Quarantine: check out some tips to do with your pet

If you have a pet, you may not know what to do now that you need to spend so much time at home. Learn here some of the best tips on what to do with your pet in quarantine.

Keep reading, see all of them and implement them in your life to improve your social life!

1. Change how you feed them

The first tip of things to do with your pets during quarantine is to change the way you feed them. The most normal is to serve two or three times a day in a specific dish. However, it does nothing to keep them entertained.

So, what you can do is spread hidden snacks around your home, like in folds of fabric and places they find but have to look for. In addition, you may also want to create toys to feed them. For example, a pet bottle with a little hole for the feed to drop sometimes, an egg carton or things like that.

Change how you feed them tips to do with your pet

2. Keep playing with the pets

Extremely essential for your friend's mental health, another of the tips to do with your pet is to play with them a lot, which will also end up doing you good. After all, if you adopted him it is because you like him, right?

If it is a dog, you can use the traditional tactic of throwing balls at them to look for, something that almost everyone really likes. This also serves to stimulate the persecution instinct.

In the case of cats, buying (or making at home) a wand for cats, the kind that has a plush on the end, is really ideal. With them, you stimulate and exercise your cat in a very healthy and natural way for them.

3. Brush the pet's fur

Often neglected, brushing your pet's hair is something that is very important for both dogs and cats, especially if they are very furry.

This serves a number of main (and important) reasons: first, it prevents your home from becoming streaked with dander; second, it is possible to caress them, since almost everyone likes them; third, when brushing you can pay attention to their skin, to make sure you have no injuries or anything like that.

4. Walk the dog, if necessary

We know that you are in quarantine because of the coronavirus, but if your dog is the type that can not stand to always stay at home it is necessary to follow these tips to do with your pet and walk with him.

However, several precautions are necessary in these times:

  • Pay attention to your asepsis and that of your pet before returning home;
  • Have shorter and less frequent tours, preferring times when there are fewer people on the street;
  • Only have one tutor on the tour;
  • Avoid any contact with other people or animals.

Walk the dog, if necessary tips to do with your pet

5. Teach new commands to your puppy

Another one exclusively for dogs, teaching him new commands can be a good way to get distracted and spend time in a very productive way. Teach him how to sit, lie down, pretend to be dead, get off somewhere or even give a paw.

This is something that should be done for all dogs, quarantine or not, but now it is even more possible to dedicate yourself to it. As each animal has different and unique motivations for you, telling exactly how you will be able to do this is quite difficult.

However, since they tend to like snacks, start by trying to offer them. Remember who not all are the same, so vary brands and flavors!

6. Preserve the corner of the nap

If you have a cat, one of the tips of what to do with your pet in quarantine is to keep his nap spot intact. They usually have one or two places where they like to sleep the most, which represents most of what they do.

So don't mess around and avoid even bothering him, be it petting, holding him or waking him up for any reason. Always teach that there will be food and water there.

7. Take to the vet

The time that tutors are managing to spend with their pets has increased a lot with the quarantine of the coronavirus, which ends up resulting in being able to pay much more attention to them, in their behaviors and problems that they may have.

For example, you may notice a persistent itch somewhere, problems with urination (quite common in male cats), that they are licking too much or too lazy.

If you notice anything strange about them, take them to the veterinarian to make sure there is nothing wrong with them (or to get treatments). One thing that many do not know exists is health insurance for pets, very useful for those who have to have frequent visits and need to save money.

Take veterinarian tips to do with your pet

8. Respect your pet's limits

Finally, it is really necessary that you respect the limits of your animal, regardless of its species. Typically, dogs always want affection and attention. But, if that is not the case, respect that and give him your space.

Now, with cats the situation can be different, since most of them are not so close to constant attention, needing their space and a place to stay without you being able to reach it.

Let them sleep when they want or need to, without waking them up just for their pleasure.

Did you like the tips to do with your pet in quarantine?

Leave in the comments if you already knew them all or if we help you to improve your relationship with your pet. Also, check out tips for not dying of boredom and ideas for making money at home during quarantine, in addition to keeping an eye on fake news about coronavirus.

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