Quarantine: how to maintain the routine without leaving home

The most difficult part of being quarantined is certainly the change in the routine of many professionals. Unless you work on essential services and continue to work normally, it is certain that your routine has turned upside down after the implementation of social isolation policies to prevent coronavirus. The question remains: how to maintain the routine without leaving the house?

If you are an active and outgoing person, you are certainly suffering more than the others for not being able to leave. Especially if your routine revolved around the times when your usual appointments took place.

Losing them is especially dangerous not only for your productivity, but for your well being. Here at AppTuts, we have already created a guide to keep your routine with small children at home. If this is not your case, then this article will be more interesting for you.

Follow us below and see how to maintain the routine without leaving home during quarantine!

Set times for your activities

The first thing you lose when you are forced to stay home is the sense of time and commitment. With closed offices, open gyms, face-to-face classes postponed or who have migrated to team meeting apps, it's easy to get lost.

Therefore, you should take the initiative and establish your own schedules to carry out activities such as exercising, studying, working at home and, of course, having fun!

This way, you will have reasons to get out of bed at healthy times, in addition to not letting activities mix.

When this happens, it is easy to lose track of what is being done and to feel that you are totally out of control over your life. You can adapt your old schedule to perform the same activities you were used to in your routine prior to the coronavirus.

To do this, you can use calendar apps and schedule your tasks on it, setting alerts for when the activity is close to starting. This is the best way to learn how to maintain a routine.

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Work on new ideas

Have you always dreamed of having a source of extra income or working on a new idea, but the massacre routine of before didn't allow you?

If this quarantine has given you extra time, maybe it's time to try something new!

If you already have these ideas stored in a note-taking app, for example, you can choose one of them to start learning or doing. Abuse the online courses that were made available for free after the Covid-19 pandemic to learn the skills you need to work on these new ideas, whether to make money or not.

Avoid staying connected to the news all the time

One way to feel out of control and end up ruining your routine – even with established schedules – is to stay connected at all times in the news about the coronavirus.

While it is important to be informed, it is also necessary to take care of your own mental health. Our recommendation is that you set a limited time to get informed and then turn your attention to your other activities.

Be sure to communicate

In addition to interfering with your sense of control and routine, social detachment also causes greater loneliness, especially if you already live alone. Without the gym and the traditional bar with friends, you may end up developing depressive symptoms or even have more difficulty communicating.

Therefore, one of the tasks that you should put on your agenda is to take the time to meet online with friends and family. This way, you will learn how they are dealing with the quarantine and also diminish the feeling of isolation. It will also be easier to learn how to maintain the routine.

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Reserve a space in the house to work

If you were working outside and now the home office has become a reality, you will need an exclusive space for work. The organization will depend a lot on the space you have available.

If you have a room available, reserve it for your work activities, such as your office room. If this is not possible, place your office in the most isolated corner of the house, where you will be less susceptible to distractions.

Gold tip: avoid placing your office next to the bed or you will have to work with the constant temptation to take a nap!

Take time to disconnect from everything

Even if you're not looking, news about the coronavirus can reach you through fake news distributed by WhatsApp or posts from news portals on social networks.

Therefore, it is important to reserve a time of day to disconnect from all your devices with internet access. You can use this time to exercise, learn something new by hand, or to cook an unusual dish. Staying disconnected also helps you have more control over how to maintain the routine.

For that last example, you might as well write down instructions from these cooking apps on a pad or notebook. With physical notes, you can disconnect without problems, as the information will be available on a sheet of paper.

Promote your well-being!

Throughout the article, we talked about how important it is to establish schedules, in order to feel a little bit of control and normality in whatever is possible. More important than that is to promote your well-being.

That is, if something you're doing makes you feel good, you don't have to stop doing it just because your schedule is saying it's time to dedicate yourself to another activity.

This means that, in addition to survival itself, it is interesting that you prioritize your well-being during this time of social isolation.

To take care of this and learn how to maintain the routine, continue with us here at AppTuts and see the best activities to promote your well-being during quarantine!

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