Perfect Instagram biography: 8 tips to create your own

If you're on a journey to gain followers on Instagram and post blog ideas on a daily basis, you may be missing something: creating a perfect Instagram bio!

While posting consistently is a golden tip, there are other details you need to pay attention to when working to get more followers on Instagram. Optimizing your bio is one of them.

Organizing the Instagram feed is another. In both cases, your account will show more professionalism, in addition to optimizing it to be found in the platform searches.

That's why we brought you some essential tips so that you have a perfect bio for Instagram.

Check it out below!

1. Understand the structure of an Instagram bio

Before you start, you need to understand how Instagram bios are composed. For this, we will show you the profile of one of the greatest Instagram experts in Brazil and Portugal.

luciano larrossa instagram biography

1 – Profile picture: must be 110 x 110 pixels in size. We will talk about profile pictures later in the article.

2 – Username: it must reflect the subject matter, have your name or that of your company.

3 – description: this is where you will talk about yourself and the subjects that your profile deals with.

4 – Link: as a rule, Instagram allows you to insert only one link in your bio

5 – Highlights: are Stories you choose and are permanently on your profile. Check out this article to learn more!

2. How to create a good username

If you want to have a perfect bio for Instagram, then it is essential that you have an optimized username. What do we mean by that?

That it is not enough to put a random name or nickname, unless it is part of your brand. For this area, we recommend two options.

1 – Your first and last name: if you have a personal brand and use your name, then having your own name and surname is a good idea, as they will search for it on the social network.

2 – The name of your company: The same happens if you choose to open an Insta page for your business. Do not invent. Use your company name so they can find you on Instagram.

3. Fancy your profile description

The description occupies most of his biography. However, it is not possible to write a long text on it. Therefore, you must objectively inform who you are and what your profile is about.

In the same profile we mentioned in the first tip, Luciano Larrossa already makes it clear that he is considered one of the best paid advertising professionals in the market, as well as the author of the book Facebook for Business. In the last part of his bio, he tells where he usually posts his daily tips.

If you're having trouble getting started, this is a good profile template to follow, along with a few Instagram bio phrases we've selected.

But don't close the editing screen yet! Here are some more tips for the description area.

4. Use keywords in the description

One element that cannot be missing from your description is the use of some keywords. Using them increases the likelihood that your profile will be found in searches on the platform.

See, for example, the profile of another specialist in Instagram and online work.

ana tex

Did you see how she uses the terms "work at home online", "work online" and "quarantine"? In doing so, it increases the chances of appearing in searches for related topics.

Appearing to more people, the more likely they are to get followers. And the further along on the journey to a perfect Instagram bio you will be.

5. Complete the profile information completely

One important thing for the Instagram algorithm to favor your profile in searches is to have the information completely filled out. Email, phone, address of your business, it is interesting to fill in all this information, even if you choose not to display it publicly.

6. Use a professional photo or your brand's logo

Another point to consider is the profile photo. No photos on the beach – unless that is the subject of your profile – the intention here is to give you a professional image and, more importantly, related to the subject you are addressing.

If you are opening an Instagram for your company, the choice is even simpler: use your company logo as a profile photo.

marketex instagram biography

7. Get the blue Instagram seal

Do you already have some experience and a good amount of followers on Insta? So maybe it's time to ask for the long-dreamed Instagram blue seal and successfully achieve the perfect biography status for Instagram.

The process is simple and easy, although it takes a few days to receive a response. Just access your profile settings, select the option Account and click on Select Verification.

Instagram will ask for your full name, the name you are known by – if you are recognized by a pseudonym on the networks -, the category of your Instagram account and a photo of your identity card to prove that you are yourself.

Getting the blue seal will give you higher priority with the algorithm, as it is attested that your account is legitimate and authoritative in the matter. In addition, the blue seal will certainly bring more opportunities to make money on Instagram through partnerships with companies and other influencers.

8. Put more than one link in your Instagram bio!

Remember that we mentioned that it is possible to put only an external link in your Instagram bio? Although it is true, there are services that allow you to create a mini site with more links.

Anyone who has an online business knows how difficult it is to choose just one link among several that will bring good results for your company. This problem is resolved when using

The tool will allow you to create this mini site, where you can place more links and even a form to capture contacts who wish to subscribe to your email list.

In addition, the platform records all actions taken on it. That is, you will be able to see how many hits she had and even how many times each link was clicked. All this for FREE!

Therefore, we strongly recommend that you use to include more than one link in your Instagram bio. Want to know how to do this?

Just click on the link and register now!

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