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Simplegram vs Bume: Which one should you use?

Simplegram vs Bume: Which one should you use?

Tools that can help you gain followers and have a good base to make sweepstakes on Instagram or even to sell by social network are not lacking. But they are not all that can bring you real results. In this article, we will compare two of these services to find out what they offer. Continue reading below to find out who wins in the Simplegram vs Bume!

What do the two services offer?

Both function as tanned applications on Instagram. That is, they distribute automatic tastings to posts made on Insta. In addition, they may also follow the author's profile.

Why do these apps work like this?

When you follow someone on Instagram, the platform sends you a notification. In this notice, the platform includes a button so that this user can follow you back.

By doing this automatically and faster than you would by hand, you delegate work to that service and even increase your chances of getting new followers.

All this without having to buy followers, a practice that we do not recommend you do as we explained in this article.

However, it is worth remembering that this is rarely the only feature that these services provide. In that respect, the Simplegram vs. Bume dispute is fierce. The two feature functions that allow you to make them a complete manager for your biography on Instagram.

So let's compare in the next few paragraphs what are the features of each. Going further, we will check which one is the easiest to use and has online learning materials.

We will also compare the value of the basic plan to only one account – without considering promotional prices, so always remember to check! – and the free trial periods of each.

Continue reading below to find out how the Simplegram vs. Bume dispute ends!

simplegram vs bume instagram

Simplegram vs Bume: Features

As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, features like tanned and follow-up actions with hashtag filters, geolocation and competing profiles are common to all services. However, Simplegram also allows you to automate comments.

Both services allow you to track your profile growth through Instagram metrics, shown directly from the app control panel.

Simplegram, for example, allows its subscribers to schedule their posts ideas in the Insta feed and Stories. Across the ring, Bume also offers this service. That is, both make your life easier to manage your social media.

The differential that gives a certain advantage to Simplegram is its online photo editor, which allows you to create posts to Insta direct from the platform. This facilitates creation or scheduling, but it is worth mentioning that the editor is simple, with only basic functions such as cropping or resizing.

In the automatic directs question, both have advantages and disadvantages. For example, Bume allows you to configure all types of campaigns for automatic DMs. You can schedule messages to welcome your new followers, post new releases, promotions or discounts, and more.

Simplegram is limited to automatic messages for new followers. On the other hand, Bume does not allow you to manage your Instagram Direct inbox, something your rival does. It allows you to respond to messages without having to leave the control panel.

simplegram vs bume inbox

Simplegram vs Bume: Which is the easiest to use?

The second aspect of this comparison is ease of use. Not everyone has the same level of experience or skill when dealing with Instagram. That's why it's important that the tools tell their users how to use their services.

Regarding the support offered, both services are on an equal footing. Both Simplegram and Bume offer online chat for service and a FAQ section to answer common questions.

However, Bume takes advantage of going beyond user support. The platform also produces frequent content on its own blog and through its YouTube channel. In them, the marketing team of Bume gives tips and news on how to use Instagram and its own tool.

Simplegram vs Bume: how much does each one cost?

As we mentioned at the beginning of this text, let's consider the monthly value of the basic plan, which gives access to only one account and that has the cheapest price.

The monthly plan of a Simplegram account costs R $ 59.90.

Bume charges its users $ 79.00 per month.

These values ​​were updated on the date of publication of this article, on June 3, 2019. It is worth checking the page of each one again to check if there is any discount promotion or if the values ​​have been updated.

Try both tools for free!

Now that you know some of the features of Simplegram and Bume, you should have noticed that the final verdict is only you who can give!

make your decision

If you are looking for a tool to manage the inbox, for example, Simplegram may be a good choice. On the other hand, if the possibility of creating automatic address campaigns is your beach, Bume will be a better tool for you.

In addition, it is worth taking advantage of the FREE trial period each offers. That way, you can evaluate which one brings the most results to you.

So, click on the link and register to enjoy the free 3 days at Simplegram …

and also enjoy 5 days of free tests on Bume by registering through the link!

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