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Photos in drawings: check out 20 amazing apps

Photos in drawings: check out 20 amazing apps

There are many photo editing apps and apps for drawing on Android or even drawing apps on the iPad. But for those who want to mix a little of these two elements, there are apps to transform photos into drawings. They work as filters, but they leave your photos extremely similar to certain styles of drawings and paintings.

If you are curious to know which apps make this transformation from photos to drawings, you can check out our guide below! And if you're interested in the subject, check out our tips from the best sites to learn how to draw.

1. Watercolor Effect

photo app tips in drawings

To start our list of apps that turn photos into drawings, we have the suggestion of Watercolor Effect. It is very simple to use and focuses on leaving your photos with an effect of different types of painting, such as watercolor or even oil paint

It has more than 30 different filters for quick editing, but it also allows you to paint over your images. This way, you can create a much more personalized effect, which is perfect for those who like to work with these more artistic aspects.

Although it is a paid one, you can try it for free initially. It is available for Android and iPhone.

2. Clip2Comic

Our next suggestion is Clip2Comic, which is a great app for turning photos into drawings. It is also very easy to use, especially since its interface is so simple and has all the options with quick access.

You can turn the photos into a few different options and styles of drawing. Its main focus is a very funny style, almost making the photo look like comic book panels.

The app is free, but there are some in-app purchases if you want more options. You can check out all of this and more by downloading the app from the following link.

3. PicsArt

Another good tip is PicsArt, which is a photo editing application best known by Android users. It is widely used for normal photo editing, but it has excellent filters to make your photos look like drawings.

The cool thing is that there is a great variety in the styles of drawings. It is possible to make the photo look like a real painting, but there is also the option of the image looking like a pencil drawing, for example.

Fortunately, the application itself is free and of great quality. To find out more, check out the link!

4. ToonMe

ToonMe is already another app more focused on making photos look more like drawing instead of having more editing options. It can make your images look very realistic, since it uses an artificial intelligence system for this.

So you don't just have a simple filter that may not look so good in most photos. Another advantage is that you can choose from several styles and even do some kind of customization.

The app can only be downloaded on the iPhone currently, so check out more at the link.

5. Dreamscope

photos in dreamscape drawings

Dreamscope was created with the intention of leaving your photos with an artistic touch. It has many filters to make the images look like real paintings, which you can check in the many examples on their website.

You can choose from several styles, with some being attributed to famous painters. So, if you have a painter that you admire a lot, you can choose him to leave your photo with that unique aspect.

It only takes a little longer for the images to be ready, but the wait is well worth it. Check out more when accessing the official website.

6. SuperPhoto

Another really cool app that you can try is SuperPhoto. It is not as well known as some of our other recommendations, but it does have many effects and quality filters.

In its free version alone, the app has more than 200 effects that you can use at will. Those who opt for paid version will have access to no less than 1,500 effects.

Pretty interesting, isn't it ?! The best thing is that among these effects, there are several that focus only on making your photos into drawings. Whether in an oil painting style or a pencil drawing.

If you found it interesting, check out more by accessing the link.

7. Photo Lab

The Photo Lab is a little more diverse than the others, as it has effects and resources beyond the artistic theme that we are addressing in this list. Still, it has an entire section dedicated only to the effects of drawing and painting.

You can download it totally free on your Android, but you end up gaining many more options in the paid version. As you can imagine, it is more suitable for those who want to make other types of edits to their photos than just adding artistic effects. Check out more about Photo Lab at this link.

8. Cartoon Photo

Cartoon Photo already says everything about your proposal under your name. It serves exactly to leave your photos as if they were drawings and does it with very beautiful and diverse filters.

The cool thing is that the result is very realistic and you can still make some customizations. You can choose from many styles, so it's only up to you to see what suits each photo.

Another advantage is that the app can be downloaded for free. So, if you liked it, just go to the Google Play Store link.

9. Photo Effects Pro

Photo Effects Pro is another cool suggestion for you to check out. It is recommended not only for those who want to transform photos into drawings, but also for those who want a complete app.

With it, you make the edits you want in your images, regardless of whether it is something more artistic or not. It is known for offering excellent filters and varied effects.

The good thing is that it can be used totally free on your Android device. To learn more, download the app at the following link.

10. PopCam

apps for photos in drawings

PopCam is our next suggestion among apps to turn your photos into something more artistic. It has many different filters and effects to give this design a look in your images.

As this is your main focus, don't expect to find super advanced editing features. It is worth saying that despite being a free app, it has some shopping options in its internal store.

If you found the concept cool, check out more of the app by accessing the link.

11. Pencil Sketch

Pencil Sketch is another application that makes your focus very clear on the name. It was created specifically to make your photos look like a pencil drawing, so you won't find any painting effects here.

But the cool thing is that he has many styles of pencil drawings. It can be a sketch, a black and white drawing, a colorful art, etc.

This alone brings a lot of variety and can make your photos very interesting. Like so many others, the app is also free and can be checked by accessing the link.

12. Fotor

Fotor is a well-known and widely used image editing application used by Android users. It has a lot of interesting tools and resources, so it is highly recommended if you want something really complete.

Other than that, it is clear that it also filters and effects to transform your photos into drawings. Since it is free, you can also download and use it at will!

You can learn more by checking the link.

13. Snapseed

Another excellent recommendation that you should try is Snapseed. This is another super popular app for anyone who wants something to edit their photos completely, in addition to having the drawing filters.

It is the official Google app, can be used for free and is always receiving updates with news. If you don't know it yet, now is the time to download it on your smartphone!

To download the app, just access the following link.

14. Camera360

Camera360 is a very interesting app that can also help you with your edits. It has many interesting tools, even when you are not in the mood to make your photos look so different.

Of course, when you want something artistic, you can use it with the design filters. The best thing is that the app is free and is always with news appearing.

If you want to know the app, access the link.

15 Pixlr

I couldn't make a list with photo apps without mentioning Pixlr. It is considered almost a lighter version of Photoshop, which you can use on your smartphone, tablet or internet browser.

It has many advanced editing tools, but it also has simpler options for turning photos into drawings. Regardless of where you use it, it is available completely free.

To learn more about Pixlr, check out the link.

17. Cymera

Another recommendation we can give you is Cymera, which you may have heard of as well. This application is very complete and has excellent options for you to make your photo edits at ease.

Of course, among the available filters and effects, there are some to make images look like drawings. Although this is not the focus of the app, the options it offers are very good.

If you were curious about Cymera, visit the link.

18. Painnt

Painnt is another application that we think you should try. It brings no less than 2,000 different filters to transform your photos into drawings and several other styles you can imagine.

Of these thousands of filters, 90 of them are dedicated only to pencil drawing styles. So you can only imagine how many different things you can do with your photos in Painnt.

The can be downloaded and used for free, but there is a premium version as well. Check out the app on Android and iPhone!

19. PhotoMania

PhotoMania can be another option for those who want to make photos into drawings. With it, you can use different filters to make images look like paintings or in different styles of drawings and sketches.

Other than that, the app allows you to put frames or even create virtual cards to send to friends. The cool thing is that the app also has editing tools, which is great for those who want something more complete.

The app is free and can be downloaded on Android and iPhone.

20. Waterlogue

use the waterlogue app

For those who like watercolor paintings, Waterlogue is one of our best recommendations. He can easily make his photos into drawings with this effect and some other painting effects, of course.

The cool thing is that the effects and filters manage to give a very realistic style to the drops. Other than that, there are some editing tools in case you want to make the images even more personalized.

Unfortunately, the app is paid for and is only available on the App Store. Still, if you want to check out more about it, visit the link!

Did you like to turn photos into drawings?

Did you take advantage of our list to find good apps for turning photos into drawings? So don't forget to leave your comment telling us what you think of the tips and which app most caught your attention!

If you liked the subject, check out our tips from the best sites and apps to draw!

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