Podcasts on mobile: how to find and listen to the best

It's been a long time since podcasts could only be heard on iPods. Considering that today the device has become a rarity, now you can listen to podcasts on your cell phone easily.

If you were not used to using them, but you were interested in a specific program, know that it is very easy to find good programs. Not to mention that most podcast apps also make their own recommendations.

That is, even if you run out of episodes to listen to, you will never run out of new shows. So here's how to find podcasts on your phone and see some of the best options!

How to find podcasts on mobile?

Most music streaming apps already have a section dedicated to podcasts. In addition, there are also several aggregators specialized only in this type of content.

Still, so you don't end up getting lost in the sea of ​​options that are app stores like the Google Play Store and the App Store, check below the best app options to find podcasts on your phone.

1. Spotify

Perhaps the most popular among apps for listening to music, Spotify has also been the new home for podcasts. This means that the most popular podcasts have appeared in the service catalog.

Even though it is remembered as a paid service, it is worth mentioning that you can listen to music online and podcasts for free. The only limitation is any advertisements that may appear while listening.

Download Spotify on your Android or iPhone and be sure to also check out our comparison between it and Apple Music.

man holding cell phone with spotify screen loading

2. Deezer

One of the main alternatives to Spotify, Deezer also has a special section for podcasts. There, you can search for specific programs, in addition to receiving recommendations according to what you hear in the app.

Separated by categories, you can search for programs according to the topic you want to hear at the moment. Whether you are interested in cooperative games or international politics, there is no shortage of options. It is worth mentioning that most of the most famous podcasts are also present on Deezer.

Download the app on your Android or iPhone to start listening to podcasts on your mobile via Deezer!

3 – Apple Podcasts

One of the greatest conveniences of using Spotify or Deezer to listen to podcasts on your cell phone is to also have your music collection available, without having to change your app. But if you have an iPhone or an iPad available, you don't need to download anything, as your device will come with Apple Podcasts.

This specialized aggregator will allow you to search for podcasts as soon as you finish configuring your device. Also with separation by categories and an extensive collection of programs, it is easy to get lost among so many options.

Apple Podcasts also allows you to download episodes to listen offline, a very interesting option for those who need to go on an air trip and will be without internet service.

This application is already installed on current iPhones and iPads. If you purchased a used or older iPhone, you can download it by accessing the link.

apple podcasts home screen on mobile

4. Google Podcasts

Like its rival, Google also has its own podcast aggregator for Android. In it, you can listen to podcasts on your phone and tablet.

Google Podcasts has a recommendation system that will show you programs based on what you've heard. In addition, it also allows you to download episodes to listen to when you’re disconnected.

Other features include the ability to automatically skip silent portions, as well as increase playback speed. Ideal for more boring episodes, or when you need to finish an episode quickly.

Click the link to download Google Podcasts on your Android.

5. Castbox

One of the free applications most used by podcast fans, Castbox stands out for bringing some non-standard features. For example, it has a Zen mode, which helps you sleep better, reducing stress and anxiety.

This does not mean that it is a meditation app, as it also has features that are standard for those who listen to podcasts on their cell phones. That is, you will be able to search for programs according to the categories, receive nominations and download episodes to listen offline.

In addition, it has support for Chromecast and several smart speakers, which allows you to listen to the podcast with the sound of your television or devices like Amazon Alexa. Castbox is available on Android and iPhone.

castbox download screen

How about starting your own podcast?

Can't find a podcast on a topic you would really like to hear? What do you think of creating your own? Because it is a format that is growing in audience numbers today, having a podcast available on platforms like this can be a business idea, even allowing you to work from home.

It is worth considering that most aggregators, including those mentioned in this article, allow you to send your podcast for free. Like the idea?

Then check out this guide teaching you how to create podcasts on Spotify!

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