Record PC screen: 5 tips for better recording quality

Did you know that not every aspiring youtuber needs to record videos appearing in front of cameras? In fact, many attract thousands of followers just by recording their PC screen. But how does it work?

There is no shortage of content that you can do without appearing. Tutorials teaching how to solve computer problems or showing a specific program, for example, tend to be quite successful. The same goes for those who like to record game videos, which usually require capture cards for better quality.

That is, even if you are shy, the video area is still an interesting alternative for those who dream of working with content. Therefore, in this article we have gathered five simple tips to have better quality when recording PC screen.

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1. Have a script ready

One of the advantages of recording videos appearing is that you have more space for improvisation, since it will be appearing. When recording a PC screen with narration, it is more interesting to have a script ready.

That way, you'll know exactly what to say and have more control over the pace at which the content will pass. In addition, you avoid long pauses or even avoid forgetting essential parts of the content, which would force you to redo the recordings.

Therefore, we recommend that, even before recording, have a script ready and rehearsed.

2. Have perfect audio

As you will not be so concerned with the visual part because you are recording your computer screen, you will have to worry even more about the audio. After all, your YouTube subscribers will be very attentive to what they’re saying in the video.

So it may be a good idea to invest in slightly more specialized equipment, such as a lapel microphone. Also, make sure you are in an isolated environment. This way, you can prevent noise from the street or other people in your house from being recorded.

audio recording room

3. Clean your work area

Even if you are teaching how to use a specific application and you do not intend to show your PC's desktop, you can give the impression of being a disorganized person if you have a messy area. So remember to keep your work area clean.

That is, do not overdo the amount of icons. Also, avoid saving files automatically in this area, otherwise you will have to tidy up the work area every time you record a new video. Also, disable notifications and popups at the time of recording.

4. Consider using a webcam and appearing in videos

Creating video content when recording your PC screen is great, especially for those who are more shy. On the other hand, it may be a good idea to appear on occasion.

Showing your face can create a stronger connection between you and your audience, in addition to increasing your chances of receiving comments, as subscribers will notice that they are communicating with someone else. If you already have a webcam, try appearing in some of the videos you create and see what the audience will respond to.

5. Use specialized software to record PC screen

Windows itself makes it possible to record the PC screen. Although it is competent, the ideal is to adopt a program specialized in making this capture. Usually, they have better optimization, saving computer resources when executing programs and recording them at the same time.

Many of them also offer the advantage of capturing audio only, allowing you to create podcasts without changing programs. Capture Boss is an example of such software.

capture boss screen, app to record pc screen

Among its features, we can highlight its compatibility with accessories such as the aforementioned webcams and game capture cards, making it a versatile option. You can record your PC screen and make small edits directly to the video, without having to open an editor to correct small details. It also allows you to take a screenshot or just record the audio.

It also has a small collection of filters, graphics and transitions that you can apply to your work. In addition, Capture Boss is able to export your recordings in the main formats of video and social media platforms, such as MP3 and MP4.

Best of all, Capture Boss allows you to offer a FREE trial of your platform for 21 days. To do this, just click on the link and download the program!

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