Quarantine: how to work at home with productivity

Whoever is starting to work at home, may be a little lost on how to do this and be successful in their professional life, while reconciling it with the personal. To help you, we've selected the best tips on how to work at home with productivity!

To see them, keep reading our article, where we will give suggestions of what to do to do well in your profession working remotely.

1. Always work at the same time

The first of the essential tips for staying productive while working remotely during quarantine is that you maintain a work schedule, even if it is different from when you worked in your office.

One of the biggest advantages of working from home is the fact that you make your own hours, but that does not mean that it is good to work without routine. This is because you may end up falling into one of the two major problems below:

  • Work too much, with no time left for anything else, so that you neglect yourself and your family or;
  • Work very little, leaving everything to the last minute.

So, plan your day. Decide when to start work, when to pause, and when to end your workday. To make this task easier, you can use some of the best tools for time management!

Always work at the same time as working at home with productivity

2. Have a good working environment

Another key idea for you to know how to work at home with productivity is to prepare a good environment for you to work. For example, if possible, it is recommended that you take a space from your home specifically for this purpose. It is worth remembering that it is a good idea to avoid having this workspace in your room.

In addition, keeping your desk very well organized will help you focus and continue to earn money consistently.

The room you are going to work in should be, well lit, well ventilated and give you privacy, so that no one gets in the way when you need to focus most.

Remember, if you are able to make an investment in this, it is highly recommended. For example, buying a better desk, a comfortable keyboard to use or a good headset are worthwhile investments and will increase your productivity in this quarantine.

3. Get comfortable

Essential for you to be able to work on the internet well is your comfort. In other words, another area where investments are very welcome, if you are able to make them.

A chair or armchair where you can support your arms, stay in a good position, with your feet on the floor is highly recommended so that you can get the most out of your work time.

As much as possible avoid working while lying in bed, as this ends up causing neck and lower back pain, things that are highly damaging to your focus (and your health, above all).

4. Create a task list

For those who want to know how to work at home with productivity, whether to make extra income or if their work has been changed to remote, it is highly recommended that you create a to-do list for the day or week. Using project management apps can help with that.

It is important that all tasks are listed, no matter how important or not they are. After listing, you can organize them in order of priority, so that those that cannot be postponed are done on the day.

The ideal is to leave the minimum of things for later, but we know that this is not always possible. So remember to do what it takes and what you can do, without doing yourself harm.

Still on tasks, creating daily goals is a good idea, so you know that you have to answer an “x” number of emails or write “y” articles a day.

Create a list of tasks like working from home with productivity

5. Eliminate distractions

One of the most essential factors for maintaining productivity at heights is the removal of all possible distractions you know. For example, if you know you can't go without looking at your phone (and you don't use it for work), leave it off and in another room.

Close all social media tabs, use sound mufflers to isolate yourself from the world around you and not hear parallel conversations, leave the TV off, use apps to increase focus, disable Facebook notifications, among others.

This can be really difficult at first, so opening break spaces where you can do the things you avoid – for example, 15 minutes of social media every hour – is a good idea. As you get used to it, increase the spacing until you no longer use it while you work!

6. Use apps to help establish routine and get organized

To learn how to work at home with productivity, being able to establish a routine is very important. But, doing this on your own is not an easy task.

To help, you can use various productivity apps, check out our tips on how to maintain your routine without leaving your home, or learn to make mind maps to determine your tasks each day.

Other ideas are to use Google Calendar with time reminders or Google Keep to list everything you are going to do for the day. If you want to avoid technology for this, you can even make use of the good old notepads or diaries!

7. Have leisure time

Finally, determine a leisure time for yourself, where you will be able to stop and do whatever you want (without leaving home, right?). If your hobby is playing, play for an hour as a break from work. If you like watching series, watch one or two episodes.

This helps to relieve stress, resulting in increased productivity when you return to work. But, of course, for this to work it is necessary to have discipline, otherwise you may end up getting lost and spending a lot of time on it!

Have leisure time like working at home with productivity

So, what did you think of our tips on how to work at home with productivity?

Leave in the comments if we help you adapt to your new routine, in addition to leaving other tips. Don't forget to check, too, where to consume cultural content during quarantine, ideas for not dying of boredom in quarantine and how to choose the right digital bank for you.

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