Password authenticator: what is it and the best apps

To increase your security, using some password authenticator can be very useful. It's these apps that make 2-Factor Authentication possible, as they're the ones that send the code to you.

If you want to learn more about what they are and what are the best options available right now, just read on. Check out!

What is a password authenticator?

I'll explain it to you here in a very summarized way. After all, we have an entire article on 2-Factor Authentication!

So, a password authenticator is one of the methods that allow 2-Factor Authentication, sending you a code needed for access on various platforms.

They aim to increase your security drastically, as it will no longer be possible to log into your accounts without this unique code (which expires after a few seconds).

What are the best password authenticator apps?

1. Google Authenticator

The first on the list is one created by the search giant, Google Authenticator. In fact, it is by far one of the best available, being very simple and lightweight. That is, it will work on any smartphone, no matter how old.

However, as mentioned it is really basic, offering uniquely and exclusively tools for 2-factor authentication, no special options, backups, password generation… anyway. Overall, it's worth using. Check it out for Android and iOS.

2. Duo Mobile

Here we have Duo Mobile, created by a particularly business-focused platform. Its password authenticator, however, is one that anyone can use. It supports accounts from a variety of platforms, including even Amazon.

Also, it is very organized, making it easy to identify which code is for which account of yours. It even sends push notifications to make everything even easier. Download through the App Store or Play Store.

Duo Mobile Password Authenticator

3. LastPass Authenticator

Then there's LastPass Authenticator, created by the same company as one of the best apps for managing your passwords. It is a separate app for passwords, but it works very well in conjunction with it.

You can use the same account to manage both, and you can also very easily create a backup of your accounts held by this authenticator and save it to your LastPass vault. Download for Android or iOS.

4. Microsoft Authenticator

Offered by none other than Microsoft, Microsoft Authenticator lets you manage codes for locked accounts with 2-factor Authentication in one place, making it a very good password authenticator at what it does.

It also allows you to easily recover your account and generate secure passwords, but the main downside is that it is impossible to sync secure passwords between Android and iOS. Download it now from the official website!

5. Authy

The last option itself is Authy, one of the most famous password authenticating apps. It asks you to register with your phone number, which makes it unique for you and quite easy to recover bills.

One of its biggest benefits is that it offers encrypted backups in the cloud. In other words, you can recover everything and you can be sure that your accounts are not unprotected! Check it out now!

Authy Password Authenticator

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