Saving Google Translate translations in spreadsheets

One of the best ways to learn languages ​​is by practicing. First, you study the theory. Then practice with the exercises. Finally, make the necessary corrections. If you are self-taught and are trying to learn English, for example, I bet Google Translate is an excellent partner. The problem is that your translations are lost as soon as you ask for another one, right? So how do you save Google Translate translations in spreadsheets so you don't lose them?

That's what we're going to teach you over the next sections of this article. The first thing we’ll show you are the tools that Google Translate offers you to access some of the translations you’ve done – yes, you can save them for later reference in the tool itself!

Then, we'll show you how to save Google Translate translations in spreadsheets, so you have a copy to consult at any time and save it to your PC or the cloud storage service of your choice.

Check it out below.

How to save translations in Google Translate?

Although it looks like the tool is only for quick translations, you can actually save what you have translated. This is even done automatically. Want to know how?

Then go to the Google Translate link and click the button Historic!

access the history of translations

Here, you will be able to check the last words or phrases you asked one of the most famous translators on the planet to translate.

In addition, you can also save translations to favorites, making them easier to access. To do this, follow the steps below.

1 – Make a translation on the platform;

2 – Click the star icon in the translation box.

click the star icon

3 – Access the option Saved to access your favorite translations

click saved to access favorite translations

Now that you know the two ways to store your translations directly on the platform, here's how to save Google Translate translations in spreadsheets!

Saving Google Translate translations in spreadsheets

Before starting, remember that the process is only for Google Sheets. However, if you prefer the Microsoft Excel, don't leave the page yet!

Google Sheets lets you download and save spreadsheets in the format .xlsx, read by Excel. We will show you how to do this right after you finish exporting your translations in the spreadsheet. Check it out below!

1 – Repeat the step-by-step above to have your favorite translations registered.

2 – click in Saved.

3 – Now, click on the icon shown in the screenshot below.

go to the google spreadsheets icon

4 – Click on the button Import the data.

click import the data

5 – When importing, your browser will automatically open a new tab with the spreadsheet ready!

6 – If you're already a Google Sheets user, you can skip that last step. You’ve already learned how to save Google Translate translations in spreadsheets. If you prefer Excel, click Archive.

click on the file tab

7 – Now, hover your mouse over Download and choose Microsoft Excel (.xlsx).

download translations

8 – Okay, now you have a version of your translation spreadsheet for your Excel!

How is your language learning?

Did this tutorial help you save your translations and have reference material to exercise and improve your language skills?

Comment with us and tell us if you managed to save your translations without any problems!

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