Quarantine: 13 sites to make your home your workplace

Nowadays, everyone needs to make extra income in some way, since even those who have not lost their jobs are spending more. For this, we have selected the best sites to make your home your workplace!

Read on and find out now how to work on the internet and earn money to support yourself.

Work as a freelancer

One of the best, most effective and best known ways to work from home with a lot of extra income is through freelance work.

The freelancer, also known as freela, is a professional who works autonomously, performing services for individuals or companies. It is highly favored for tax reasons and is very beneficial for companies, which makes it relatively easy and reliable to make money like that.

They are professionals who work without a formal contract, without any employment relationship, which brings several advantages and disadvantages at the same time.

For example, given the lack of ties, it is possible to work for as many employers as you want and be able to meet. Of course, not having ties can carry the greatest risk of losing your job at any time (but, if you do a good job, you are almost certain to have stability).

Work as a freelancer


  • Schedule flexibility: Those looking for jobs in this way have the great benefit of being able to choose when they want to work, choosing days off and working at dawn;
  • Possibility of wages bigger: Freelancers have a good chance of earning more than professionals in more traditional jobs, since it is possible to accept several projects simultaneously and earn a lot;
  • Lack of stability: One of the biggest problems of working as a freelancer is the fact that it is more difficult to achieve stability. That is, your income will not be the same every month;
  • Lack of benefits: Precisely due to the lack of a formal contract, you will not have, for example, a 13th, FGTS, paid time off and things like that.

There are several websites to make your home your workplace in the case of freelancers. We will list the main ones below, so that you know them and can make an educated choice of which to use.

1. Fiverr

The first of these is Fiverr, which came up with a very simple idea: to promote simple works that could be done by anyone. The minimum wage for work was (and still is) 5 dollars, hence the name.

Nowadays, it is possible to find much more complicated and specialized tasks in it, being able to earn a lot more money (it has hundreds of dollars offers for a project.

It is a place more focused on artists, being able to find dubbing services, image editing, drawings and music creation with ease. Check out all about this of the apps to earn money on the official website, through the link.

2. Workana

Another excellent option is Workana, an excellent platform for professionals in all areas, such as programming, writing, advertising, marketing, design and more.

Precisely because it has so many job alternatives, it is considered one of the best, being widely used. However, to be able to use all that it has to offer you must sign a plan. Go to the official website to see more.

3. UpWork

Another foreign site, widely used by freelas here, UpWork also has offers of all kinds, whether secretarial services, legal services consultancy or whatever.

As in the previous one, it is necessary to sign a plan in order to be able to send as many proposals as you want per month, having a limited number in the free plan. Follow the link to start working as a freelancer at UpWork.

UpWork sites to make your home your workplace

4. Freelancer.com

The biggest site to make your home your workplace for freelancers is Freelancer.com, being really well known by employers all over the world who are looking for quality professionals.

It is easy to create a really complete profile, has an excellent search section, guarantees payment and is free for you to start working whenever you want. See everything about him on the official website.

5. 99Freelas

99Freelas is the only Brazilian platform on our list, and is also well known, elegant and good. In it, you find many offers, but there is also a lot of competition. It is possible, for example, to work with writing, translation, dubbing, typing, programming, photography or website design.

To start using, just create a profile to check out offers. However, it is not completely free. Click on the link to find out more information.

Create an online course

Another excellent way to earn money in this quarantine is to use online course platforms to create your own courses.

For you to succeed in this, it is essential that you have a lot of experience and knowledge in a specific area, in addition to being willing to communicate with your students (course buyers).

The process of creating a course is something that is much more difficult than it may seem, requiring much more than being an expert in any subject. You have to have a good teaching skills, knowing how to structure the classes, record video-lessons, prepare PDFs and exercises and much more.

Create an online course

Below are listed the best sites to make your home your workplace that can be used to create online courses

6. Beved

The first thing we recommend to earn money from courses in quarantine is Beved, a website that allows you to create courses on a wide range of subjects with almost no restrictions, deciding how much you want to receive for them.

It is a platform that is available to help teachers in the process of creating excellent content, being really popular in our country. To start using it, just go to the official website.

7. Udemy

Possibly the best known in the field of online courses, Udemy has a really large collection, with areas that include programming, languages, video or photo editing, writing and more.

To teach through it, it is necessary to record video lessons and create PDFs, which guarantees the quality of the courses. In addition, it offers promotions for students, in order to be one of the ones that sells their courses the most. Follow the link to see more.

8. Hotmart Club

Another excellent online course platform is the Hotmart Club, created by one of the largest affiliation services in the world (the way that blogs generate money), being one of the best options to earn money from applications.

It works in a really similar way to the previous ones, but as a great positive point, it doesn't charge anything to publish your courses, charging only a fee on the sale. Go to the website and check out everything about them.

9. Udacity

Udacity is one of the sites to make your home your workplace to take online courses that have more focus on more technical communities, with less artistic courses.

Its courses are very well structured, which can complicate somewhat for you to create yours, but it is an excellent source of income, since students must subscribe to access the courses, being quite stable. See more on the official website.

10. Skillshare

The last of the platforms for online courses that we most recommend is Skillshare, which works as a community market for sharing skills and knowledge.

There, instructors and students can easily choose course options. All materials are made available on video in a subscription plan (but it is also possible for students to purchase them). Follow the link to see more.

Skillshare sites to make your home your workplace

Create a blog or sales site

The last of our website recommendations for making your home your workplace involves creating a personal or professional blog or a sales website.

Both things are really excellent, allowing you to earn a lot of money in a stable way, being particularly good during the coronavirus quarantine, where many people are without fixed income.

And, even better, it is possible to create your own website for free on several platforms that do not require any technical knowledge, being extremely easy even for beginners. These platforms also offer paid plans (quite inexpensive) that greatly improve your website.

To help you decide if you want to create a blog or a sales website, we have made a list of the many benefits they can bring you. The first is related to why create a blog:

  • Having a blog gives you visibility: Creating a blog is something that will greatly help your reach and visibility online, serving to spread your brand (and your products). It also makes it much easier to create a connection with the public, which will increase your sales or at least the number of loyal readers;
  • Having a blog gives you credibility: In addition to visibility, blogs guarantee credibility to the brand and the author, since those who read their content only do so because they believe they are an expert on the subject. This will also help spread the brand, as readers will share your articles with friends;
  • Having a blog helps in your trade: If you have a virtual store or you want to start one, or if you just have a physical store and want to communicate with your audience, a blog will help to expose your content and products, which will make more people have interest in buying;
  • Having a blog can help you personally: Anyone who has communication problems can benefit greatly from creating and maintaining a blog. Blogs are a form of written media, which stimulates language skills and makes everything about written communication better;
  • Having a blog can help other people: If you are altruistic, having a blog is an excellent idea, since through it you can help random people on the internet, either by solving simple problems or helping them psychologically.

Create a blog or sales site

Some of the items above are valid, too, for anyone looking to create sales websites to make their home their workplace. However, sales sites have other benefits, such as:

  • Increase your sales: By creating your own website to sell, you will be able to sell a lot more, since many people don't like to go out and buy (and they can't because of the quarantine!);
  • Increase brand exposure: Having a website for your neighborhood store will make it visible, at least, for your entire city, if not for the country, which will make many more people know you.

There are several modalities for sales sites, and you need to choose which one you want to sell by choosing one from the list:

  • Sale of own products: The way everyone thinks about selling things online is by selling their own products, which you have manufactured. It turns out to be the most complicated way, since you are responsible for all the steps;
  • Sale of imported products: Do you know those buying sites in China, like the AliExpress or Wish? Through them, you can import a lot of products at a low price and then resell them, making a good profit margin;
  • Sell ​​by Dropshipping: The last of the ways is dropshipping, where you are only responsible for the storefront. In short, you advertise products from other sellers, and when buyers send you the money, you pass on a parcel to the supplier to send. It is the easiest way.

11. WordPress

The first of the ways for those who want to create sales sites to make their home their workplace is using WordPress, which allows you to create very high quality sites. Through it, you need to have certain technical knowledge of programming and design, which can be an impediment.

It offers many plugins and themes for you to create a perfect website, without complications. However, you have to buy your own domain and subscribe to a hosting service. See more through the link.

12. Nuvemshop

To create sales sites, Nuvemshop is one of the most recommended and most used in Brazil. It is specialized for entrepreneurs of all types, being really complete for those who want to sell on their e-commerce.

It has many options for expansion and scaling business in a simple and complete way. It has many really useful tools that will make life easier for anyone. Check it out right now through the link.

13. Zyro

Finally, we have Zyro, without a doubt the best and most recommended site to create a site. It does not require you to have any notion of programming or design, or technical knowledge.

Through it, you can create what you want, how you want, paying almost nothing. It has 24h support for all its users, so you can always resolve any doubts. Check out all the benefits it offers you through the link.

Zyro sites to make your home your workplace

So, did you like our list of sites to make your home your workplace?

Leave in the comments if you already knew or used them, talking about your preferred way. Also comment on other tips for readers and don't forget to check out how to choose the best digital bank for you, the complete guide on how to make extra income online and ideas for making money at home during quarantine!

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