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Os 8 melhores aplicativos para diminuir a ansiedade 0

Top 8 Anxiety Reduction Apps

Anxiety is an evil that affects more and more people every day. For some, it is a problem on a smaller scale, while others suffer a great deal and often. Although more serious cases...

fontes desconhecidas 0

WhatsApp Transparent: How to do it

Today, the world knows or even uses WhatsApp, the largest text communication service in Brazil with over 120 million users, almost 10% of the global audience, which reaches over 1.5 billion devices with the...

Os 10 melhores sites de redirecionamento de url 0

Top 10 Url Redirect Sites

You may have already encountered the situation of having to share a link and it ends up getting too big. This is bad for sharing on social networks, especially when it comes to Twitter... – Aplicativos Android, iPhone, iPad, Mac OSX e Windows 0

How to avoid being found by Google apps?

Two of today's biggest concerns are privacy and security in the virtual realm and where they intersect with off-screen life and avoid being located by Google apps. If you have an Android smartphone or... – Aplicativos Android, iPhone, iPad, Mac OSX e Windows 0

15 WhatsApp Web Shortcuts (2019)

The most popular messaging service in Brazil is undoubtedly WhatsApp Messenger, a platform that was acquired by Facebook in 2014. One of the things that makes it so well known and used is simplicity...

Como recuperar conversas apagadas no WhatsApp 0

How to recover deleted conversations in WhatsApp

If you use WhatsApp a few years ago, you've probably done some cleanup on the conversations made by the messaging application. We bet that you have also ended up deleting some important conversation without...

Como mudar nome no Instagram em 5 passos 0

How to change name in Instagram in 5 steps

If you want to increase your follower base, you need to learn how to change name on Instagram! In the social network, virtually everything you change influences the algorithm. This username is not only...