Oi Fibra: internet service news for 2021

We have been using UTP cable internet for a long time, but fiber optic internet is becoming more and more common and being distributed by more providers. Oi Fibra, for example, reached 118 municipalities in 2020 with plans of up to 500 Mb / s.

Only that is not where Oi will stop, since there are excellent plans reserved for 2021. If you are curious to know what awaits those interested in Oi Fibra this year, check out all the details below!

Oi Fibra news in 2021

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As we mentioned earlier, Oi Fibra already offers some very interesting plans for its customers. Currently, you can hire a 200 Mb / s plan for R $ 99.99 per month and another 500 Mb / s plan for R $ 149.99 per month.

The values ​​are really impressive when you consider some of your competitors. This is even more true for plans that are not fiber optic and charge more for much lower speeds.

Anyway, Oi Fibra's news for 2021 are even better. The company recently revealed that it is preparing for the launch of 1 Gb / s broadband in Brazil.

They are already testing this plan in Rio de Janeiro, but the goal is to bring it to more places in the country as soon as possible. According to Oi, this news will happen thanks to equipment compatible with Wi-Fi 6 and mesh technology.

It is not yet known exactly what the price of this plan will be, but the company assured that it will keep the cost competitive. Remember that there is no other operator that offers gigabit internet for individuals, so it is difficult to predict the price.

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In addition, Oi also announced the gigabit internet will be achieved with GPON technology. But they will not stop there, as they plan to upgrade the network to the XGSPON standard later this year to achieve even higher speeds.

To get a sense, GPON technology provides internet up to 2.5 Gb / s download and 1 Gb / s upload. In the case of XGSPON technology, it is possible to achieve a download and upload speed of 10 Gb / s.

Considering that only 5% of Oi Fibra users use the 400 Mb / s plan, it is possible to imagine that those interested in higher speeds are not so many yet. Of course, this can change once better plans are offered.

This is even more so if the other operators offer good competition in this regard for those who want to increase the speed of the internet at home.

Oi Fibra Competitors

Since we mentioned the issue of operators competing with Oi Fibra, it is worth talking about what they currently have to offer. This makes it easier to compare and see if Oi's plans are really worthwhile for you:

  • Vivo Fibra: offers 300 Mb / s download plans and 150 Mb / s upload plans for R $ 169.99 per month for individuals; The 1 Gb / s download and 500 Mb / s upload plan costs R $ 999.99 per month, but it is only for legal entities.
  • Claro / NET: offers cable internet with a download speed of 500 Mb / s and 25 Mb / s of upload for R $ 449.99 per month.
  • TIM Live Ultrafibra: offers a 400 Mb / s download and 200 Mb / s upload plan for R $ 127.50 per month.

As you can see, only one operator offers 1 Gb / s internet, but it is reserved for legal entities.

Did you like the new plan?

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