Pregnant Apps: 10 Apps to Track Your Pregnancy

Pregnancy can be a wonderful time in the life of someone and those close to you. Each person lives this phase in their own way, but it is agreed that the 9 months inspire care and constant accompaniment. Pregnant apps abound to help you stay informed.

Each has its own purpose and features, serving to track your pregnancy and inform the development of the baby. If you're a blogger, you can't stop using app info as Instagram post ideas.

Is your expectation soaring and barely seeing the time for your little one to arrive? Then download some of these pregnant apps for Android or iPhone!

1. Ovia Pregnancy Tracker

One of the best pregnant apps for those who need to add some customizations. This means that you can include how many weeks of pregnancy have passed. One of the functions of the app shows how your baby should be during this period.

Plus, Ovia Pregnancy Tracker provides personalized tips to keep you and your baby healthy throughout the process. It shows a countdown timer and a child birth forecast.

pregnant applications ovia

Its only setback is not being available in Portuguese, so you need to learn a little English to make the most of it. Still, it is one of the most complete pregnant apps available for mobile phones.

Download Ovia Pregnancy Tracker on your Android or iPhone.

2. Flo

In addition to tracking your pregnancy, Flo also helps you keep track of your fertile time. It serves as a calendar app, predicting the date of your next period.

As a pregnant app, it also features a pregnancy countdown timer and shows information about the developing baby according to the number of weeks. It also features daily articles with helpful information for pregnant women.

Flo is available for download from the Google Play and App Store.

3. Pregnancy +

Another cool app to keep track of your baby's weekly development, Pregnancy + lets you see images of what your unborn baby might look like, but more so than the other options. It also features a countdown timer.

Pregnancy + also sends you a weekly report on your pregnancy development. It also lets you create a wish list for your baby, allowing you to share the items you need on social networks.

Even the app has a contraction counter. It displays the standard interval between contractions you should feel, allowing you to detect if there are any differences.

track your pregnancy development with pregnancy plus

Learn more about Pregnancy + by downloading it to your Android or iPhone.

4. My Pregnancy by Changing Diapers

One of the few applications for pregnant women in Portuguese, My Pregnancy Changing Diapers also reports on the development of your pregnancy week by week. The app customizes the experience when you enter your doctor's expected date of birth.

It also features a name finder for those who are still unsure of how to call their baby by simply copying and pasting the best suggestions into their favorite note-taking app. Remember that the application also features articles created by the content team of the blog Changing Diapers.

Click the link to download it on your Android!

5. My Pregnancy by BabyCenter

Despite the same name, each app works differently. While the Changing Diaper app is Android-only, BabyCenter's app is available to users on both systems, whether it's iPhone, iPad or Google's iOS.

The app is one of the highest rated app stores. Among its features, we can highlight the possibility of including your birth forecast and receive tips according to your gestation week. Like the previous app, it also features a contraction counter.

In addition to pregnancy, BabyCenter My Pregnancy continues to provide you with care tips you should take in the first weeks after your child is born.

Download My Baby Center Pregnancy from Google Play or the App Store!

pregnant apps my pregnancy

6. Pregnancy – Sprout

Following the standards of the Brazilian Federation of Gynecology and Obstetrics, Pregnancy Sprout brings several tools to have information during pregnancy. So you can't be left off our list of pregnant apps.

In addition to the same counters as we saw in previous apps, this program also features a weight counter and kicks. These counters can be updated as your little one gives his or her first signs of getting close.

You can also keep track of doctor visits and use them to jot down questions you want to ask at your next appointment. Learn more about Pregnancy Sprout by downloading it on your Android or iPhone.

7. Pregnancy Tracker

This counter is one of the highest rated by iPhone users. Also serving to track pregnancy progress, Pregnancy Tracker also features an exclusive community where you can find out about it.

It also lets you keep track of symptoms you are feeling and whether they are normal or not. Pregnancy Tracker also submits unique articles to let you know more about your pregnancy. On the other hand, the articles are in English.

Get the link to download Pregnancy Tracker on iPhone and iPad!

8. WeMoms

If you already have any of the pregnant apps and don't need an accountant but other mom's tips, tricks and information, WeMoms may be the right app for you. An online community, it has pregnant women and mothers who have gone through the first weeks of life.

connect with other mothers in this app

The goal is to exchange experiences and make the process easier. It uses your phone's GPS to put you in touch with other mothers in your area, allowing you to bond and join forces for your baby.

You can use WeMoms on your Android or iPhone.

9. Music for Pregnancy

Unlike the other pregnant apps shown so far, the purpose of Music for Pregnancy is not to be an accountant of your pregnancy, but to use classical music to help your child develop in the womb.

That's why he brings a list selected for this purpose, as if it were an app for listening to music, but special for your little one to come. Some of the benefits of music in pregnancy are the reduction of stress and anxiety, smoothing the agitated mind and stimulating the functioning of the baby's brain.

Click the link and download Music for Pregnancy on Android.

10. Pregnancy Exercises

Closing the list of pregnant applications, we have a specialized in indicating physical exercises for pregnant women. Pregnancy Exercises is based on the fact that exercise during pregnancy helps in weight loss gained during pregnancy and in the body's own recovery.

It features a series of exercises that you can do at different levels of pregnancy. Still, it is recommended that you consult an expert to determine which of these activities you can do.

Download Pregnancy Exercises by accessing the link.

Which of these pregnant apps interested you?

The applications shown throughout the article serve any stage of pregnancy and help you control how your child is doing. Try some of them and pick your favorite for this special moment of your life!

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