit on the number of blocks side by side! To organize like this:

  • Click on the six marbles icon on the left side of each of the blocks;
  • Still clicking, drag your block to the side of the desired block, it can be to any side;
  • Once you see the blue bar between the two blocks, you can release it to create it!

Create blocks side by side Notion tips and tricks

10. Lock pages

If you've created a page and want it to look just like that, there's an easy way to make sure no other members mess with it. Just click on the three-dot menu in the upper right corner of the screen and then click on the option Lock Page.

With this, your page will be locked until you unlock it, if you want.

Lock pages Notion tips and tricks

11. Comment

Commenting on articles and pages is often used. In Notion, you can make comments just as you can in Google Docs, by selecting a specific area to comment.

There are two ways to do this. The first is by clicking on the six marbles icon and then clicking on Comment. The other and clicking on Control + Shift + M or in Command + Shift + M, depending on which operating system you use.

Comment Notion tips and tricks

12. Create a content index

Anyone who uses Notion to create very long pages, with lots of blocks and documentation, will benefit from what is one of the best tips and tricks for Notion: creating what in essence is a menu, or index of contents.

To do this, just type the slash / and then write Table. Now click on Table of Contents and all subtitles will be shown one by one!

Create a content index

13. Add emojis

It's not the easiest thing in the world to add emojis to your Notion pages, but that doesn't mean you can't. There are two main options on how to do this: the first is by typing the colon ":” and then the name of the emoji you want to use.

The second is by clicking on Ctrl + Command + Space or in the Windows Key + Period, depending on the operating system, to open the emoji menu.

Add emojis Notion tips and tricks

14. Create a link to a block

We've already talked about how to link to other pages and to other people, but what may not have been clear is that you can also link to blocks!

To do this, just click on the six marbles icon next to the block and then click Copy Link. Now the link will be copied, and you can paste it where you want to place it!

Link to a Notion tips and tricks block

15. Create a home page

Another of the best tips and tricks for using Notion is to create a homepage, just like internet browsers have. A homepage allows you to access important links found in your Notion, making navigation easier.

While the default homepage is quite good, it's really ideal that you customize it with the features and information that are most important and useful to you.

16. Create a list of goals!

Another thing you can do in Notion is create lists of goals. With them, it becomes much easier to organize yourself better and to understand where you are in each of your individual goals.

Also, it's good to break it down into key areas of your life to get better overall, not just individual things.

17. Create a diary

Journals can be very helpful, helping you to express yourself and get what you're feeling without having to talk to others. This is good for more difficult matters, and also simply for unburdening yourself and getting your thoughts in order.

Notion's diary is very complete, being possible to create several entries, add tags, several properties, lists, and much more. In other words, it works almost like one of the best diary apps.

Create a Notion Tips & Tricks Diary

18. Share pages with others

Another one of Notion's tips and tricks is one that allows you to share your creations with friends, acquaintances, company colleagues… anyway. Share the page link and anyone with it will be able to view it!

Furthermore, it is possible to change the limitations of this link, so that anyone can edit, comment, or duplicate your page, and even allow your page to be found in search engines!

Finally, you can add specific contributors, just like in Google Docs, by adding their Notion account email address.

Share pages with others Notion tips and tricks

19. Export and import tables (spreadsheets)

The tables you use in Notion are nothing more than good old spreadsheets, loved by some and hated by many. This means you can export them as a spreadsheet (CSV) file to use in programs like Google Spreadsheets or Microsoft Excel!

The process for this is quite easy:

  • First, find the table you want to export;
  • Now tap the three dots on top of it;
  • Finally, choose the option Export and choose Markdown and CSV, being able to choose which content will be included.

Export tables (spreadsheets)

Okay, just open it as a spreadsheet!

You can also import a CSV file, a spreadsheet, to use directly in Notion, which is one of Notion's most useful tips and tricks. To import them, just:

  • In the upper-right corner of the screen, click on the three-dot menu;
  • Now click on Import and select the format CSV;
  • Finally, select the desired file on your computer.

Import Notion Tips and Tricks

20. Export an entire page

Have you already learned how to export a Notion table, but did you know that you can also export entire pages? That's right, it's possible to export your page as a PDF, a CSV, or an HTML file!

To do this, simply open the three-dot menu in the upper right corner and then click on Export!

21. Duplicate a block

Very useful, depending on what you want to be able to do, it is also possible to duplicate any block in Notion. To do this, there are two ways: you can click on the six-ball menu beside the block and click on Duplicate, or else use the shortcut Ctrl + D or Command + D when you're on a block!

Duplicate a block Notion tips and tricks

22. Allow indexing in search services

We've already mentioned this one of Notion's tips and tricks, but it's worth reiterating and explaining in an individual topic. A Notion desktop is basically a website that can be accessed anywhere.

To allow your Notion pages to be found by anyone using Google, just click the button. Share, select Show Link Options, and then click on Search Engine Indexing. Okay, your page can appear!

Allow indexing in search services Notion tips and tricks

23. Putting videos on pages

One really cool thing you can do is put social media links and videos on your Notion pages, if you're using it for tutorials, for example. You can also upload a video saved on your device.

It's much easier to just upload a video from the internet. To do this, copy the video URL and paste it in the desired location on the page! Now, if you have a saved video that you want to put, just type the bar / and then type Video. Now click on Upload and finally in Choose a video!

Putting videos on Notion's tips and tricks pages

24. Create collapsible lists

Another one of Notion's best tips and tricks is to create retractable lists. The name is not very intuitive, but they are basically lists that you can hide with a click.

This is particularly useful if you want to transform a very long page into something more concise. To do, there are two ways:

  • enter the bar / and then toggle, and click on Toggle List. You will have created one from scratch and can add individual items to it;
  • Select all the text you want to put as the collapsible list title, right-click, scroll to turn into, and then click Toggle List;
  • Now add the individual items!

Create Retractable Lists Notion Tips and Tricks

25. Bookmark pages

Bookmarking pages can be really useful, especially if you have more than one Notion desktop and want to have quick access to some specific subpages.

To do this:

  • Go to the page you want to bookmark;
  • Click on the button Favorite, in the upper right corner of the screen.

Okay, now this page is on the side menu and you can go to it with just one click!

bookmark pages

26. Notion Web Clipper

A cross-browser extension is another one of Notion's best tips and tricks. With Notion Web Clipper, a free extension, you'll be able to import pages and other internet content to any Notion page you own!

It is very easy to install it, just follow this link to the official website. It's worth mentioning that the smartphone app comes with the Web Clipper by default!

27. View page history

One of the most useful tools found on many text editing platforms (including Google Docs) is the editing history of your texts and pages. Unfortunately this is restricted to Pro users.

If you are one, or intend to subscribe to the Pro plan, know that to access the editing history, just go to the three-dot menu in the upper right corner and then click on page history!

28. Include external documents

Another thing you can do in Notion is to include external documents and resources on your pages. This is quite easy to do: Simply type the slash / and the term embed!

Include external documents Notion tips and tricks

With that, you'll see a long list of things you can put on your pages, including PDFs, Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Maps, and more!

29. Use color for blocks

Many people manage to organize themselves better using color. If you're like that, you can take advantage of this Notion's tips and tricks!

It's very easy to apply different colors: just click either on the six marbles menu next to a block, or right-click on the block, go to the menu Color, and finally choose the color you want to apply to it!

Use color for blocks

30. Using Kanban Boards

Kanban Boards are widely used to get organized in an easier and more efficient way. They are found in Notion and are very easy to use.

To create a new frame, just create a new page through the side menu, in Add a page, and then select the option board. Ready!

Using Kanban Boards Notion tips and tricks

31. Use page templates

Another of Notion's tips and tricks is to use the templates it offers users. They are one of the most powerful and funcoinal tools the app offers.

With them, you'll be able to quickly create default page styles to use whenever you want. You can create templates of all kinds, such as meetings, lists, and more. By clicking on the button Templates, in the menu on letarl, you will see the complete list!

32. Using Notion Across Platforms

One of the best things about Notion, which is also one of the tips and tricks for using it, is how accessible and versatile it is. This means you can use this platform anywhere, be it Windows, Mac, Android iOS, or even in the browser.

That is, your notes, journal, and everything else will be available to you on any device, with the data automatically syncing for access elsewhere.

33. Using Notion for work and personal purposes

The last thing that deserves a place on our list is the fact that you should be using Notion for a lot more than just work. With it, it's quite easy to separate your personal and your professional life.

In addition, it has many tools that can be useful for both categories, making it practical for those who need to organize themselves better.

Did you like Notion's tips and tricks?

Leave a comment with your opinion about the suggestions we've made to improve your use of Notion. Don't forget to check out productivity apps, the best ways to work from home, and team management apps too!

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