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If you are in need of help to organize better or to study more easily, using a mind map may be a good idea. So that you can do this, we have selected the best sites to make mind maps for free!

If you are interested in doing them, read on and see where you can create a mind map.

1. MindMeister

We started our selection of where you can make your mind map with MindMeister, one of the best apps for making mind maps. Using it, it is possible to create maps for yourself or for groups of more than 100 people, being excellent for companies.

It is quite easy to create the maps through MindMeister, you only need to open an account. It has several excellent configurations, with segmentation, colors, shapes, emojis and more. Find out all about it through the link!

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2. Bubbl

In its free version, Bubble allows you to create up to 3 mind maps. Ideal for companies that need to improve their collaboration and time management, but also need to generate presentations and visualizations.

In it, you will find a large collection of ready models. The maps created on this platform can easily be transformed into slide shows. Click on the link to go to the official website and start using it.

3. GoConqr

Another site for making free mind maps is GoConqr, which is extremely easy to use. It has a very clean interface, which allows your plans to be done from scratch, in a very efficient way.

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It has configurations of all types, being able to classify ideas by colors, with different fonts, sizes and shapes, being good to determine what really matters. It is also possible to add video and image files to make your map even better. Check it out on the official website!

4. Ayoa

A very good option for those who want to create mind maps is Ayoa, which is inspired by hand-drawn maps. In it, you find models that are quite different from those found in most other apps and websites for this purpose.

In addition, it allows multiple users to collaborate in real time to create a team map. It has integration with the main cloud storage services. It is available for use on Windows computers, with macOS, for Android, for iPhone and in the browser.

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5. is another excellent alternative for creating mind maps. More than that, it serves to create flowcharts of all types, which can be used by programmers to manage their projects.

To use it, you need a cloud service account like Google Drive, where you will store your creations. Even though it is completely free, it has several tools, being able to choose from several models, edit texts and add new balloons, among others. See more by following the link.

6. Coggle

With a very simple layout, Coggle is another option on our list. On this site, you can create only secondary ideas in text format, without balloons or shapes. Still, you can easily connect ideas and follow a complete flow.

It has a free plan with three mind maps. A great benefit of it is the fact that it allows several people to edit mind maps at the same time, being excellent for teamwork. To start using, go to the official website.

7. Canva

Among the sites for making free mind maps, we also have Canva, known for being one of the best tools for editing and editing photos online. It offers free and paid plans, but even in its free version it is quite complete.

Through Canva, you can create mind maps to easily organize your goals, with colorful templates and modern styles, to which you can add text and shapes. You will find a large gallery of icons and figures, to help you in your creation. See everything through the link.

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8. Lucid Chart

Another very good option is the Lucid Chart, ideal for people experienced in creating and using mind maps. With it, you can find a wide range of customizations, which can be confusing for beginners.

The application has advanced graphic editing tools, as well as options for creating maps. It also allows several users to view and edit the same map. In its free version, users are limited to 25 MB of maps. Use in any of the best internet browsers by clicking on the link.

9. Mindmap Maker

A completely free alternative, Mindmap Maker has an interface that can leave something to be desired. To use it, it is necessary to create an account, after which you will receive a tutorial on how to extract everything you can on the platform.

It is extremely complete, with tools that can be missing even on paid sites. Very easy to use, it has options of border color, box shape, color and font size among many others. To use it, follow the link.

10. Mindomo

Finally, we have Mindomo, which has several features that make life easier for those who need to work at home and want to increase their productivity. It also allows online collaboration for maps, being quite good for teams and teams.

It has integration with several cloud storage services, being able to import data from them. Like most sites on the list, it offers a collection of ready-made templates and exports to PDF and images. Access the link right now to start using.

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So, what did you think of our selection of the best sites for making free mind maps?

Leave in the comments if you already knew any of them and if you found any better alternative to the one you used. Remember: using mind maps is an excellent way to organize yourself, whether on a daily basis, whether at work, studying or wherever!

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