Professions to work at home: the 44 best!

Something that has become popular because of the quarantine is the Home Office, something that many experts hope to become the norm. We have selected here some of the best professions to work from home using this type of work.

Read on to find out what they are all, and you can choose the most appropriate for your situation!

1. Affiliate

The first of the ways to work from home to make money is one that you have probably heard the name: Affiliate programs. Simply put, affiliates are people who refer third-party products and receive commissions for every sale that is made by your referral.

To do this, all you have to do is choose which products you want to promote, have a platform on which you can do this and join a program of this type. Then just share your exclusive link that serves to identify who referred customers.


2. Travel agent

One that has always been among the best professions to work from home is Travel Agent. It may be in decline at the moment due to the quarantine, but there are still a lot of people scheduling their vacation trips in a few months, when it is expected that everything will be open again.

A travel agent works by giving information about them, about itineraries and tourist excursions and any questions that may arise. It markets these services and then makes reservations, issues documentation and does the entire related process.

3. Room rental

Something that has existed for centuries is the rental of houses, which have now evolved into renting rooms, which occurred due to the exponential increase in housing costs.

This is a way of making extra income that has a big and quite preconditioning prerequisite: having a house or an apartment with a spare room. If you have, to rent just post on ad platforms such as OLX or Facebook Marketplace or even advertise on Airbnb.

4. Craftsman

If you are good at crafts, a good way to supplement your income is to work as a craftsman, selling your products online. For this to work, however, it is important that you have specific skills.

This profession encompasses everyone who produces any type of product manually or with tools, such as sculptures, necklaces, bracelets, gloves, ceramics or vases, among many others. It is worth remembering that there are three categories of craftsman:

  • THE artist, which produces innovative pieces based on its creativity;
  • THE Craftsman, which produces parts in series manually or with basic tools;
  • THE semi-industrial, which uses molds to produce identical parts.

5. Astrologer

A pseudoscience that has become very popular today, astrology studies the celestial bodies and the relationships they have with people's lives and everything that happens on Earth. It is something that has existed for a long time, taking the most varied forms to each culture, without a single origin.

So, among the professions to work at home, we have the Astrologer, someone who uses information about the positioning of planets, constellations and celestial bodies to supposedly be able to predict the future and draw a profile of people's personality, known as Astrology chart.

Astrologer professions to work from home

6. Blogger

A Brazilian term that comes from the English term Blogger, blogger serves to name people who publish on blogs. There are several different types of blogs, such as personal writing blogs, travel blogs and professional blogs.

That is, it is not necessary that you are a professional connected to writing to be a blogger. As long as you create a blog and post information about a subject (or several subjects) on a regular basis, you can be considered a blogger.

It is possible to earn a lot of money in this way by using, for example, the affiliate programs mentioned above. You may also want to sell products or use advertisements, among many other ways.

7. Hairdresser

One of the professions that is on the rise at the moment, making it possible to work at home, is hairdressing. This professional works with human hair and beard and can make many different changes to them. The most common are cutting and coloring.

To become a hairdresser it is very important that you take a specific course, offered by professionals in the field or some salons. In addition, one thing that many who already work with this does not know is that different hairs need to be cut differently, with curly hair being the most difficult. That is, if you want to continue in this field, you have to study hard to be good.

8. Singer

In a very simplified way, the singer is a person who produces music using his voice, adapting it according to melody and rhythm. There are many different ways to sing professionally, for example being able to pursue a solo career, join a band that tours and much more.

However, as the idea is not to leave home, it is highly recommended that YouTube, SoundCloud or Bandcamp be used, since on these platforms you can publish everything you produce for free, earn money and not even have to leave your comfort and the security of your home!

9. Ad clicker

It may seem a little strange to click on ads to be one of the professions to work from home, but it is really a viable way to supplement your income. Of course, it is very unlikely that you will be able to make this your main income, but you can earn a little like that.

There are many different websites that provide this for its users, such as Neobux, ScarletClicks and Swagbucks, in addition to several applications for smartphones. However, in general, apps tend to be heavy, making their use on older and slower smartphones unfeasible.

10. Coach

A term that was associated with this profession for the first time in 1830, the coach is a person who works as an instructor or coach helping apprentice students to achieve certain personal goals through specific training and comprehensive guidance.

Initially, it was used for teachers teaching students the subjects necessary for them to pass a test, for example, but now it is being used in a more informal way, like “life coaches” or similar things.

It's really a very profitable way of working, especially considering that you don't even have to leave the house, and you can easily teach and help others through video calls.

Coach professions to work from home

11. Consultant

Another of the best professions to work from home is that of consultant. This professional is someone who has a great domain and deep knowledge in specific subjects, using his knowledge to help other people or companies.

There are many different types of consultants on the market these days, especially since the search for these professionals keeps increasing. In order for you to become a consultant you need to be a true expert on any topic.

The consultancy serves mainly to diagnose problems, define solutions and improvements, establish goals and create ways and paths so that the results can be achieved.

12. Accountant

In order for you to work as an accountant it is essential that you are extremely good with mathematics, administration and that you are able to deal with the financial and economic area, whether of an individual or a company.

The accountant is the one who organizes and executes any accounting service, including the bookkeeping deeds, the balance sheet surveys, the auditing of the accounts and much more.

Therefore, if you are not a graduate in Accounting Sciences it is very unlikely that you will get a vacancy in the area. But, if you don't and still want to, know that you need to be good at statistics, finance, IT, law and need to be organized and accurate. That is, it is not for anyone!

13. Dressmaker

A profession that is quite undervalued in our country is sewing. The tailor is the one who deals with the most varied types of seams and fabrics, whether making repairs on clothes, weaving them from scratch and anything between these ends.

In general, he uses sewing machines for this, making his job easier, but there are still those who prefer to do everything by hand. It can be a very difficult profession to exercise, requiring a lot of physical effort and a lot of precision.

14. Creator of online courses

Another of the professions that, in order to exercise, requires that you have deep knowledge in some area is the creator of online courses, one of the ones that more easily allows you to work at home.

To create online courses you need, in addition to knowledge, to have a camera at least reasonable (easy thing, considering that smartphones have better and better cameras), to have a good microphone and an excellent lesson plan.

In addition, you need to choose the platform on which you want to create your content. Examples of the best and most common to use are Udemy, Beved and Hotmart Club, some of the best apps to learn!

15. Graphic designer

A profession that requires a lot of creativity and willingness, the graphic designer is the one who works with the aesthetic creations related to the textual and image elements that make up a banner, a website, a poster, an advertisement or any other communication media that a company may come to. to use.

There are many different applications in which a graphic designer can act, including the branding of a company, the design of packaging, the design of web pages, the typography used or the design of games, among many other alternatives for those who are not interested in these . In general, he works as a freelancer.

Graphic designer professions to work from home

16. Designer

In a very simplified way, the designer is the graphic artist who specializes in providing graphic representations to accompany certain written texts, in order to make them better explained, more evident or simply more attractive, and can also simplify complicated concepts.

This is a profession that requires no prior knowledge or degrees, however much training it takes to be able to design well enough to be able to sell and make extra income steadily.

17. Game developer

One area that can be really complicated to enter is the game developer. It is a very wide area, however much in general when you hear the term people's minds go to programming, just.

Know, then, that a game developer does include the programming part of the games, but it is necessary that you know very well how to create stories to tell them in the narrative, in addition to all the artistic and graphic elements involved in a game.

In general, no one is responsible for all areas of the game's development, requiring teams of some people, who can be anywhere in the world, since by default development does not require you to leave home.

18. Software developer

Among the professions to work at home we also have that of software developer, who is the person who writes the codes for computer programs.

To be a software developer it is necessary that you have knowledge in some programming language, knowing how to use it well. It is also possible to be reasonable in several languages, being a more general programmer who achieves simpler solutions for almost any program.

19. Web developer

Somewhat similar to the software developer, the web developer is the person responsible for developing a website for the Internet or for an Intranet (a private network).

There is more than one way to be a web developer. For example, who creates a simple, static page that has only text is a developer, as well as who creates web apps, e-business and even social networking services.

Web developers, unlike software developers, use HTML, CSS, PHP and JavaScript to create pages, which are languages ​​focused exclusively on this.

20. Dropshipper

Two word junction, drop, which means to drop, and shipper, which means to send, the dropshipper is the one who works basically as a “virtual showcase”.

In other words, you would have a sales website where you would advertise all the products of some other brand or company. From there, customers can purchase using your website, which would redirect the order to the originating company, which would then be responsible for the delivery and inventory of the products.

Ultimately, you are only responsible for the stability, usability and support of your website. The rest is up to the original seller!


21. Image editor

Another of the professions that allow to work at home that is increasingly devalued is that of photo editor. This devaluation comes from the fact that apps for editions are more and more popular, making people feel less and less need to seek a professional in the field.

However, a professional editor will be able to do much more than an amateur with a free editing app, as he will not only have access to much better and more complete tools, but will also know how to use them more efficiently to achieve a result more attractive and harmonious.

22. Video editor

Similar to the previous one, it is somewhat less sought after by more than not at the same level, since the apps for editing videos are not as complete, good, efficient or fast as those for photos, requiring much better smartphones or computers.

The professional video editor is someone who needs to understand narrative, build stories, be creative and have extensive knowledge about the various structures of videos so that he can always capture the attention and get the best results for his clients, whether they are people physical or even TV stations!

23. Creative writer

Here we have a very interesting area: the creative writer. He is the person who uses words and the most varied techniques and styles to be able to communicate the desired ideas.

The creative writer produces literatures of many types, such as short stories, poetry and poems, novels, plays, stories and comics and much more, managing to attract audiences by their use not only of words, but also of narrative and creation of the world.

It is a difficult profession to enter, with a salary that may not be very attractive at first. However, it is very worthwhile if you want to exercise your creativity and enjoy writing!

24. Photographer

Anyone who likes to take photos as a hobby can already be considered a photographer. Of course, a professional photographer is the one who has the most in-depth knowledge about the composition of your photos, achieving spectacular results.

However, even as an amateur, it is possible to get a good extra income when using platforms like Foap to sell the photos you are taking during the quarantine, either of your pets, your yard or the ones you took when you had to leave.

25. Social media manager

One that is among the newest professions that allows you to work at home is that of social media manager, which was really driven by the rapid growth in the number of social network users.

The social media manager is someone responsible for analyzing and producing ideas, campaigns and even information for these platforms for customers.

In other words, you need to understand social media to be able to extract from them everything you have to offer and achieve the objectives requested by those who hired you, whether companies or individuals.

Social media manager professions to work from home

26. Makeup artist

Makeup artists are people responsible for applying beauty products to people for the most varied situations, such as artistic events, festive occasions such as weddings or even more common parties.

The most common goal is to make the person more attractive, but your client may want many other things, such as Halloween make-up, makeup to play tricks and much more.

He is also responsible for characterizing characters in films, soap operas, plays and series, being an essential profession on the sets.

27. Musician

We have already talked about the singing profession, which can be considered a sub-area of ​​musician. However, here we are referring to other types of music creators, as instrumentalists or those who create digital music.

It takes a lot of musical knowledge to be able to have good creations that have scope, since what else is out there are unpleasant songs.

The career can be propelled in many ways, but the most common nowadays is through social networks, such as YouTube or Facebook.

28. Personal stylist

Personal stylists are people who practice one of the lesser-known professions of those who leave work from home. This professional is responsible for helping clients take care of their appearance by helping them find the clothes, colors and shapes that best fit their bodies.

In short, he works as an image or personal fashion consultant. You can also help customers redo their wardrobes, using their favorite styles as a base, with the aim that the styles fit them even better.

29. Personal trainer

Another one that requires a degree, the personal trainer is a person who needs to be trained in Physical Education. It works by helping clients to exercise, creating specific routines for each one.

The professional has all the technical knowledge and the human body necessary to help, in the right measure, everyone who calls them with the desired goals, whether it be getting more muscular or losing weight.

30. Painter

Usually painters are used to talk about who works painting houses or walls but here we are talking about the artist who uses paints and canvas to create works of art that can be sold.

It takes a lot of creativity to be able to achieve success as a painter, as well as a lot of emotional expression and daring, even more so today.

The most classic painting also requires a lot of technique in order to achieve truly majestic results, even though at the present time art can be done with less technique and more creativity, achieving the same success.

Painter professions to work at home

31. Food production

Here, we are talking about cooking at home to sell. But don't just think about more common meals, such as cooked dishes, snacks or pizzas, since an area that tends to be particularly profitable is desserts: brownies, cupcakes, brigadeiros … in short.

The best part is that you only need an oven and a shape to start producing and selling your food – which can even be sold on iFood.

You need to have some technical knowledge of how to produce the best foods, but with a little training and investment of time, it is perfectly possible.

32. Beverage production

Similar to the previous one, the production of artisanal drinks is another one of the professions to work at home that can be profitable, but that requires much more investments and more time, since it is typically necessary to leave things fermenting.

Still, when producing artisanal drinks it is possible to sell them for a very attractive amount of money, even more with how much they have been sought lately!

33. Private teacher

When you think of a teacher it is natural that you think of someone who went to college. It is good to know that it is not necessary to have any degree to work as a private teacher (however much it helps to find vacancies).

You just need to have a lot of knowledge, have a good didactic and be very willing to teach (and learn) that it is easy to make extra income for your day to day.

In general, people tend to look more for teachers for entrance exams, for ENEM and for competitions, but it is certainly possible to teach about any area.

34. Programmer

The programmer is a person who has extensive knowledge of various programming languages, being particularly effective in them and managing to create new programs and solutions for the most varied needs. In addition, it is also one of the most valued and sought after areas of the market!

It is particularly recommended for those who are good with logical reasoning, being perfectly possible to learn everything you need to work without having to do any graduation or college, besides being one of the best areas to work on the internet!

35. Copywriter

Professional copywriters are people who work in one of the professions to work from home that are most in search, being responsible for producing texts and advertising materials, as well as texts for blogs and much more.

The writer creates texts and titles for the most varied media, such as magazines, newspapers, TV, blogs and even YouTube channels, basically making the work of others easier. It is recommended that you have a degree in journalism or in letters, but it is perfectly possible to achieve a good position without any degree.

Copywriter professions to work at home

36. Product dealer

Similar to the dropshipper, a product reseller is someone who has a website to sell products. However, unlike the other model, the dealer is a person who will be fully responsible for all steps of the sales process.

That is, you are the one who will handle the stock, the deliveries, the money and everything. The positive side is that you will not depend on anyone else to do your job, possibly being more profitable. In order to start, however, a relatively high investment is needed to have the stock ready.

37. Proofreader

A profession that has become increasingly underestimated, the proofreader is the one who will proofread the written texts, whether in official publications, in books, short stories, poetry and much more.

It works by correcting not only grammatical and spelling errors, but also improving the text in general, improving textual cohesion, editing and inserting new words and more, in order to make the text better for the reader.

38. Game streamer

Game streamer is one of the newest professions, being almost exclusive for those who want to work from home. They are people who play live games, making comments, either to help their viewers improve or simply to entertain them.

You need to be a really captivating person to be able to attract new followers, in addition to having a relatively fixed streaming routine, a reliable internet, a good computer that supports the games you want to play and a good camera.

39. Tarologist

The tarologist is the professional who studied the meanings of the classic Tarot cards. He will then "put" the cards and then read what they mean to his customers.

It will give more comprehensive predictions and a therapeutic approach, explaining the paths, changes and events in the lives of the people you are reading.

40. User interface tester

Another new area, which is on the rise, is the user interface tester. It is a person who will try out websites and applications before they are launched and then tell the creators what they think of them, earning for it.

The most recommended platform for anyone who wants to work with this is TryMyUI, a site that pays $ 10 per test, where many new creators post their sites and ask for their opinions.

Professions user interface tester to work from home

41. TikToker

TikToker is what digital influencers who use TikTok are called. They are already a profession in the social networking market, and may be one of the highest paid areas on our list.

Being a TikToker is being popular, making paid posts to achieve even more reach. Then, post videos of your own to earn money from their advertising, as well as encourage purchases using affiliate programs.

42. Trader

Another profession for those who want to work from home is that of a trader. They are people who work investing in the financial market with short-term investments, taking advantage of market volatility, having high financial gains when buying and selling shares.

It is quite profitable, but also risky, since due to the volatility already mentioned when making the wrong investments it is possible to lose a lot of money. One of the biggest positive points is the ease of entering the profession, as there are simple apps that you can start investing in today!

43. Translator

Professional translators are people who speak two or more languages ​​fluently, working when converting written texts from one language to another, or mediating communication between people who do not speak the same language.

You can be a translator in many ways, such as translating subtitles for Netflix, translating books for publishers, translating pages for various companies, and more. It is a profession that often requires a degree in Letters in order to get places.

44. YouTuber

Finally, we have YouTuber, the influencer that uses YouTube, the biggest video platform today, to make your brand. YouTuber is someone who posts their videos to try to get more views.

You earn money, too, for affiliate programs, in addition to the advertisements that YouTube puts on your video. However, when viewers use ad blockers, YouTube does not pay anything.

Furthermore, it is a platform that is facing a lot of controversy, since many of the smaller channels are being banned for no reason, or losing their monetization.


So, what did you think of our selection of professions to work from home?

Leave in the comments if you already knew them all or if we help you to supplement your income. Also, check out how to choose the right digital bank for you and see our complete guide on how to make extra income online!

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