Online mind map: where and how to do it?

An excellent tool for those who need to work in groups, or simply need to manage their time better is the online mind map. With it, it is possible to organize very well with ease.

It is a very good tool for those who need to work from home, helping a lot in increasing their productivity.

If you are interested in knowing more about mind maps and want to learn where and how to create them, keep reading our article, where we covered exactly that!

1. What are mind maps?

Before we begin our explanation of where and how to make your mind map online, let's give a brief overview of what they are.

The term mind map is a name given to describe a diagram that was systematized by an English psychologist, Tony Buzan. It has several goals and features, helping you to organize your goals with ease.

They help a lot in memorizing and learning, in managing time, information and knowledge, in their understanding and in solving possible problems, in the production of teaching media, such as books and manuals, among many other uses.

It was specifically structured to facilitate those who want to learn and manage information well, and is currently used a lot to aid decision making.

In theory, it demonstrates content in the same way that our brain stores it, which helps to strengthen synapses.

What are online mind maps

2. Where to make your mind map?

Currently, there are a lot of apps for making mind maps, many of which are excellent. One of the most popular and best available is MindMeister, through which you can create your mind map online in a simple and complete way.


MindMeister is an excellent cloud-based tool for creating mind maps that helps individuals, school teams and even companies to visually capture, evolve and share ideas.

Through this collaborative tool that offers excellent graphical techniques, users can generate new ideas, create and manage projects, take notes, control meetings and perform a large number of other creative tasks online.

A great benefit of using it to create your mind map online is the fact that it has versions for Android smartphones, for iPhones and with a web version that works on all the best computer browsers, regardless of the operating system you use.

It is quite simple to use. The first step is to access the official website through the link, where you will need to register. The options are connecting your Gmail account, your Facebook account or with your email. Choose the one you prefer, as it does not interfere with anything,

Create online mind map account

Now, it is necessary to select what type of use to use the application, among the various options shown. In our case, we select the “Personally and at home”, indicated for use only for you or your family.

You will come across a panel that can seem quite confusing, which is the basis for creating your own online mind map. There's a tutorial at the bottom of the screen, so you don't get lost, but we'll explain it here too.

Click on the text box in the middle of the screen that says “New mind map” to begin. Then press the button Tab to create a topic for your mind map. Type what you want and click on Enter on your keyboard.

If you want to create a topic, press the same button; if they are related, just drag the new topic over the first to unite them.

Create online mind map

Now that you know the basics of creation, go to the home screen by clicking on the arrow in the upper left corner of your screen. There it is possible to create a new mind map, using the various existing models. click in "Show more" to see all the templates on the site.

On the right side, you will find a small menu with several basic, but good options. In it, you can change the font color and size, change the background color, add images, videos and emojis and much more.

When you are finished with your online mind map creation process, click on the download / export icon at the bottom of the screen. There, you can choose the export format, such as PDF, Word, PowerPoint, image file and more.

So, what did you think of our guide on how to create your mind map online?

Leave your opinion about it in the comments, saying if you already knew the tool we covered and if it was useful for you. Also, check out the best productivity apps to help you manage your time even more.

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