Social media management: 15 options for your business

Anyone who works with social media management knows that you can't do everything manually. The best, in these cases, is to use some tools that help you manage your accounts or schedule publications. In addition, it is also interesting to have platforms to make sweepstakes on Instagram and mainly offer reports on the followers, comments and likes your post ideas receive.

Fortunately, there is no shortage of social media management tools that you can try out. Below, we have selected some of the main and most recommended ones. Check out!

1. Etus

management of social networks etus

To start our list, I fear Etus, which is well known and popular in this field. As expected, you can use this tool to manage your accounts on almost any social network.

You can schedule publications, view reports with various metrics and interact with people who have left comments or sent private messages. All of this can be done from Etus himself instead of entering each site manually.

As he general panel to visualize what will be done, you can easily work as a team. This way, it is simpler to see what needs to be reviewed or approved.

You can learn more by accessing the Etus website.

2. Bume

Our next suggestion is Bume, which is also well known. In this case, the tool is indicated specifically for those who want to manage accounts on Instagram, since it is their specialty.

In general, Bume presents useful metrics reports for the profile it is managing and allows scheduling of posts. It even analyzes what is the best time to make publications according to the time when you receive the most engagement.

Other than that, it is still possible to send automatic messages to new followers and make automatic interactions based on hashtags. If you are interested, you can try Bume for 5 days for free by accessing the link.

3. Scalehot

Another good option among social network management services is Scalehot. He also focuses on managing Instagram accounts, especially for those with a business profile.

It has an option for automatic interactions, which allows the configuration of hashtags, location and other profiles. With that, Scalehot searches with these parameters to like and follow posts according to your preferences.

Other than that, this service lets you schedule posts, monitor your profile growth with reports and send messages to new followers. To learn more, just go to the link and try Scalehot for free for 7 days.

4. GrowSocial

GrowSocial is also well known and acts especially as Instagram. With the tool, it is possible to automate actions with your followers, whether with comments or likes.

You can still establish location parameters and hashtags for GrowSocial to know who to interact with. As expected, there are metrics reports for you to see how much a profile has grown.

Fortunately, it is also possible to schedule posts and create templates for automatic messages for new followers. You can access the link to take advantage of the 3-day free trial of the tool.

5. SocialGram

Next let's talk about SocialGram, which is another tool geared towards Instagram. Like the others we mentioned before, you can configure automatic likes according to the hashtags you define.

The service even has a control panel that allows you to respond to comments directly, which is great for not having to keep opening Instagram manually. As expected, you can also schedule posts and view reports on profile metrics.

If you want to try it out, SocialGram gives you 5 days of free trials, just go to the link and make your account.

6. Perforgram

For those looking for social media management tools, Perforgram is one of the most suitable. As you can tell by the name, this service is also totally focused on Instagram.

It has options for automatic interactions, allows the creation of templates for automatic comments and can schedule posts. The best thing is that scheduling is for both the feed and your Stores.

As expected, the service also has full reports with the profile metrics. It is used for some of the Brazilian profiles with the most followers on Instagram, so check it out.

You can learn more about Perforgram by accessing the link and testing it for free for 15 days.

7. iPost

Our next suggestion is iPost, a great automation and marketing tool for Instagram. It also allows you to filter gender, location, industry and more to make your interactions automatic.

Among the automation options, he can follow, like, watch stories, leave comments and send private messages. To learn more and do a free trial of the tool, visit the link below.

8. E-Goi

E-Goi is another tool for managing social networks that you may have heard of. The good thing about it is that it can be used for almost any network, which includes Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

You have the ability to schedule posts and view full reports to see which types of publications work best. All of this can be done within E-Goi itself, so you don't have to open each site manually. .

If you liked the proposal of this tool, access the link and start using it today!

9. mLabs

Right away we will talk about mLabs, which is great to use on any social network. That goes for Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, some of the most used networks today.

With this service, you can make a whole calendar of posts, which is very useful. In this way, it is possible to prepare a whole period of publications in advance.

Other than that, you can reply to messages from your followers directly from mLabs and at any time. As you can share the same account with several people, it is great for teamwork.

If you are curious to use the app, just access the link. Despite being a paid service, it is possible to try it for free for 7 days.

10. Later

it is worth using later

Later is another great service focused on Instagram, like so many on our list. Like the previous option, it has a schedule for scheduling and managing content through a calendar.

Another good advantage is that Later is not restricted to a single social network. With this tool you can Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and even Pinterest without any problem.

If you found it interesting, you can find out more about Later by accessing the link.

11. SocialBee

You can tell that SocialBee works a little differently than other tools. With it, you can schedule posts according to certain categories that you create yourself.

These categories can be timeless post or live broadcast, for example. As these contents are consumed differently, it wouldn't make sense for the schedule to be the same, would it?

Other than that, SocialBee still allows you to create custom URLs. In this way, it becomes clearer to identify the accesses to your website or social network.

To learn more about this tool, just visit the official website.

12. MavSocial

MavSocial is an option that cannot be ignored. In fact, it can be considered as one of the best tools for managing social networks if you work more with photos and videos.

We say this because the tool brings nothing less than a library of images for free use. In addition, they also offer a fully integrated online editor.

This way, you can make your posts directly with MavSocial, from start to finish. To learn more, visit the link below.

13. NowPulse

AgoraPulse is another social media management tool that we can recommend. It is very complete in terms of networks that let you use, without having a specific focus.

There is full support for Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn and Twitter. Another good advantage is that they have a calendar for scheduling posts.

You can also configure automatic reporting for the profiles you manage. So it’s easy to keep track of how these profiles are growing each week or month

There are still resources to recycle posts, manage comments and direct messages, as well as notifications when they mention your brand. You can learn more by visiting the official website.

14. Hootsuite

It would not be possible to make a list of social media managers without mentioning Hootsuite. It was one of the first services of its kind and, even so, it has been used by many people in this area since then.

The good thing is that it remains firm and strong, since it has always remained current over the years. You can use it on virtually all social networks, which is one of your greatest strengths.

Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest are currently supported. In addition to scheduling posts, you can reply to private messages and comments.

If you want, you can also follow the results and metrics of each post on the tool's control panel. To learn more, visit the link below.

15. Social Sprout

manage social networks with sprout

To end our list with a flourish, we have Sprout Social. It is considered by many to be one of the most comprehensive tools for managing social media.

As expected from such a service, there is scheduling of posts and management for comments and private messages. Other than that, you receive the metrics of the posts on your social networks.

In this way, you can see exactly how your audience behaved with each of the publications. With information like this, it is possible to have a better sense of what works or does not work with followers.

The best news is that it is not limited in the networks it allows you to use. You can manage Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and even LinkedIn. If you liked the service, check out more by accessing the link.

Did you like social network management services?

Did you take advantage of our tips to get to know some of the best social media management services? So don't forget to leave your comment telling us what you found and what tools made you most interested.

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