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Tudo o que você precisa saber sobre o Steam Deck 0

Everything you need to know about Steam Deck

Anyone who likes games has certainly heard about the Steam Deck. It is a portable console developed by Valve. It's getting the marketing of being the most powerful handheld console. The best part about...

Lossless da Apple Music: Tudo o que precisa saber 0

Apple Music Lossless: Everything You Need to Know

sIf you're someone who likes to listen to music in the highest quality, you've certainly heard about the lossless format. Recently, it has become possible to listen to your favorite Apple Music songs in...

Como compartilhar Tweet nos stories do Instagram? 0

How to share Tweet on Instagram stories?

If you enjoy using both Twitter and Instagram, it's quite possible that you've been in a situation where you want to share a Tweet in Instagram Stories, which until recently wasn't possible natively. In...

Como adicionar um atalho à tela inicial do iPhone 0

Adding a shortcut to the iPhone home screen

Shortcuts always are, always have been, and will always be very useful. They have the functionality to make any task easier for you, no matter what. On iPhone, you'll find an app that lets...

Os 6 melhores navegadores completamente anônimos! 0

Top 6 Completely Anonymous Browsers!

If you're reading this article, it's certainly because you're someone who values ​​your internet security and privacy. We already have other articles on the subject, like. We are now listing the best completely anonymous...

Como usar VPN no iPhone: passo a passo 0

How to use VPN on iPhone: step by step

VPNs have become more and more common and more necessary these days for privacy reasons. After all, they help you “hide” on the internet! In this guide, we will teach you how to use...

Como baixar vídeos do YouTube no iPhone! 0

How to Download YouTube Videos on iPhone!

YouTube uses a fairly large amount of data. In other words, downloading YouTube videos to watch later on your iPhone is a great idea to save your mobile data bundle. And of course YouTube...