Qustodio – Meet this parental control app!

If you still don't understand how children as young as 4 are already so skilled with cell phones and tablets, you are not alone.

It is no exaggeration to say that the greatest challenge of the current generation of parents is to get used to the fact that their children were already born with technology at their disposal, when they themselves only had access to the first computer in the end of childhood or adolescence.

But fighting technology is a lost cause. Today's children will quickly learn to use cell phones and tablets and access content that may not be right for them.

The more you try to ban it, the more likely it will make it hidden from you. But how to offer freedom without losing control over the content that your little one has access to?

There are plenty of options for parental control apps on the market. Even so, they are usually limited to spying on cell phones or just filtering the content that their children can see.

That is, there is always a hole in that control that your child can take advantage of and mask what he is doing.

That's why Qustodio is one of the most trusted apps. As you will see in the following paragraphs, it offers complete protection and surveillance. In addition, it can be used in schools and even companies, to control and filter what employees can do on the network.

So keep learning a little more about Qustodio and how it can be used to monitor your kids' cell phones.

What is Qustodio?

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Qustodio is a complete application for parental control. But what does that mean?

That it allows parents of children to control what their little ones do on their computers, smartphones and tablets, among others. This control can be exercised in several ways.

Do you consider yourself a father concerned about letting his son develop freely, but still knowing what he searches on the internet?

Or does it have a more severe profile, which prefers to release access as the child grows? Qustodio offers alternatives for both profiles.

One of the outstanding features is your online dashboard, where you can view reports about the sites and applications your child has accessed. It includes usage statistics, in which you will also know where he spends most of his time online.

A recent feature also lets you know what type of content he is accessing on YouTube videos, for example.

It also makes it possible to apply access filters, blocking inappropriate websites and applications. These online sites can be blocked either by the content they present or by the potential to abuse the child's innocence to gain an advantage.

Finally, Qustodio also facilitates the inclusion of time limiters. You can include these limits on specific websites or applications, such as multiplayer mobile games or YouTube itself, as mentioned earlier.

Why should you use Qustodio?

As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, Qustodio offers a full range of features that let you know what your child is doing, in addition to keeping their respective devices safe from threats.

That is, we can easily say that Qustodio is also a security app that you can install on your Android or iPhone and on your children's devices. Now, check out some extra features of the app below.

  • Calendar with time limits on the screen;
  • Monitoring activity on social networks such as Facebook, Tik Tok and Instagram;
  • Monitoring of calls and SMS (exclusive in the Android app);
  • Family finder, which indicates your child's position on a map;
  • SOS button with sending alerts with location.

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Use the app also in schools and businesses

We mentioned at the beginning of the article that schools and companies can also implement Qustodio for content monitoring and filtering. See below how it works in each of them.


In the school environment, Qustodio makes it possible to obtain statistics on the searches that students usually do during class.

The monitoring and filtering also present in the family version can be used by principals and teachers to identify situations of cyber bullying among students. In addition, it is possible to manage all of these processes through just one control panel.


If you already use Qustodio at home and like the content filtering features, you can also use its version for companies. In it, it is possible to see what each employee is accessing, in addition to blocking access to inappropriate sites on the company's equipment.

All of this can also be controlled through just one control panel, in which it is possible to obtain reports and statistics on the use of the devices. That way, you can develop ways to improve your team's productivity by offering shortcuts or blocking sites that distract them from functions.

Start testing Qustodio right now!

Did you like the features of Qustodio and want to test it at your home, school or business? So stop wasting time right now and enjoy the FREE month to test all the functions of this security application.

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