Quarantine: how to watch live shows on social networks

While the quarantine caused by Coronavirus continues, there is nothing better than looking for ways to distract yourself at home. A good option for those who like music is to watch live shows on social networks. Of course, you are depending on some interesting show happening and being broadcast that way, something that has been happening more often after quarantine.

To help you know how you can watch live shows on social networks when they appear, we made the tutorial that you can see below. See all the details below!

How to watch live shows on social networks

Currently, there are a few different platforms where you can watch live shows. The biggest tip is to always keep an eye on ads from your favorite bands, as there is no way to guess when and on which social network they will make their shows available.

To help you know where you can find live streaming options on each platform, we've separated the following tips:


On Facebook, we have the option of Facebook Watch. Many people are starting to use the social network service to carry out their live broadcasts of the most diverse types.

This includes streaming games, people talking to their followers, but also live performances. It is really one of the easiest ways to watch live shows on social networks, since Facebook is still one of the most used platforms today.

watch live shows on social networks facebook

To use the feature, you must open your Facebook page and click on “Watch” on the left side of the screen. Then, you can click on “Live” to see everything that is being broadcast now.

watch live shows on social networks facebook watch

You will see a very large list of everything that is available in this tab. Of course, you can't find shows in luck, so stay tuned for warnings on social media when a show you like might happen.


On Instagram, you have two options: Instagram Live and IGTV. Both features can be used to stream live content and can be checked on the page you follow through an icon next to the stories.

The biggest difference is that Instagram Live videos disappear after 24 hours, as in any other story, while IGTV content stays there forever.

watch live shows on social media instagram

The biggest tip is to keep an eye on who's live when checking the Stories icons. Other than that, it’s good to follow your favorite artists to make sure you know when they’re doing a presentation.

It really is one of the best ways to watch live shows on social media.


On YouTube, just subscribe to your favorite artists and bands' channel. When someone is live, you’ll receive the notification on your smartphone and be able to watch it even after the broadcast is over.

A tip to know if a channel is live is to see if the symbol in the image below appears next to the name.

youtube live

This means that they are currently broadcasting, so just click on the channel and check it out. The cool thing is that in addition to watching and making comments live, you can still donate money to whoever is doing the broadcast. If you think about being an artist on the platform, this is a good way to make money online.

This turns out to be a good idea especially if watching a live show by a lesser known artist.


Finally, we have an option that literally serves only for live streams. Twitch is a platform exclusively for streaming, so of course it is one of the best options for watching live shows.

In the past, the platform was mostly used for games, but with the quarantine, they have encouraged the streaming of different activities. Of course, the best thing in this case is also to keep an eye on the artists that most interest you.

Only then can you guarantee that you will know if they do a live show broadcast on Twitch. If you follow the person’s channel, you’ll also receive notifications on your phone when they’re live.

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