Parental control on Spotify: how to do it?

It is normal to worry about what your children are seeing on the internet. That is why parental control apps are widely purchased by those who care about their children's healthy growth. But the problem is not always in what is seen, but also in what is heard. For this reason, it is possible to apply parental control in Spotify.

By applying this control, your Spotify plan will be more limited in relation to the songs. Still, this means that you will limit the contact of the little ones to potentially offensive songs or with bad words. Remembering that it is active even when downloading music online to listen to them offline.

Next, we'll give you some reasons why doing parental control on Spotify is important, in addition to teaching you how to identify songs that may not be interesting for the good growth of the little ones. Of course, throughout the article you will know how to enable the functionality through a complete walkthrough!

Why do parental controls on Spotify?

Content from YouTube videos or apps for watching movies and series certainly has the greatest potential to harm children's mental health if they access content that is inappropriate for their age. On the other hand, this also does not mean that certain songs can have a harmful effect.

After all, isn't it worrying to see children under 10 already singing songs that suggest some kind of obscenity? It is to try to avoid this early contact that a parental control tool on Spotify is important.

Do you prefer the child to have the freedom to choose any song, but want to know what he is consuming? There is a way to know if the children you care for are listening to inappropriate songs. Check out how to know in the following excerpt.

What does explicit mean in Spotify songs?

spotify playlist screen in night mode, with red arrows pointing to a button written explicit

Have you noticed that some songs come with a button written “Explicit”? What does that mean?

There is not much mystery. Explicit in English, the button is an indication that the song has explicit content. Most of the time, this means that there are bad words in the music. That is, an indication of caution when downloading music online through Spotify.

On the other hand, the explicit indication does not always mean that there are only bad words. It can also indicate that in music there is explicit content regarding sex or some type of violence, for example.

If you don't want to apply parental controls on Spotify, but keep an eye on what your kids are consuming on the platform, the explicit button can be a good place to start. This is the best option if your plan does not allow the inclusion of the control.

What plans can I do parental control on Spotify?

Currently, only the service's family plan allows parental control on Spotify. In other types of accounts, users are assumed to be over 18 years of age. Therefore, it would be unnecessary to insert control tools.

Are you a subscriber of the free, premium, duo or university plan, but have a small one who can access your account? You can create personalized playlists and download your music for your child, or keep an eye on what your child is listening to.

Alternatively, you can consider changing your plan for the family and then enabling parental control on Spotify. For that, check out the step by step below.

How to change the plan for the Family?

First, open Spotify on whatever device you use. In the guide below, we made the change from the Windows application, but the steps are similar in both the version for Internet browsers and for mobile phones.

Click the arrow next to your username and choose the option Account. If you have free Spotify, you can also click Upgrade your account.

<img class = "alignnone size-full wp-image-98561″ alt=»spotify's home screen in night mode, with a red arrow pointing to an arrow next to the username. Another red border box highlights the Account and Upgrade options for your account» width=»600″ height=»397″ src=»»/>

Spotify will open a tab in your default browser. Scroll down until you find the option Go Premium. If you already have a premium plan, you can skip to the next step.

spotify website screen with two red arrows pointing to a button written Be Premium

Now, click Change plan.

spotify site plans screen with red arrows pointing to change plan button

In column Family, scroll down and click Begin.

spotify plans screen, with red arrows pointing to the start button in the Family column, where you can do parental control on spotify

Choose whether to do the monthly renewal or to pay for a closed period. Then, choose your payment method.

spotify payment screen

If you are not a subscriber, enter your payment details and click Continue shopping to hire or change the plan.

spotify screen where payment data must be entered. Red border box highlighting the fields where you should put your data

How to do parental control on Spotify?

Now that you already have the family plan, see the step by step below to apply parental control on Spotify. As in the previous steps, we will do the process in the Windows version. You can still perform the same steps in the other versions. The only changes are in the placement of buttons.

It is also worth noting that there are two ways to exercise parental control on Spotify. The first is to block explicit songs completely, which will be hidden.

To do this, open Spotify and click the arrow next to your username again. Choose the option Preferences.

spotify home screen with arrows pointing to the preferences option, where you can do parental control on spotify

Disable the button Explicit content. Thus, all songs with this content will be hidden.

spotify preferences screen, with red arrow pointing where the button is to disable explicit content and do parental control on spotify

Alternatively, you can install the Spotify Kids app on the kids' cell phone. The app comes with explicit content blocked by default, in addition to allowing you to see the history of songs they are listening to. In addition, Spotify Kids also allows you to block specific songs and artists.

Spotify Kids is available on both Android and iPhone.

Were you able to control Spotify content?

Parental control on Spotify is simple and easy to achieve. For the standard platform, the only thing you can do is block the explicit content.

However, Spotify Kids is perfect for little ones, as this type of content is blocked from the moment it opens. In addition, you will be able to follow exactly the songs she is listening to, blocking any content you find inappropriate.

Want an alternative to exercising parental control in apps other than Spotify?

Then we invite you to meet Qustodio!

The application can be installed on the children's computer or cell phone. Once installed, you can configure reports on device usage. That is, you will be able to see what they are installing, which sites they are accessing and even apply filters that block sites that they deem inappropriate.

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