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Parental control on WhatsApp: how to block the app?

Parental control on WhatsApp: how to block the app?

It is always important to keep in mind that the internet is not a very safe space for your children and that steps must be taken to protect them. Many apps have parental control options on WhatsApp and other apps.

It is quite possible that you yourself look for ways to block WhatsApp on your child's phone. After all, this is the most popular messaging app in the world.

Nowadays, there is no parental control in WhatsApp itself, but there are ways to restrict your child's use. In order for you to be able to do this without any problems, we will show you how to block WhatsApp on your child's phone in the app and with the help of other apps. Check out more below!

How to block WhatsApp on your child's phone

As we mentioned, there is no specific parental control option on WhatsApp. What we have is a way to block the app and only get it unlocked with a fingerprint.

Of course, for that, you need a smartphone or tablet with such a sensor. This is not the most efficient way to block WhatsApp on your child's phone, but it is the simplest one today.

To do this, just follow these steps:

Step 1: open WhatsApp on the desired smartphone and click on the three vertical dots on the right side of the screen. Then click on the "Settings" button.

settings for parental control on whatsapp

Step 2: right after, you will see a new screen with more options. Among them, click on “Account” to proceed.

account on whatsapp

Step 3: In the next step, you must click on “Privacy” to continue.

account settings menu on whatsapp

Step 4: on the new screen, you will find the “Fingerprint lock” option at the bottom of the page. This should be disabled by default, so click on the option to move on

fingerprint on Whatsapp

Step 5: This will give you a brief explanation of how fingerprint locking works. If you agree, press the little button to activate the option.

fingerprint privacy option

Step 6: You’ll also be able to choose how long it will take after using the app to get it blocked. There is the option of immediate blocking, after 1 minute and after 30 minutes. Ideal for adjusting the parental control time on WhatsApp.

Choose what you prefer, but keep in mind that you can always change that.

fingerprint lock time on whatsapp parental control

Step 7: soon after, you will have to place your finger on the fingerprint sensor. This is what will confirm which impression will be used to unlock the application.

It is worth mentioning that it is good to have your fingerprints already configured on this smartphone. This will make the whole process easier.

confirm fingerprint on parental control on whatsapp

Step 8: Okay, now you can test it yourself when you leave the app and wait for the lock time you chose in parental control on WhatsApp. Then try to open the app and see if the fingerprint unlock is working normally.

whatsapp blocked

And if you haven't registered your impression yet, you can check out how to do that with our Android tutorial. The process is very simple and can guarantee that extra autonomy when you don't want your children to use certain apps.

Of course, you may prefer a more efficient method that gives you more control. In this case, we recommend the use of third-party apps that specialize in parental control, which is presented below.

Parental Control App Options

qustodio illustration

As we mentioned, you may want other parental control apps to have more control to block WhatsApp on your child's phone. Below are some of the best apps in this category:

  • Qustodio: With this app, you can block WhatsApp, other apps and websites. It can also be customized in several ways and has several interesting and useful features;
  • MSpy: this app is also very complete and allows you to monitor and block the use of various features of your child's smartphone. This includes applications, websites, conversations and even GPS location;
  • Kaspersky Safe Kids: this is another app worth trying out. With it, you determine the times that your children can use certain applications and websites. In addition, there is a tool that lets you see up to the battery level of their cell phone;
  • Screen Time: just like the previous one, this app also lets you set your smartphone usage times. In addition, you can also monitor how and when these apps are used;
  • Boomerang: this last option is also great for monitoring your children's smartphone. You can set schedules and establish which apps and websites can be used. It is worth mentioning that he only has a mobile app these days.

Each software is a little different, so it is worth deciding calmly that it is right for your needs. Since some of them have free trials, we recommend taking a look at this before signing up for any plans!

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