Online books: the 9 best sites to read for free

Reading books is an excellent way to pass the time, especially now during quarantine. Having access to them for free is even better. To help you, we have selected the best sites so that you can read books online without paying anything.

In addition to the options included here, there is Amazon Prime Reading, which many may have without even knowing it, since by subscribing to Amazon Prime Video you get it for free. Through it, you have access to more than 1000 books and magazines, in addition to other advantages!

Keep reading here to discover all our website tips for checking books online and downloading them!

1. Read Books

To start our list, we have what is probably the best known platform in Brazil that offers the possibility to download books online. Through it, you can find a really large number of different books from many origins, being very complete.

Its navigation is very easy, allowing you to not only download the books offered, but also to read them online through any of the internet browsers or on your Android or iPhone smartphone. To see more, just follow the link to the official website!

Read Books books online

2. Librivox

Undoubtedly the best option on our list for those who like audiobooks, Librivox offers them completely free of charge to its users. In fact, they are available in several languages ​​(of course, most are in English, but there are options in Portuguese!

It also offers many children's audiobooks. Something that can be a negative point is that the books are read by volunteers, which ends up resulting in a performance that does not please. Check out the best platform for free audiobooks through the link!

3. Google Books

Another option for you to have access to books online, which you can download completely free of charge, is Google Books. It has a very extensive collection, allowing you to find the most varied authors from almost any country.

To find them and check their availability just do as you would in the traditional Google search: write what you want, open the result and then you will have the answer. If it is not free, you can also read part of the paid book to decide whether to make the purchase or not. Follow the link to see more!

4. Public Domain Portal

This is a virtual library created by the government of Brazil in 2004, edited by the Ministry of Education. Initially, it had a very limited collection, of only 500 works, but currently the number exceeds 200 thousand.

Through it, you will find almost any of the classics of world literature in the most varied languages. It mainly serves as an aggregator of results from other sites. Click on the link and start downloading!

Public Domain Portal books online

5. Gutenberg Project

One of the oldest and largest sources of free books online with more than 100,000 downloadable titles, Project Gutenberg is available in several languages ​​and books offered in many formats.

If you already know what you want to read, you can search the database for the author's name, book title, language or subjects. To find news to read, you can check the top 100 list of what others are currently downloading. Go to the website to see more.

6. ReadPrint

ReadPrint is a repository of books that can be read online for free, featuring all the classics of public law, including fiction, non-fiction, scientific works, plays and poetry, among other categories.

The biggest negative point of this site (for us Brazilians, at least) is that everything that is offered is in English. In addition, it does not offer any way to download the books, only allowing you to read them through the website. Check through the link.

7. Unesp Aberta

Focused exclusively for you to learn, Unesp Aberta is an initiative of the State University of São Paulo that allows you to read books online and download them for free.

However, they are only didactic subjects coming from courses at the university itself, so that you can learn exactly what you want completely using a reliable source. To see more, just follow the link to the home page!

Unesp Aberta online books

8. Open Library

A project that aims to catalog all books, the Open Library has more than 1 million titles on the site, offered in several languages. He even has the option of listening to audiobooks.

The online books it offers are in various formats, but the most common are PDF and ePub. There are many ways to browse the site and to use it you need an account. The biggest downside is that not everything that is there is free, so you have to pay to check out many titles. Follow the link to see more.

9. ManyBooks

Finally, we have ManyBooks, another option that is not completely free. It offers books online, with more than hundreds of titles from the most varied genres, including many that are not classics. In addition, it allows you to browse the free books by language.

It offers options in the most varied formats, including ePub, MOBI, PDF, HTML and many more, besides being able to read from the website's own reader, without downloading anything. Find out everything about the platform by following the link!

Did you like our list of sites to read books online for free?

Leave in the comments if you already knew them or if any were new to you, also saying what your favorite platform is. Also, check out the best digital book readers and the best apps to download and read books!

And remember to check Amazon's subscription service, Amazon Prime which, in addition to offering benefits for your purchases, also offers Amazon Prime Reading, which guarantees access to more than 1000 books and magazines, some audiobooks and many others benefits!

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